Live Rosin Edibles


For the stoner craving a tasty snack to send you into orbit, our live rosin edibles are the blast off you’ve been searching for. With an extra kick of ultra potent cannabis, our live rosin edibles are every bit as delicious as they are effective. These snacks use fresh cannabis concentrate extracted without chemicals or solvents. It’s invigorating—a perfect addition to your daily self-care routine. Chew a live rosin gummy for a buzzing burst of authentic live rosin with balanced mind and body effects. Order at Eighty Six and take advantage of our fast shipping & fulfillment across the continental U.S.

Potent & With Authentic Flavor

There are hemp-derived edibles, then there are live rosin edibles by Eighty Six. If you’ve tasted any of our edibles, you know we go all out when it comes to flavors. But this collection of edibles has one unique aspect that you don’t find in delta 8 edibles or CBD Edibles. This blend uses cannabis concentrate in its “live” form creating edible treats that exhibit full terpene profile and cannabinoid potency. Enjoy the flavors in each bite as you slowly drift into a powerful, well-balanced dreamy buzz.

Shop with us and find live rosin edibles in a form that tickles your fancy. Whether you prefer a live rosin gummy or hard candy, feel free to sample our collection.  You can even order a variety for your friends and you get free shipping for purchases above $75.

Something for Everyone at Eighty Six

We strive to ensure quality hemp-derived treats for everyone. Browse our live rosin edibles collection for a sweet treat with an extra mind-bending kick. Feel free to check out our THC-P and delta 8 sections for a unique psychedelic experience altogether. 

Do you prefer the invigorating benefits of marijuana without the mind-bending effects? Look no further than our assortment of CBD edibles.

Manage your dose effectively with our well-calibrated treats. Edibles take at least 45 minutes for the euphoria to fully kick in and can take up to 2 hours before the full effects manifest. So, take it slow and stay safe. Got any questions? Talk to us anytime and we’ll be glad to assist.

Live Rosin Edibles FAQ

What is live rosin?

Live rosin is a solventless hemp extract that’s obtained by heat-pressing fresh cannabis leaves, buds, or flowers.

Will live rosin get me high?

Yes. Live rosin is a cannabis extract and will give psychedelic effects that match the specific hemp plant strain. It’s also important to note that live rosin is very potent and gives a balanced mind and body high.

How long do live rosin edibles take to hit?

All edibles require at least 45 minutes for digestion to complete and the cannabinoid content to enter the bloodstream so that effects can begin to show. live rosin in edibles can take up to 2 hours to fully manifest. However, this might depend on your THC tolerance, among other factors.

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