Drip Series: The Best THC-P Gummies


Have you heard the news? Hemp-derived, federally legal THC-P gummies have landed at Eighty Six! Our Drip Series brings you high-potency, top-quality THC-P in three unique, delicious flavored gummies: Maui Wowee, Melon Dreams, and Halle’s Berries. Each piece has a fun-sized dose of 100mg of THC-P. We’ll tell you now: these are stronger than our Delta-9 THC gummies, so take these one at a time. As always, we use third-party testing to ensure your safety so you can buy THC-P gummies from Eighty Six with complete peace of mind.








Fun Flavors, Fabulous Finds

So, how is a THC-P edible different from our Delta-9 edibles? THC-P is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that’s found in cannabis plants at a much smaller concentration than Delta-9 THC. But as they say, good things come in small packages. THC-P binds to the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce many of the same effects as Delta-9 THC. Only it takes a lot less to get you into the clouds.

Customers who have bought our THC-P edibles and THC-P disposables report feelings of relaxation, mental stimulation, and even an increased level of introspective thoughts. Intrigued? We are! That’s exactly why we offer these incredible gummies online.

The Best Way to Enjoy THC-P Gummies

Warning: these yummy gummies are no joke! THC-P is reportedly up to 33 times stronger than Delta-9 THC. And some users have experienced highs lasting for almost 48 hours. So we recommend going nice and slow.

Absolute beginners should start with less than half a gummy and wait 90 minutes before eating more. For cannabis enthusiasts with high tolerances and veteran edible consumers, we still suggest starting with just half of one gummy. Remember, THC-P provides a high like no other, so it’s better to be safe than sorry for your first time. Start low and go slow. Follow these usage guidelines, and you’ll have the ultimate Eighty Six experience when you buy our THC-P gummies!

Read our 10,000+ reviews to see why customers come back again and again. We’re your one-stop shop to elevate your vibe.


Are THC-P Gummies Safe?

Buying THC-P gummies, and all of our products is easy, quick, and safe. We adhere to strict production standards in our ISO 9001-certified facilities, and all of our products are free from GMOs and pesticides. Plus, we lead the industry in creative flavor combinations. Eighty Six third-party tests all of the items we sell so you can shop with confidence and trust.

How Long Does it Take For THC-P Gummies to Kick In?

When you eat cannabis or hemp edibles, the effects will always take longer to be felt versus smoking or vaping. That’s because the cannabinoids have to go through your stomach and liver before they can be absorbed by the body. Depending on your size, gender, and metabolism, you can expect a THC-P edible to start to kick in within an hour to an hour and a half. That’s why it’s very important to be patient and resist the urge to eat more before enough time has gone by. Even the best edibles take some time to hit.

Is THC-P Much Stronger Than Delta-9?

Yes. The structure of the THC-P compound makes it much more potent than Delta-9 THC. It also adheres to your body’s cannabinoid receptors better, so you feel the high much more and it lasts longer than Delta-9 THC. That means buying THC-P gummies gives you more bang for your buck because you’ll take less of them, and your good vibes will go on for hours.

Can I Travel or Fly with THC-P?

All of our products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, which makes them legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, each state has its own laws regarding hemp derivatives, so when traveling or flying across state lines, it’s important to check whether or not they’re legal in those states. We recommend contacting your local travel authority or TSA before flying to be safe.

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