The Best of Both Worlds: Delta-8 Hybrid Strains

The Best of Both Worlds: Delta-8 Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains have long since been known as delivering the best of both worlds in terms of typical effects of cannabis.  Everything you love about indica and sativa strains are rolled into one with a hybrid.  There are some powerful delta-8 hybrid effects you'd typically experience depending on the strain in question.  Fortunately, we've got the scoop on what those effects are, what they do, and why you'd want to experience them.  Let's take a look at some of our favorite products - the hybrid champion flavors we're proud to carry.


When looking at what a hybrid strain can deliver, you'd want to look at what indicas and sativas deliver individually.  Stereotypically, a sativa is known to stimulate creativity, productivity, and energize you to tackle on the tasks of the day.  Meanwhile, an indica typically gives off those classic couch-lock vibes and people are generally more laidback, relaxed, easy-going, and chill.

A hybrid takes a combination of both indicas and sativas.  A hybrid might make you feel relaxed, but also creative and focused.  Or, the urge to be creative may be there, but the effect to relax and possibly sleep are a little more present.


Cookie Monsta is a sweet and mildly floral Do-Si-Dos cookie combined with the likes of Cherry Vanilla Cookies to give off a taste profile that any cookie lover would jump at.

More than its flavor, Cookie Monsta is a balanced hybrid.  You might enjoy a flood of euphoria, with a mix of relaxation.  Plan out your next project or sketch up an idea while you kick back and chill somewhere cozy.

Its terpene profile lends Cookie Monsta to make you feel sleepy, but also creative and happy.  As far as what occasion to use this balanced hybrid, we recommend taking this if you want to experience a slow, enjoyable day.

Notice how both indica and sativa elements are present?  That's basically what a hybrid does!  It takes both indica and sativa elements and combines it together to deliver literally, the best of both worlds.  How much relaxation and cerebral activity is delivered, however, remains to be seen as everyone processes things differently.


Apple Snax takes Apple Jack and crosses it Jack Herer. Offered as a Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge, Apple Snax blends fruity and tart apples finished with an orange-lemon zest.

While Apple Snax is classified as a hybrid, the strain leans very much towards the sativa side of things as the most dominant effect you'd experience is cerebral buzz.  Use this to supercharge your mornings as you begin your day on the right foot right out the gates.

While Apple Snax is considered a hybrid, notice how the most dominant effect leans sativa.  That's okay!  While the overtones and effect leans towards hyperactivity, the subtle relaxing properties an indica typically delivers is still present.


We chose carefully for this match-up.  A famous sativa strain like Pineapple Express deserves to cross with a famous indica, so we choose Trainwreck.  Delta-8 hybrid effects set on in different ways depending on the strain.  For Piña Express, get ready for a surge of productivity followed by a deep couch-lock.

You might feel energetic, more social than usual, and especially creative.  In fact, you might flop between anti-social and hyper-social - perhaps even more than once.

However, Trainwreck is still a parent strain.  As a result, you might expect to only get a short list of things done before the hybrid's indica set of effects sets in.  Whether it's a heavy sedation, uber-relaxation mode vibes, or a ravenous bout of the munchies, Piña Express is one hybrid to watch out for!


While Hot Cocoa is just a seasonal flavor, it still makes the cut as one of our favorite Delta-8 Hybrid strains to date as both the flavor and terpene profile truly offer the best of both worlds.

Taking Lava Cake and Jet Fuel, vaping on Hot Cocoa tastes exactly as you'd expect: rich milk chocolate paired with notes of marshmallows reminiscent of a cup of the hot stuff we all know, love, and crave.

Expect a generous bout of creativity while also riding that fine line of relaxation to the point of unproductivity.  Hot Cocoa featuring Jet Fuel lends its hardcore indica properties to the hybrid.


While we only listed four hybrid strains, we think you get the point.  A Delta-8 Hybrid strain typically takes effects from both sativa and indica to deliver a fused experience of the two.  Depending on the strain, the hybrid can lean a particular direction or embrace a perfect balance between its parent strains.

If you've been on the fence about giving Delta-8 a try, consider how a particular flavor or strain would make you feel.  Maybe you lean towards relaxation; or maybe you're out to increase your productivity and/or creativity.  Or maybe you want both!  Whatever the intention for using Delta-8, we got you covered!