All three all-new Delta-8 THC Gummies available in 500MG.
Why Delta-8 Gummies Might Hit You Differently

October 03, 2022

As novel cannabinoids like Delta-8 are making a splash in the market, Delta-8 Gummies have undoubtedly won the hearts of hemp lovers. Different from other cannabinoids like CBD and Delta-9 THC, these tasty treats have so much to offer. Curious what to expect from Delta-8 Gummies? Wondering what exactly gummies go? Or perhaps your experience […]

How Much Should Delta-8 Cost?

September 26, 2022

We know that getting Delta-8’s best prices is important to you. Getting a high-quality hemp product at a good price is crucial. And nobody wants to waste their hard-earned cash unnecessarily. With Delta-8 being so new it’s hard to know what a reasonable Delta-8 price per gram is. It’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past […]

Woman rocking the Elevate crewneck and vaping on a Delta-8 disposable.
Can You REALLY Focus off Delta-8?

September 19, 2022

What if there was something that is derived from mother nature, that possesses significantly less adverse side effects, and does wonders in helping you focus? Oh wait...that's Delta-8!

Grape Soda Delta-8 Cartridge leaning on the other 8 strains from the product collection.
The Difference Between Vaping & Smoking

September 12, 2022

Keep reading to learn all about both methods' benefits and drawbacks between vaping and smoking your favorite Eighty Six goodies.

Battle of the Cannabinoids: Delta-8 THC vs. HHC

September 02, 2022

Let's get to know one of the hottest minor cannabinoids on the market: HHC.

Mid-Year Review: What’s Driving Delta-8’s Popularity?

August 23, 2022

What the heck is going on with Delta-8’s popularity? Remember when CBD was everywhere? Like, all over highway billboards, popping up in your Instagram ads, and mentioned repeatedly by your relatives at the family get-togethers? Everywhere you went, you saw or heard some mention of CBD. Well, you may be having deja vu since that’s […]

What are Delta-8 Concentrates and How Do You Use Them?

August 11, 2022

This is the Deta-8 Concentrates review you’ve been looking for! With the explosion of Delta-8 lately, there’s a lot of questionable information floating around the internet. We’re here to do a few things: talk about Delta-8 concentrates, how to use Delta-8 as a concentrate, and to clear up any misinformation. We also have some awesome […]

The Midnight Melon Delta-8 THC Gummies on a table with a man in the background.
Should You Take Edibles on an Empty Stomach?

August 04, 2022

Can cannabis edibles be eaten on an empty stomach, or is it best to eat something beforehand? Keep reading to learn more.

How Does the Legal Cannabis Industry Feel About Delta-8?

July 28, 2022

The increase in popularity of Delta-8 THC has certainly improved the legal cannabis industry in several ways. Here are a few examples of what is going right in the cannabis industry, and how Delta-8's popularity helps push progress forward.