You’ve been good lately and you deserve a treat!  Our Delta-8 Sweets bring the same mind-blowing flavors that Eighty Six is famous for, only now everything is bite-sized.

When you buy our Delta-8 candy, you’re treating yourself to a tasty good time.  Plus, these packaged edibles make it easy to monitor your dosage and vibe at a pace that works for you.  They’re discreet and easy to take on the go.  Perfect for chilling on the couch or heading out for  a night of fun with friends, our Delta-8 sweets and hard candy satisfies your sugar cravings and elevates your mood.








Delta-8 Candy You Can Buy Online

Not everybody likes to vape. We get it. But inhalables aren’t the only way to enjoy Delta-8. 

Our golden delicious Caramel Chews contain 50mg of chill-inducing Delta-8 distillate. Longer lasting than a traditional edible, these caramel bites deliver the perfect boost whenever you need it. Warning, these dangerously delicious Delta-8 sweets are almost impossible to resist! 

Try other hard candy flavors like classic root beer and juicy peach. When you buy Delta-8 candy from Eighty Six, you’ll receive super fast and reliable shipping.

Delta-8 Sweets You Can Trust

All of our products are derived from hemp that’s GMO and pesticide free and grown in the United States. We have every batch of Delta-8 THC third-party lab tested to ensure premium potency and purity. We only make our products in labs that are GMP and ISO 9001 certified because we want every step of the process monitored for safety and quality. 

Absolute transparency is a must when it comes to Delta-8 products, which is why you should only buy from brands that you trust.

Less stress = more fun!


Do I need a medical card to buy Delta-8 candy online?

No. All of our Delta-8 sweets are derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC which makes them federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. So you don’t need a medical marijuana card to purchase anything on our site.

Where does Delta-8 THC come from?

Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana plants. We use a chemical extraction process called isomerization to make larger quantities of Delta-8 THC. Most people who use Delta-8 say they feel more clear-headed, without the mental fog or psychoactive effects of Delta-9 THC.

What is the difference between eating Delta-8 and vaping it?

When you eat Delta-8 edibles, your liver must process the cannabinoids before you can start to feel the effects. It will take longer for the effects to kick in, but once they do, they will be stronger and last longer. Smoking Delta-8 pre-rolls or vapes allows the cannabinoids to travel directly from your lungs to your bloodstream and then straight on up to your brain, providing a fast-acting head high.

How much should I eat?

Because edibles take longer to go into effect, it’s always a good idea to start with small amounts and wait 1-2 hours before adding more. All of our sweets have exactly 50mg of Delta-8 THC in each one so you know how much you’re getting. Just remember to start low and go slow until you figure out the perfect amount for you.

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