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Cookie Monsta (Do-Si-Dos) Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge

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Our Do-Si-Dos Delta-8 THC vape cartridge is getting a serious upgrade. Embrace the monster inside of you with Cookie Monsta! It combines the flavor of Do-Si-Dos with the profile of our Cherry Vanilla Cookies Delta-8 vape. Fresh out-of-the-oven cookies combined with floral, nutty, and lightly toasted notes hit you with a one-two punch of explosive relaxation and an uptick of cerebral hyperactivity. Kick back, relax, and enjoy some introspection as you plan your next bout of ultra-creative happiness!

Crosses: Do-Si-Dos x Cherry Vanilla Cookies

Classification: Hybrid

Terpene Profile: Sleepy // Creative // Happy


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic BLINC® Technology
  • Produced in Safe Facilities
  • Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship Cookie Monsta (Cherry Vanilla Cookies x Do-Si-Dos) Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

A Sweet Treat

Discover a sweet new kind of buzz that elevates you to a state of clarity and creativity you’ve never felt before. Every time you get a hit of the luscious Cookie Monsta vapor, you’ll enjoy hints of the sweet tastes of the classic Do-Si-Dos cartridge and the Cherry Vanilla Cookies Delta-8 vape. The combination evokes a satisfying nostalgia you’ll come to crave.

Premium Vaping Technology

Get the best of Delta-8 THC in style with our authentic CCELL® carts. These cartridges are safe, disposable, and maintenance-free, so you can enjoy your Cherry Vanilla Cookies x Do-Si-Dos Delta-8 THC vape cartridge without any hassle. Try our selection of mouthwatering flavors to see what you’ve been missing.

Certified Facilities and Third-Party Testing

At Eighty Six, we’re dedicated to elevating your mind using the best practices possible. Our facilities are ISO- and GMP-certified, and our products undergo extensive third-party testing to ensure you’re only getting the good stuff. Need help figuring out how to read our lab reports? Explore our FAQ or reach out to our team for more info!

Customer Reviews (87)


Posted by John on 19th Nov 2021
Absolutely in love with this one. Shipped fast and the packaging is top shelf! My new favorite delta 8 brand!

Not the best taste but great buzz

Posted by AMtoPM on 14th Oct 2021
This flavor is very unique, which I personally did not like for the first third of the cart. After that point the flavor did mellow out a bit & become more tolerable, but I think there's an artificial cinnamon/vanilla/some kinda spice added that makes it have this weird almost leather-y flavor?? I don't know how else to describe it haha, but the buzz is great!

the best cart

Posted by Madison on 11th Oct 2021
these are by far the best delta 8 carts I have tried!


Posted by Damien on 28th Sep 2021
All day we stay lit. Good shit cookie monsta strain

My favorite

Posted by Andrew on 28th Sep 2021
Eighty Six has been my favorite brand since I can remember but this is my first time tryuing cookie monseter.


Posted by Kevin on 28th Sep 2021


Posted by Reuben on 28th Sep 2021
Especially for the price, great smelling and tasting...not to mention its DAAAAANK

High recommended

Posted by Lou on 28th Sep 2021
I would definitely recommend Cookie Monsta to first time users. You won't be upset by this at all. It ships fast and discreet. it doesn't leak either.

good choice

Posted by John on 28th Sep 2021
very strong effects. three strong hits and I set it down. feel both head and body euphoric feeling. best cart!

Love this one!

Posted by Nemo on 28th Sep 2021
This is a great strain with little to no negative side effects.

Pleasant for a peasant

Posted by Jess on 28th Sep 2021
For a peasant like me...the high is mellow and pleasant

Lack of reviews

Posted by Johnny on 28th Sep 2021
Superised by the lack of reviews but still gave this one a chance. I gotta say...this shit is pretty fire.

Potent strain

Posted by Tavo on 28th Sep 2021
Hands down to this strain. Tried some other companies and nothing comes close to this gas


Posted by Andrew on 28th Sep 2021
Trust the process and the high will take you to a different dimension I fuccccin swear


Posted by Kyle on 28th Sep 2021
Great falvor and burns super nice. Im really happy with them switching out the ccells for the new blinc carts. It doesnt leak anymore

Nice flavor

Posted by Bobby on 28th Sep 2021
Nice flavor and its not super overpowering. Good balance of flavor and potency

Love it

Posted by Eric on 28th Sep 2021
This works really well. 10/10 would recommend


Posted by Edwin on 28th Sep 2021
This is just absolute gas. Im so happy I found this company


Posted by Lee on 28th Sep 2021
its good

Energy and focus

Posted by Brian on 28th Sep 2021
Good burst of energy and focus but without the jitters


Posted by Peter on 28th Sep 2021
First time trying delta 8 as a vape cartridge. Will come back for more soon

First timer

Posted by DJ on 28th Sep 2021
Was quite impressed with the quality of the product and overall buying experience. Will definitely come back

Cookie Monsta Delta 8

Posted by Ali on 28th Sep 2021
2nd time trying delta 8. This wasn't like traditional weed. It smoked very nicely and carried a chill long lasting buzz


Posted by max on 27th Sep 2021

I love it

Posted by Tommy on 27th Sep 2021
Nice and mellow

Absolutely the best!

