Live Rosin Gummies


Are you down for a unique and enhanced edibles experience that will have you flying higher in the clouds than you ever dreamed possible? Our Live Rosin Blend Gummies are your ticket to paradise. Our OMG series of delicious chews uses very potent Live Rosin extract for an ultimate mind bending experience. Live Rosin carries the active cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant, and gives hemp-derived products the balanced entourage effects and authentic cannabis flavor. Buy Live Rosin Edible Gummies from us today and sample different flavors inspired by our iconic cannabis strains.

Exciting Flavors to Choose From

Our Live Rosin Edible Gummies will blow your mind as they relax your body. Simply toss a gummy in your mouth and enjoy this tasty and powerful treat. 

These soft, fluffy, and delicious hemp-derived gummies are the latest way you can enjoy cannabis and take the experience to new heights.

We’ve baked our Live Rosin Blend Gummies using extracts from different cannabis strains. Choose a fruity flavor from our collection featuring the citrus punch of Key Lime Cookies, sweet-sour Tangie, or the tart Granddaddy Purple. 

Our OMG Series gummies contain 1000mg of Live Rosin and are sure to give you the full benefits of cannabis without harsh smoke. If you are new to cannabis, you’ll find information on controlling your dosage with these treats. 

Don’t run out of stock. Order Eighty Six Live Rosin Blend Gummies online and we’ll deliver them within 3-4 days.

Unmatched Quality & Potency

Buy Live Rosin Edible Gummies at Eighty Six to enjoy top-quality treats with the highest cannabis potency. These chews use 100% natural ingredients.

By adding concentrates with active cannabinoids and terpenes, we ensure you enjoy cannabis in its authentic form. The  cannabis used in our products is always American-grown and non-GMO. Consider our Live Rosin Blend Gummies when you’re craving a delicious treat to elevate your day. 

Got any questions? Feel free to talk to us. We have a friendly team that’s ready to answer your questions or guide you in finding your perfect product. Check out our blog for amazing facts and guides about hemp, THC, and everything in between.

Live Rosin Blend FAQs

What are live rosin gummies?

Live rosin gummies are sweet-like chews infused with hemp-derived cannabinoids that’s obtained without using chemicals. Live rosin gummies feature authentic, true-to-strain aromas and produce better entourage effects.

How many live rosin gummies should I take?

This can depend on the potency of the gummy, your body size, and whether you are eating on an empty stomach or not. As a general rule, it’s better to start with a small bite and give it about 90 minutes to take effect. Add in small bits until you attain your suitable dose.

How long do live rosin gummies take to hit?

It’s possible to experience the effects within the 15-20 minutes, but, just like any other edible, the full effects kick in after digestion – up to an hour.

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