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Are you ready to seriously up your vaping game? Introducing the Elite series 4G disposable carts from Eighty Six. That’s right! You can now get 4 full grams of your favorite Delta-8, Delta-9, THCa, HHC, and THC-P extracts. Our Elite series offers the ultimate vaping experience. Bursting with bold mouthwatering flavors our Elite vapes will blow your mind. Literally! These babies are super potent and hit dangerously smooth. No throat burn or chemical flavors here, just sweet delicious clouds of fun. Browse our new collection of 4G vapes and elevate your vaping experience today!








The Latest in Vaping Technology

Our new Elite 4G vapes are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Made with the latest advances in vape technology the new disposable 4G carts feature authentic CILICON Flare Box 2 devices. This means they can hold more hemp distillate while still fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand or pocket. They’re even lighter than the average vape, making them super easy to use and convenient to carry.

Each Elite vape comes with a Reoregin® ceramic heating coil to provide exceptionally bold flavors and supremely aromatic clouds of vapor. This new heating system is designed to enhance the terpenes in each distillate so you can really taste and smell the unique strains.

An LED screen at the bottom of the device clearly displays the battery and distillate levels so there are no bad surprises. You’ll never experience that disappointing moment of running out of juice or battery unprepared again.

Our large, 4G cart, next-level vapes also offer dual voltage power settings to allow for even consistent temperatures. This means that every hit from the first to the last will feel as smooth as silk every time. A fully rechargeable 4G disposable battery ensures not a single drop of fun goes to waste!

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So Many Ways to Vibe

Vaping isn’t the only way to elevate your day. If you haven’t tried our other amazing products yet you’re missing out. Not only does each hemp extract and distillate we offer provide a unique experience but the way you imbibe also affects your vibe too.

For example, you may already be a big fan of the super relaxing good times that our Delta-8 4G carts provide. But did you know that when you eat one of our delicious Delta-8 edibles the effects will be even deeper and last longer? One of our yummy gummies or tasty treats will have you flying high for six to eight hours.

You can even treat yourself to a special CBD spa day with our collection of CBD topical bath and shower products. Our soothing CBD lotions and creams are the perfect ending to a stressful day. All of our CBD products are made with pure full-spectrum CBD oil for maximum results.

Safety and quality are very important values at Eighty Six. That’s why all of our hemp extracts and distillates are made in ISO 9001 and GMP-certified facilities. We ensure that every step of the production process is carefully monitored for safety and quality assurance. We then have everything third-party lab tested so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Shopping at Eighty Six is a guaranteed good time, every time!


How is vaping different from smoking a pre-rolled joint?

When you smoke a joint you’re heating the actual dried flower until it combusts into flames and releases smoke. Our 4G disposable carts don’t contain any dried flower. Instead, they’re filled with four full grams of hemp distillate such as Delta-8 THC or THCa. The distillate also contains natural flavors and hemp terpenes that have been added back in after the extraction process to enhance the mixture’s taste and aroma. Inside the cartridge is an atomizer coil that heats the distillate until it turns into a vapor. Nothing is being burned and there is no smoke involved. That’s why when you inhale the vapor feels cool instead of hot against your throat

What's the best way to inhale a 4G cart?

There are two methods for inhaling a vape. The first is best for beginners and leads to a cough-free experience. For first-timers, we recommend pulling on the mouthpiece gently, slowly drawing the vapor into your mouth and then gradually more deeply into your lungs. The longer you hold the vapor in, the higher you will feel. But that also makes it harder to resist the urge to cough. Experienced people with higher tolerances usually pull much harder and faster on the mouthpiece. Drawing the vapor deeply into their lungs quickly and then holding it there for as long as they can. This will maximize the effects and make them last longer.

How long does the high from a 4G disposable cart last?

There are a lot of different variables that may affect the length of your high. Method of consumption, for example eating versus smoking, weight and body size, tolerance, and the speed of your metabolism all play a part. Generally, a vaping high will usually last around 2-6 hours. When you eat an edible the high lasts much longer, typically 6-8 hours. If you are a new vaper with a low tolerance for cannabinoids then even a small amount could keep you high for hours. However, if you’re a veteran smoker, with a larger body type and a fast metabolism you’re likely to feel the effects wear off faster.

Are disposable vapes refillable?

The new Elite 4G carts are rechargeable but they are not refillable. Disposable vapes are ideal for someone who wants a quick and easy way to vape without having to commit to a more expensive battery and vaping rig. They’re also perfect for traveling because you can dispose of them once the juice runs out.

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