Posted by Sam on 27th Sep 2021
Delta 8 gives me a nice light buzz that still allows me to be functional. I love vaping on Cookie Monsta right before I head to work LOL. I don't think I'm allowed to be high at work but whatever. I love it.


Posted by Luis on 27th Sep 2021
This is some loud ass distillate holy shit


Posted by Arnold on 27th Sep 2021
Gives me a nice high that isn't too overwhelming. It's like just being high enough to notice is but you're fully capable of doing stuff.

Sweet dreams!

Posted by Peter on 27th Sep 2021
It's like instant nap time!


Posted by Tim on 27th Sep 2021
Very smooth vaping experience and relaxes me pretty well. Will buy again


Posted by Michael on 27th Sep 2021
I love the way this makes me feel. It doesn't completely destroy you like regular weed does

i've tried my fair share

Posted by Aaron on 27th Sep 2021
This is a great product if you like cookies. I like the Boo Berry in the morning and the Cookie Monsta after lunch. It is strong enough to chill you out without completely crippling you on the couch.

My favorite

Posted by Garett on 27th Sep 2021
Love this stuff! Helps me to relax and stay focused!


Posted by Bryan on 27th Sep 2021
Super mellow high and it tastes great!

Potent AF

Posted by Jonny on 27th Sep 2021
The Cookie Monsta Delta 8 cart is smooth. Careful tho it's really strong


Posted by Cristian on 27th Sep 2021
It's almost like delta 9 except its cheaper and tastes better


Posted by Michael on 27th Sep 2021
Very mellow and easy to funciton

I am pleased

Posted by Philip on 27th Sep 2021
Great stuff. Will purchase again


Posted by Lauren on 27th Sep 2021
Wonderful feeling. I highly recommend this excellent strain. Definitely have to make sure you're not doing anything if you choose to smoke this during the day.

Best delta 8

Posted by Hugo on 26th Sep 2021
Best cart I've tried so far. The quality is top notch compared to other brands. It's clean, smooth, smells great, tastes great and it's affordable


Posted by Sam on 26th Sep 2021
Good tasting and leaves you relaxed

need to reorder

Posted by Mark on 26th Sep 2021
So good that I need to reorder stat

Hits good

Posted by Bryan on 26th Sep 2021
Really like this strain. Hits good nice n sticky.

best out there

Posted by Linh on 26th Sep 2021
I want to try a new strain so I picked up this one. Now it's my new favorite

Cookie monsta

Posted by Max on 26th Sep 2021
I think this was called do si do before. I love how they improved the packaging and the flavor. Now it's just soooo hard to put down


Posted by Gautam on 26th Sep 2021
Exactly as described

Great taste

Posted by Julian on 25th Sep 2021
Awesome taste and it arrives fast


Posted by Kenny on 25th Sep 2021
Love this cart. Regular weed wasn't going much for me but this delta 8 cookie monsta strain is just more potent than hemp and gives me a really nice buzz without it being overpowering. Tastes pretty good too!


Posted by Joao on 25th Sep 2021
Nice calm and high very relaxing.

smells amazing

Posted by Jesus on 25th Sep 2021
Smells really good. i can't wait to fuck this up tonight

Good for chillin

Posted by Tom on 25th Sep 2021
It really helped me chill and you only need 2-3 hits off the cart

Relaxing high

Posted by Kenny on 25th Sep 2021
Love the lite high

Vapes nice

Posted by Mike on 25th Sep 2021
This is an amazing flavor. It's exactly as the flavor profile describes it's almost scary how accurate the flavor is!

Great taste

Posted by Taylor on 25th Sep 2021
Really nice effects, quick shipping, and awesome customer support!


Posted by Austin on 25th Sep 2021
Good stuff

Highly recommend this one!!!!

Posted by Jaron M on 11th Aug 2021
I appreciate it!! So much I’m a medical user for mj the state of pa I smoke regular stuff. But I decided I need to lower my tolerance start from the beginning. This was definitely the way too go I heard reviews on YouTube about this strain regular thc for this strain is alright but delta 8 definitely hit way different and better best product ever I’m buying everything from here eventually very much enjoy it!! Keep it up.

really good feel

Posted by Steven on 5th Aug 2021
gave me a fuzzy buzzy feel and very smiley and chilled out

Buying again

Posted by Jennifer on 4th Jun 2021
I'll keep on buying these again and again. Every single flavor across the board is unique and offers a different feeling!

