Prism Series


Get ready for the most potent high on the market with our Prism Series THCa Diamonds Vape Pens! These vapes are loaded with premium THCa concentrate, which contains up to 99% THC! Prepare to fly as high as Lucy in the sky with these diamonds. Why buy THCa Diamonds disposables? Because you’re worth it! Treat yourself today.








Diamonds Just Got Better

What’s better than diamonds? Diamonds you can smoke. THCa Diamonds hit faster, harder, and last longer than any other concentrate on the market. Perfect for veteran tokers who want to feel that first high again. Newbies can also enjoy gorgeously mellow vibes by hitting their THCa Diamonds vape pen low and slow. Making THCa Diamonds every stoner’s best friend.

At Eighty Six, we encourage trying a variety of unique highs. If you enjoy the super psychedelic fun that THC-P provides or consider yourself a true Live Rosin connoisseur, then the luxe effects of THCa Diamonds are perfect for you. Buy THCa Diamonds disposables to experience a high like no other.

See the Rainbow with Prism

Just like a glass prism reveals a hidden rainbow, when you hit our Prism Series THCa Diamonds disposables, you’ll see the hidden magic in everyday life. We recommend tuning into your favorite late-night cartoons or hitting a scenic hiking with one of these potent Prism Series disposables. The fun doesn’t have to stop there. Get seriously blazed by adding one of our Fire Sale products to your order.


What are THCa Diamonds?

THCa is tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. It occurs naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. In fact, it’s where THC comes from. When you have a fresh nugget of weed or hemp flower, it’s typically full of THCa. Once you activate it or heat it up, the THCa gets converted into THC. THCa Diamonds are crystalline structures that are extracted from the raw flower. These diamonds contain pure THCa, with no other compounds, terpenes, or substances. When you buy a THCa Diamonds disposable, you’re getting pure THCa Diamond crystals that will turn into THC on your first hit.

How strong are THCa Diamonds?

The reason THCa Diamonds are so popular and worth the cost is because they contain 99.9% pure THC. One small THCa Diamond can contain as much as or even more THCa than an entire gram of hemp flower. That means that each pull from a THCa Diamonds vape pen will hit stronger and last longer than other concentrates. This is why people with high tolerances for THC prefer THCa Diamonds because they’re able to feel the effects more strongly.

What is the high like from THCa Diamonds?

THCa is known for creating really relaxing body highs and fighting against nausea and inflammation. That makes it very popular with people who like to consume it for health reasons. However, once you heat it up like in a THCa Diamonds vape pen, it becomes a super concentrated and very potent form of THC. This adds fast-acting psychoactive effects like euphoria to the already amazing relaxing properties. The effects also last much longer than other forms of THC, so THCa Diamonds really are special.

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