THC-P Edibles

Get ready for a mindblowing, body-glowing experience! Considered to be thirty-three times stronger than Delta-9, THC-P is no joke. We couldn’t believe it either until we tried it, and now we can’t get enough of it. Eighty Six’s THC-P edibles offer the ultimate relaxation experience. This is the kind of high you want to clear your schedule for. A handful of our THC-P gummies will have you rolling for days. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The best part is our THC-P sweet treats come in a variety of lip-smacking, crave-inducing, delicious flavors. Made with pure extract derived from hemp grown in the US, our THC-P gummy edibles are free of pesticides and GMOs. Eighty Six only makes premium products that provide premium vibes. You know a delivery from us means good times ahead. Browse our selection of THC-P treats today and find out what everyone’s talking about!








Eighty Six Brings the Flavor

We pride ourselves on creating the most unique and flavorsome products on the market. Each bite of our THC-P edibles transports you to a world where every taste and aroma are enhanced to the max. No one has ever accused us of being boring.

We use only the finest ingredients to create bold flavors that will leave a smile on your face every time. Our THC-P gummy edibles aren’t the only things that taste great. Our THC-P disposables and Delta-8 pre-rolls are just as mouthwatering. No matter which product you choose, you’re guaranteed a wild ride to flavor town!

Calling All Connoisseurs

There are those who enjoy the finer things in life, like limited edition Jordans and craft cocktails. True connoisseurs of exceptional experiences. For all the ultimate pleasure seekers out there, we offer our OMG Live Rosin series.

Live rosin is the finest, purest expression of the hemp plant. It’s the Ferrari of concentrates. Pressed from only the freshest, most premium flower, live rosin captures the aroma and flavors of hemp at peak ripeness. This provides a high that’s as exhilarating and euphoric as driving a Formula 1 race car.

So what are you waiting for? Discover the incredible live rosin experience today!

THC-P Edibles FAQ

Are there any side effects from THC-P edibles?

Because THC-P binds more effectively with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, it’s a much more potent high. This means a little goes a long way. As with all edibles, the high takes longer to go into effect and will be felt much deeper in the body than a head high from smoking. If you eat too many edibles too quickly, feelings of lethargy, dry mouth, and spaciness can occur. Start with a low dose and wait 90 minutes before eating more to be safe.

Is THC-P naturally occurring?

Yes, THC-P is one of many cannabinoids naturally occurring in both hemp and cannabis plants. In fact, it’s believed that the reason certain strains with lower amounts of Delta-9 THC feel stronger than others is due to that plant’s higher concentration of THC-P. However, in order to make enough for THC-P gummy edibles, the concentrate must be made in a lab.

Is the THC-P extraction process safe

Eighty Six takes safety very seriously. All of our concentrates are made in GMP and ISO 9001-certified labs, where every step of the extraction process is carefully monitored. We then have every batch of THC-P edibles third-party lab tested to ensure maximum potency and absolute purity.

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