It always tastes different

Posted by Olivia on 29th May 2021
I mean this in a good way but all these other delta 8 strains like this taste different?

First vape cart!

Posted by Dustin on 23rd May 2021
Amazing cart. Doesn't take much to get me high so I'll be keeping this for a while!

Well balanced

Posted by Jimmy on 15th May 2021
These are the best carts I've ever tasted. The flavor is smooth and subtle but the distillate is potent and slaps

So good.

Posted by Al on 11th May 2021
Honestly one of the best carts out there. It’s the most potent of the lot and hits real smooth. Also this brand is the only brand I’ve ever had that doesn’t clog. Like even a little. At all. Idk how they do it but they do. Stoked to see what else these folks come up with next.


Posted by Teddy L. on 6th Apr 2021
Smells and tastes exactly as it's described. BOMB DOT COM

Ships fast

Posted by Bruno on 5th Apr 2021
Good thing they have shipping locked down. I killed the cart already.


Posted by Bretton on 5th Apr 2021
it's good


Posted by Minna on 2nd Apr 2021
Tastes better than the actual cookie

Weekend well spent

Posted by Maria on 26th Mar 2021
I got this flavor on thursday and spent the day just cleaning. Never cleaned so offline ever. Just floating on by


Posted by Michelle on 24th Mar 2021
Good flavor to power ratio.


Posted by Hovhannes on 23rd Mar 2021
Super clean distillate. After a few hits I stared at the wall for 20 mins with all the smiles

Body buzz

Posted by John on 20th Mar 2021
Dope body buzz. I feel stoned but not blown

Relax man

Posted by Scott on 17th Mar 2021
I could get up and move around, but I don't wanna.

Good vibes

Posted by Karla on 15th Mar 2021
For what's supposed to be a chill strain I got made hyper vibes from this one.

Looking forward to more

Posted by Adrian on 15th Mar 2021
This and the purple punch was fire. When ya'll gonna drop more flavors?

Not harsh at all

Posted by Jamie on 11th Mar 2021
Usually distillates hurt after a while. This was super smooth. Excited to try more!


Posted by Amanda on 24th Feb 2021
This has the lemme beat my bf in smash bros type of vibe

best I've ever tried

Posted by Zac on 18th Feb 2021
Been a fan of Dos as a normal strain. Was a dope experience vaping on it with the new delta-8 that's been floating around. 10/10 will reorder

Tried interviewing someone

Posted by Adam on 16th Feb 2021
So I tried interviewing someone after a few hits of this. Surprisingly I was still coherent. No paranoia either even though I felt incredibly stoned

The anti tolerance

Posted by Eleanor on 12th Feb 2021
Regular weed vs. this stuff. It's a nice break from being high af all the time

Suprising my valentine

Posted by Tricia on 9th Feb 2021
My bf LOVES cookies so I got him this flavor. Hope it turns out well!

Cool break time smoke

Posted by Michael on 8th Feb 2021
Nice to just step outside for a few of these hits. I return to class all chill.

Pokemon + Delta 8 !!

Posted by Trainer Red on 4th Feb 2021
I love using this cartridge when I am playing videos. It is so convenient and I do not have to smoke too much to get a really nice head high going.


Posted by Robby Blanc on 1st Feb 2021
What a great flavor. I had no idea do-si-do existed before trying delta-8's cartridges and I am in love! Went down to my local shop just to get flowers of this strain but I have to tell you, hitting the cartridge is so much more satisfying. Thank you Delta-8 Squad!

I found my new fave brand

Posted by Daniel on 24th Jan 2021
I love that this has a flavor added to it. Makes it that much more enjoyable before the high just straight smacks you.

Feels chill

Posted by Juliet on 21st Jan 2021
The fact that this is legal is crazy. Ride it forever!


Posted by Marco on 15th Jan 2021
Love that the coil doesn't burn out fast. Just gotta keep it low and slow

Toking my way to the MOON

Posted by Rain Smokes on 11th Jan 2021
DELTA 8 TO THE MOOOOON. So glad to have found a company that makes quality consistent products. This is one strong vape. Great vapor draw on each hit and awesome flavor. Keeps me faded all day.

DosiDo'd My Way Into My Couch

Posted by Paul Huang on 9th Jan 2021
I knew this was the one when I saw that it was orange. Sometimes its difficult to tell if a flavor is going to hit or not and this one did it for me. Full flavor, easy draws on the cartridge and had me locked into the couch. Thank you!
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