White Fluff THC-O Disposable (Cotton Candy)



Strain Crosses: Cotton Candy x OG Dipstick

Classification: Sativa


Everyone gets a little sweet tooth now and then.  What better way to satisfy that craving than with White Fluff?  This Cotton Candy x OG Dipstick disposable is discreet enough to carry wherever you go but powerful enough to deliver strong hits that will give you a happy, energetic buzz.  You may crave some actual cotton candy afterward, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Energetic
  • 1.0 Full Gram of THC-O
  • Authentic ALD Disposable Vape Device
  • Rechargeable / Non-Refillable
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC
GMO Free
Pesticide Free

Eighty Six can ship White Fluff (Cotton Candy x OG Dipstick) THC-O Disposable vape pens to 38 states.  You must be 21 or older to purchase.

THC-O is the Future

THC-O is the hemp-derived compound of the future. Though it’s similar in effects to Delta-8 THC, the thing that sets it apart is its potency, with some users claiming that it’s three times as potent as Delta-9! That means you should start with small hits if you’re new to this stuff, but once you get used to this THC-O Cotton Candy x OG Dipstick vape, you’ll enjoy yourself immensely.

Euphoric & Relaxing

You can expect feelings of euphoria as well as relaxation, and some even say that THC-O provides more of an intense or hallucinogenic high. There’s no better way to try out this THC-O Cotton Candy x OG Dipstick vape than when you’re out with friends, or even just for personal use while you’re chilling at home. Try these pens out for yourself to get taken to a whole other level!

Fun Flavors to Try

You’ll love the sweet as sugar taste of this cotton candy vape, but we’ve got a whole collection for you to explore! Whether you try the other disposables in our collection or one of our Delta-8 vapes, we’ve got a wide range of strains and flavors to keep you satisfied. From edibles to dab syringes to everything in between, shop Eighty Six to find your favorite way to get elevated!

“These are FIRE!” – Delta Dispo

Don’t believe us? Check out his review on our THC-O Disposables. Not only are they potent enough to send you through an introspective journey of feels, but they taste amazing and you’d be hard-pressed to give it a rest!


  • I got the “white fluff” & lemme tell uuu

    Posted by kailydavis84 on 31st October 2022

    This is dank! Will be ordering again. You don’t have to hit this hard or very much to catch a “buzz”. Really good product, and shipped faster than originally posted! 🙂

  • So good

    Posted by autumnfields101 on 18th October 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    Spacy kinda high, love it

  • Up and Going

    Posted by walterscheresse on 6th October 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    I work in the freight forwarding industry and I’m a regular marijuana user. I usually work 8-10 hrs shifts and sometimes smoking the flower makes me tired bc of the heaviness but I have anxiety so it helps through the day. This right here is a gem. Not only does this product keep me up and when I mean up , very much productive and awake ( Don’t hit this at night if you plan on getting some sleep ) . It also helps with focus and anxiety. I was still able to be communicative and professional. Even talking to my supervisor for a hour straight about his personal life was quite entertaining after hitting this. I chose this product as my first 86 purchase, bc of the 5 star rating and I’m here to say , I’m not disappointed.

  • Psychadelic possibly??

    Posted by on 24th September 2022

    I always think of this moment everytime I look at this disposable. I swear I smoked some of this, dreamt an old friend I cut off called me, few hours later I pass out and I see a missed call, THEIR missed call, I really questioned everything after that. Whether I did daydream the moment happening right before my eyes, if I just woke up when they called and fell back asleep but forgot the short-lived memory, or not. Anyway, it doesn’t seem to have a clear enough taste of Cotton CANDY to me, but it’s good nonetheless, clearly. Definitely a quick and discreet way to be gone :p

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White Fluff THC-O Disposable (Cotton Candy)



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