Elite Edition Disposables

Introducing the Elite Edition, Eighty Six’s all-new 4-gram disposables series featuring eight of the best strains you’ve come to know and love! The Elite Edition features an all-new device that’s more powerful, has a larger capacity and fundamentally changes the way you enjoy your sesh. You demand more for your money, and Eighty Six delivers time and again.

4-Grams of Euphoria

The Elite Edition boasts an incredible four grams of euphoric delight. Regardless of what cannabinoid blend you’re falling in love with, you’ve got 4 grams to get through before you’re onto the next.

The low-profile device is a button-activated disposable, complete with a HIGH and LOW power mode. These power modes complement the all-new ceramic coil perfectly, as the freedom to truly change the way you sesh rests solely on what you want.

To change the power mode, simply press the button three times. And when you’re not actively hitting the device, turn it off with 5 clicks!

Premium Vaping Experience

Eighty Six stands behind each and every one of our products. All of our 4-gram disposables are authentic CILICON disposable vape devices, which are made from medical-grade and food-grade materials. Not only are these heavy duty devices meant for the most abuse, but they’re safe for you too.

Eighty Six believes in bringing the best of the best in all things hemp. You won’t find a more potent & flavorful vaping experience anywhere else. Get the best Delta-8, Delta-9, HHC, THCa, and THCp disposables in your favorite strains today!


What cannabinoids are offered in the Elite Edition disposables?

The Elite Edition features eight of the best-selling strains on our site. The collection offers two Delta-8 strains – an indica & a sativa, two Delta-9 strains both available as sativas, 2 THCa strains as an indica and sativa, 1 HHC strain available as a hybrid, and 1 THCp strain available as a hybrid.

How are 4-gram disposable devices different from the 2-grams you have elsewhere on the site?

Oh, where do we begin with this – the 4-gram Elite Edition disposables consist of an entirely new device. For starters, the 4-gram device features, well, four-grams of your favorite flavored distillate. The ceramic coil is significantly better, which means you are producing more vapor more efficiently for a longer period of time.

The device also features two power modes (LOW & HIGH), each power mode can be switched by pressing the firing button on the side three times. The LOW power mode will push less power but bring out more flavor. The HIGH power mode will push more vapor at the minor expense of flavor. The choice is yours.

Last point about the device, the LCD screen at the bottom includes a battery percentage and a distillate meter. No longer are you guessing how much life you have of the device both in terms of battery and flavor. You now have all the information you need to make a conscious decision to re-up.

Both the 4-gram & 2-gram devices are rechargeable & non-refillable. So once you kill the distillate, simply toss the device!

What are the different power modes on the 4-gram disposable?

The Elite Edition features LOW and HIGH power modes designed to give you the ultimate freedom in how you enjoy your strains.

The LOW power mode pushes 6 watts and the HIGH power mode pushes 7.7W.

The difference in wattage between the power modes are designed to offer more flavor in LOW power mode and more vapor production in the HIGH mode.

How long will the battery last on the 4-gram disposable?

The Elite Edition 4-gram disposables run on a 280mAh battery. Depending on how much you are using the device and how long your puffs are, you can expect the device to last about 1.5 days on average before needing to recharge.

How long will the 4-gram disposable take to recharge?

This largely depends on your power source. If you are using a USB-C cable connected to a wall adapter, you can expect a full charge from completely dead in about 2 hours.

If you are using a computer or laptop as the power source, you can expect a full charge from completely dead in about 3 hours.

What if my 4-gram disposable is dead upon arrival?

Trust us, the last thing we’d want is to open up the new device only to find that it’s filled with a dank strain and there’s no way to enjoy it. If this happens, please send us an email to cs@eightysixbrand.com and we’ll make things right, no questions asked.

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