Live Rosin Edibles

Ready to elevate your edibles experience to new levels of psychedelic heights? Find out for yourself how our new OMG series packs the punch with this new blend of delicious hemp-derived treats. Our research team at Eighty Six is always looking for fresh ways to deliver an exceptional hemp experience. And if you’ve loved our Delta-8 and CBD Edibles, you’ll be floored by our OMG series.

This time, we help you take your cannabis experience a notch higher with our Live Rosin Blend Edibles. They’ve got all the benefits of edibles—such as a slower onset and longer period of entourage effects. But our OMG series comes with the added potency of Live Rosin. Because it’s extracted from fresh hemp plants without using chemical solvents, Live Rosin preserves the full-profile terpenes and cannabinoid content. Buy Live Rosin Edibles by Eighty Six and get a taste of unparalleled flavor and a truly mind bending experience








Why Choose Live Rosin Blend Edibles

Different edibles use different cannabis concentrates. Your favorite Delta-8 Rice Krispie can be infused with Delta-8 THC oil, wax, live resin, or distillate. But there’s a difference in the extraction process of these concentrates that influences their potency, aroma, and taste.


Most extraction processes use chemical solvents. But Live Rosin uses no chemicals. The resinous sap is mechanically obtained from fresh hemp plant parts through heat-pressing. This preserves the complete terpenes profile and cannabis power. Our newest series of Live Rosin Blend Edibles offers an improved experience from anything you’ve tested before. They contain active cannabinoids that produce an intensely powerful high. The synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes ensures an enhanced entourage effect.


And at Eighty Six we use no artificial additives, meaning you get power-packed healthy edibles with delicious, authentic hemp flavor tones. Buy Live Rosin Edibles online today and enjoy free shipping on orders of $75+.

Hemp-Derived Products for the Health-Conscious

At Eighty Six, you know you’re getting premium hemp products. If you are health conscious but still want that adult treat that will have you flying high, try our Live Rosin Blend Edibles. These are clean products with entourage effects second to none.


Our Live Rosin extract is from American-grown hemp that is non-GMO and contains no pesticides. You can confirm the ingredients and their quality by checking our third-party lab reports. We encourage you to buy Live Rosin Edibles with genuine lab results that show the contents of each item. Whether you are a new edibles user or have a ton of experience already, you won’t be disappointed with this delicious and mind altering treat.

Live Rosin Edibles FAQ

What is live rosin?

Live Rosin is a solventless resinous hemp concentrate that’s mechanically extracted by applying pressure and heat to fresh cannabis plants. It can be obtained from cannabis flowers, leaves, or buds.

What are Live Rosin Edibles?

These are hemp-derived edibles prepared using Live Rosin. They can be gummies, sweets, drinks, or baked goods.

How do Live Rosin Blend Edibles compare with other edibles?

Due to the extraction process of Live Rosin, the edibles prepared with this concentrate are free of chemicals. Also, unlike regular concentrates, Live Rosin is a full-spectrum hemp extract, retaining cannabinoid power and the full terpenes profile. Using it in edibles results in treats with mesmerizing cannabis flavors that deliver an intense balanced high.

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