Delta-9 Edibles


Bite into one of our delectable Delta-9 edibles and try not to burst into giggles. Who wouldn’t want to indulge themselves in a rich, salty, golden caramel chew? Or enjoy some mouthwatering gummies as a bedtime treat. When combined with premium, hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, these edibles make you feel as calm and radiant as a Golden Buddha.








Ingredients You Can Trust

When you buy our edibles online, you know exactly what you’re in for. Made entirely from ingredients you can pronounce, our Delta-9 edibles are GMO- and pesticide-free. Not only that, but our products are also derived from premium hemp grown in the US. We have every batch third-party lab tested to ensure purity and potency as well. 

Pass that bag of Caramel Chews or savor a delectable gummy treat after a rough day. Either way, it’s guaranteed good vibes with our legal Delta-9 edibles!

Only the Finest D9 in the Market

Because our Delta-9 THC edibles contain less than 0.3%, they’re legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Enjoy the same mood-boosting, mind-altering qualities as traditional marijuana, without the legal hassle.

Our Delta-9 disposable vapes are made with the same premium-quality hemp extract as our legal Delta-9 edibles and come in a variety of bold and unique flavors. So be sure to pick up a few of your favorite strains for some happy puffing! 

Explore our blog to learn more about the endless possibilities of Delta-9, and reach out if you have any questions. We at Eighty Six want to help you find your desired state of mind.

Hemp-Derived Delta-9 Edibles FAQs

Can I get high from Delta-9 edibles?

Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC produces similar sensations as cannabis-derived Delta-9, like feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and creative focus. However, because it’s extracted from hemp, these edibles only contain 0.03% Delta-9 THC, which means the effects won’t be as intense, psychoactive, or mind-altering as a cannabis plant. This is perfect for those who don’t enjoy feeling super high or ‘out of it.’ Our legal Delta-9 edibles provide the perfect amount of positive vibes without any of the harsh or negative side effects.

How many Delta-9 THC edibles should I eat?

The important thing to understand about edibles is that they take longer to take effect than smoking flower or vaping. Rather than entering your bloodstream right away, the edible must go through the stomach and be broken down by the liver before your body will start to feel anything. The key to enjoying your edible experience is to start with a low dose, half or a whole recommended serving size, depending on the amount of THC listed, and then take it slow. Resist the urge to eat more for at least 90 minutes. Once it hits, the high from a legal Delta-9 edible will be deeper and last longer than smoking.

Are Delta-9 edibles safe?

All of Eighty Six’s products are extremely safe because we carefully monitor every step of the extraction and manufacturing process. We have all our concentrates third-party lab tested for impurities, heavy metals, contaminants, and strength. You can see the lab reports on our website, which lets you know that every product you buy online from us is pure and safe. To ensure your safety and good time, only buy legal Delta-9 edibles from suppliers you trust.

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