10th Apr 2024

A Guide to the Linalool Terpene and Its Effects

As the world of cannabis progresses, we’ve discovered it’s not just cannabinoids that are worth writing home about. Other compounds make the cut, too, including terpenes. They’re the aromatic molecules in vegetables and botanicals, the cannabis plant included.

Some terpenes stand out more than others. Linalool, for example, may offer an exciting effect in some strains. What are some of the linalool terpene effects one might expect, though? And what are strains high in linalool? Our guide dives into these questions and more. Keep reading to explore the terpene in depth.

Understanding the Linalool Terpene

Terpenes have long since contributed to cannabis strains’ unique aroma and flavor profiles. in recent years, terpenes have gained attention for their potential to intensify cannabis’ effects.

Called the entourage effect, terpenes may synergize with cannabinoids for an even stronger or more effective overall experience. And linalool, in particular, is a popular claim to fame with its potential effects.

Before we get into typical linalool terpene effects, though, let’s look at the terpene itself further. For starters, linalool can be found in over 200 different types of plants, so it’s not exclusive to cannabis. It offers a characteristic lavender scent with a slight hint of spice. It’s in such abundance, in fact, that even non-cannabis users consume over two grams of linalool annually on average. Linalool is abundant in fruits, spices, and other edible botanicals.

What are Typical Linalool Terpene Effects to Expect?

With its distinct aroma and widespread presence in nature, linalool offers more than a mere pleasant scent. Let’s explore some of linalool’s current potential benefits and effects. We sourced this research from present studies, trials, and other clinical reviews.


First, linalool demonstrates significant anti-inflammatory properties in various studies. Research suggests the terpene inhibits the production of certain enzymes and cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory. Linalool may thereby reduce inflammation in the body.

It makes strains high in linalool perfect candidates for managing certain inflammatory conditions. These could include arthritis, IBD, dermatitis, and more.

Certain Types of Pain Relief

Some research shows linalool possesses certain pain-relieving properties. It may interact with the receptors in the nervous system involved in pain reception. As a result, linalool may help reduce the sensation of some types of pain.

Plus, linalool’s anti-inflammatory properties may help contribute to its pain relief potential. It makes it potentially useful for managing migraines, headaches, and more.

Neuroprotective Properties

Unlike the stereotype of cannabis, linalool might actually fight cognitive impairment. Its neuroprotective potential may allow linalool to protect some of our cells from damage.

Sleep Support

Linalool’s calming and sedative properties make it a promising candidate for supporting sleep. Research shows that the terpene might alter our neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Put simply, that helps it promote relaxation and even facilitate the onset of sleep. Incorporating linalool-rich products into bedtime routines may help improve sleep quality and duration.

Non-Intoxicating Psychoactivity

You might be thinking…how can something be psychoactive but non-intoxicating? Well, linalool doesn’t provided the intoxicating psychoactive effects that THC does. Instead, its psychoactive properties results in a sense of relaxation. It may deliver tranquility and even mental clarity. Linalool helps fight that cognitive impairment instead of bending toward it!

Antioxidant Properties

Finally, linalool has some potent antioxidant properties. These play a major role in protecting the cells from stress. It scavenges free radicals, reducing oxidative stress on cells and tissues. In simpler terms, linalool helps reduce damage to the body as a powerful antioxidant.

4 Strains High in Linalool

Let’s explore the strains that boast high concentrations of linalool. These strains captivate with distinct scents and offer a spectrum of effects. They help showcase the true versatility of the terpene.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison, a famous name, originates from South Africa. It’s a pure sativa known for its uplifting and energizing effects. The strains boasts a sweet and spicy aroma with hints of lavender and citrus. Its ability to promote focus, creativity, and productivity is unmatched, making products rich in Durban Poison ideal for daytime use.

Durban Poison can be found in the Twisted Berry Live Rosin 2G Disposable. Rich in the golden rosin, enjoy a fast-acting sativa that helps you get funky, focused, and uplifted.

Granddaddy Purple

Otherwise known as GDP, Granddaddy Purple is an iconic indica strain. Enthusiasts cherish the strain for its deep purple hues, dense buds, and potent effects. GDP offers a relaxing and euphoric high that soothes both the body and mind. It’s often chosen by those seeking relief from stress, pain, and insomnia, making it a popular choice for evening or nighttime use.

The legendary strain can be found in products like our PRPL Haze Live Rosin 2G Disposable & PRPL Haze Live Rosin 1000MG Gummies are chockful of the GDP indica strain.

Blue Dream

Another iconic strain, Blue Dream is renowned for its balanced effects. It offers a harmonious blend of euphoria and relaxation with a delightful aroma. Blue Dream’s uplifting effects make it a favorite to novice and experienced cannabis users alike. Maintain mental clarity while feeling relief with a reliable strain like Blue Dream in your back pocket.

Enjoy the famous strain in products like our Booberry Gumballs Delta-9 THC 2G Disposable. Or, go even bigger with the Elite Edition 4G Disposable instead. Crossed with Zkittles, Blue Dream gets an upgrade while still retaining that linalool flavor and smell.

Lemon Skunk

Last but not least, Lemon Skunk is renowned for its zesty lemon aroma and uplifting effects. Its euphoric, energizing high makes it another go-to for daytime user. Thanks to its high concentrations of linalool, Lemon Skunk’s mood-enhancing effects may heighten. It’s also prized for its ability to stimulate creativity and focus, making it another easy favorite.

Indulge in Lemon Skunk when you puff on our Lime Delta-8 Disposable, available in 2G & the Elite Edition 4G varieties. The indica hits all the right notes when we cross Lemon Skunk with Northern Lights. Linalool finds its home in a tropical citrus vaping experience.

Wrapping Up

Linalool is a versatile terpene with a wealth of potential benefits. The terpene is highlighted in iconic strains, including Durban Poison, GDP, and Blue Dream. Consider incorporating these linalool-rich strains into your daily routine for a holistic approach to health and relaxation.

Explore the soothing richness linalool offers in products that spotlight these strains. Shop Eighty Six and our selection of premium cannabis products today.

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