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Close your eyes and float on a cloud made of chocolate. Seriously, what could be better than 50mg of Delta-9 THC baked into a gooey, chocolatey rice crispy treat? The answer is nothing, and here they are, available to order. These Melo Dose Chocolate Delta-9 Rice Crispy Treats hit the mark in flavor, quality, and potency. And, since the 50mg of Delta-9 THC in each package is hemp-derived with less than 0.3% of THC, these delectable bites are federally legal. We recommend one small piece at a time. Savor the moment and elevate at your own pace. Experience the chocolate deliciousness most users describe as mellow, chill, and oh-so-delightful.

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  • Coco Rice Cereal, Marshmallows, Butter, Milk, Chocolate, Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Hemp-Derived Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol Distilled Cannabis
  • Allergy Disclaimer: Our Delta-9 Edibles are produced in a facility that processes milk, nuts, soy, and gluten.
  • 50MG Total Delta-9 THC
  • 5MG Per Piece
  • 10 Pieces








Eighty Six can ship the Melo Dose Chocolate Delta-9 Rice Crispy to 32 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

The Most Fun Edible Around

Let’s recall the smell of rice crispy treats coming out of the oven as a kid. Having to wait to let them cool before cutting the tray into squares. Dying to take that first bite, savoring the marshmallow gooeyness, and leaping at that sugary rush of flavor. Now imagine that with 50mg of Delta-9 THC and you have these Melo Dose Chocolate Delta-9 Rice Crispy Treat edibles.

These treats are a dream come true. And, since our Delta-9 THC is hemp-derived, they are federally legal. Like what you’ve heard so far? Check out our full collection of Delta-9 edibles to find your new favorite

Chocolate Lovers Unit

When that sweet tooth hits at the end of the day, we have the perfect solution. All you have to do is reach for these Delta-9 rice crispy edibles. Each treat is pre-cut into pieces to help you microdose for the maximum benefits. 

The chocolatey goodness feels like a full-body massage in a beachside cabana. These chocolate Delta-9 rice crispies are an ideal dessert. Savoring a piece a few hours before bed could help you relax in just the right ways to enjoy your evening and get a full night’s rest. Remember, these treats are potent. Start small and see how you feel.

Quality Guaranteed

You may read a lot on our website about third-party testing. That’s because we value providing our customers with premium quality products, and the best way to do that is by only selling items that have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by unbiased evaluators.

While hemp-derived Delta-9 is federally legal, that doesn’t mean every vendor offers the same quality. For your safety and peace of mind, you should only buy from a brand you trust. We would not sell these Melodose Chocolate Delta-9 Rice Crispy Treats if they did not pass the test.


  • Posted by Titus on 22nd September 2023

    Excellent experience!

  • Posted by Mariela on 20th September 2023


  • Posted by Hanna on 19th September 2023

    I only order threw this company. Fast shipping and always good products

  • Posted by Audley on 17th September 2023

    Altogether a quality product.

  • Posted by Pate on 16th September 2023

    shits lowkey banger, def worth it.

  • Posted by Bebe on 16th September 2023

    Mid but gets job done

  • Posted by Dion on 14th September 2023

    Fulfilling my cravings perfectly.

  • Posted by Felton on 13th September 2023

    Very energizing yet mellow flavor

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Melo Dose - Chocolate 50MG Delta-9 THC Rice Crispy



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