The only thing better than vibing all day is vibing on sale! Eighty Six offers a large selection of our premium psychoactive hemp concentrates at special sales prices. Browse our deals on THC disposables to save on your favorite strains and flavors. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on party favors and gifts for the holiday season. Buy our THC products on sale and experience the double relaxation that comes from saving money and rolling high at the same time!

High Quality, Low Prices

At Eighty Six, we’re known for making premium hemp-derived products. We source from GMO- and pesticide-free hemp plants grown in the US. All of our concentrates are extracted in GMP- and ISO 9001-certified labs to ensure optimum safety and purity.


Our sweet treats are packed with Delta-9 THC that’s been third-party lab-tested, so you know exactly how much fun is in each bite! When you buy THC products on sale from Eighty Six, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the same high-quality products we always offer at a special low price.

Try Something New & Save

Our deals on THC products and disposables offer you the perfect opportunity to try something new. Curious about what the difference is between vaping and smoking Delta-8 pre-rolls? Always wanted to experience the incredible edible sensation? Each hemp concentrate offers a unique vibe and experience.


Curious about what it’s like to trip through fields of sunshine and unicorns? Have you ever wondered how good it would feel to sleep soundly through the night? Well, now’s the time to try something new and save when you buy our THC products on sale.


What's the difference between smoking pre-rolls and vaping?

Pre rolls are joints filled with either cannabis or hemp flower. The flower is burned with a lighter, and you inhale the smoke. Vaping involves concentrated hemp, or cannabis extract vaporized into a gas using a heating element or battery. Our deals on THC disposables and pre rolls allow you to try both methods inexpensively and see which you prefer for yourself.

How does a Delta-8 edible feel vs. a Delta-9 THC edible?

When you eat any kind of cannabis or hemp-based edibles, the type of experience will be similar. Meaning that all edibles take longer for you to feel the effects. Once you feel them, it will be a total body high lasting several hours. The difference between a Delta-8 and Delta-9 edible will be felt in the head vs the body. Delta-8 gives you less of a head high and more of a full-body relaxation sensation. Delta-9 edibles will make you feel more ‘high,’ euphoric, and probably a bit giggly and relaxed. Both are good vibes. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

Can I speed up the edible experience?

When you buy THC candies on sale, try sucking on one under your tongue until the edible dissolves. This is easier done with our hard candy and caramel edibles rather than gummies. Sublingual administration allows the hemp extract and cannabinoids to be absorbed directly into the tissue under your tongue. This acts as a fast track to your bloodstream and neuroreceptors. Chewing and swallowing edibles gets absorbed through your stomach and liver before the effects kick in. Which can take up to an hour.

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