7th Nov 2022

Can You Get Addicted to THC-O?

THC-O acetate, or ATH, is a cannabinoid that was first discovered in the 1940s but has recently gained its notoriety in the years since the Farm Bill was passed legalizing the growth of hemp and manufacturing of hemp products. THC-O acetate is not naturally occurring in hemp and instead must be created by exposing Delta-8 THC extracted from hemp plants to a chemical called acetic anhydride, a chemical that’s used in the manufacturing of products we use everyday, like aspirin.

THC-O’s biggest claim to fame is the fact that cannabis users who have tried it insist that it’s two to three times more potent than traditional Delta-9 THC, earning it the nicknames the “spiritual cannabinoid” or the “psychedelic cannabinoid.” With such strong psychoactive properties, it’s important that you understand the risk and benefits associated with THC-O acetate and best practices for use. Read on to find out more.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is complicated.

It’s possible to become addicted to all kinds of things including gambling, food and video games, so the potential for THC-O addiction, or addiction to any cannabinoid, exists if you’re not mindful about your usage.

It’s important to understand, however, that addicts aren’t born. They’re made through a combination of chronic stress, a history of trauma, mental illness and a family history of addiction that goes untreated and gets worse over time. If this describes you, not only should you not be using cannabis products recreationally, but you should find help immediately. There are lots of qualified people who can help you overcome these issues and live a fulfilled life.

What are the Risks of Using THC-O?

There are risks involved with virtually everything we do, so naturally, there is some risk involved with using THC-O or any cannabinoid for that matter. As with any kind of vape or smoke, inhaling THC-O can be hard on your respiratory system and prolonged, uncontrollable use has the potential to cause medical issues.

Using any controlled substances comes with a host of risks. THC-O is still relatively new to the market, so there is much less reliable research on it available. It’s also reportedly three times as strong as convention THC and said to have a delayed onset reason, meaning a very psychedelic high would hit you when you’re not expecting it. When taking THC-O, there is also the potential risk that your body would react to it poorly, which can cause anxiety, paranoia, and/or a racing heart.

Avoiding the risks of THC-O Acetate & THC-O Addiction

Avoiding addiction and adverse health effects for recreational users is as simple as being mindful of your mental health, and being mindful about your usage.

First and foremost, the number one way to make sure that your THC-O products are safe is to always purchase them from a reputable dispensary or online retailer. Eighty Six has a wide variety of THC-O products that are guaranteed for its potency, purity, and above all else, its safety. Now, for a brand to advertise safety is a pretty bold claim. We’re confident in all three off these things and we have the COAs to prove it.

Black market bud is risky enough, but going to the black market for products that are heavily processed is seriously dangerous! Black market producers are not regulated or held to any sort off standard in their facilities and this means a higher likelihood that you’re going to be consuming a sub-standard product.

When you buy untested and unregulated products you don’t know if the ingredients used are pure and or quality, if the process of extraction was done safely and correctly or if the products were cut with other substances to increase profit. All of these factors ultimately affect your high but also your health and your likelihood for developing an addiction or other adverse side effects. When you get premium, delicious THC-O edibles, vapes, and pre-rolls delivered to your house, why play with your health just to save a few bucks? It’s not worth it.

Once you’ve got your Eighty Six THC-O in hand, you can rest assured that it’s been made from premium quality, pesticide-free hemp that’s been lab tested for quality and purity. the next most important thing you can do to avoid any off the risks involved with taking THC-O is to read the labels of all your products! we don’t just make those labels so they look cool after all.

Product labels contain a ton of useful information that you need to know, before you eat, drink, or inhale any cannabinoids. It has dosage guidelines, warnings, and instructions including a list of potential side effects and all kind of important stuff. Not reading labels is the number one way people end up having a bad trip, especially with edibles, so do yourself a favor and read the label before anything else with your cannabis.

Here is a list of a few more tips to remember before you try any of our THC-O products and to avoid the risks involved in taking THC-O:

  • Always get your THC-O from a brand. Don’t ever buy black market THC-O.
  • Read the labels and instruction for any new products you want to try.
  • If you have questions about your product, go back to the store or site you bought it from to ask questions before you try it. If you have questions about Eighty Six products, drop us a line. We’re here to help!
  • Start with the low and slow dosing. Go slow so you don’t overdo it. Remember, THC-O is about three times as strong as Delta-9 THC.
  • Never mix THC-O with other psychedelics or controlled substances, including caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • Avoid using cannabis products when you’re feeling anxious, paranoid, or in a state of prolonged stress. Intense emotions can affect your high and can easily turn your vibe into a bad trip.
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