24th May 2021

Can You Microdose Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is the latest hemp derivative making the rounds lately. It’s quite frankly a no-brainer as to why it’s so popular, seeing that it’s a federally-legal alternative to getting high. So you may be wondering – how are people using it to microdose? Can you even microdose with Delta-8 to achieve a myriad of activities you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do with a standard dose?

In this guide today, we want to show you how it could be possible to use Delta-8 to accomplish what you need to do throughout the day. We want to look at all the ways you can incorporate smaller-than-normal doses into your daily routine.

What is Microdosing?

For starters, what is microdosing? Typically, you’d hear the term microdosing within the realm of psychedelics, but can also be applied to the world of cannabis too! It’s the practice of consuming exceptionally low doses of a substance to achieve a milder result. This result is often just a heightened or improved mood, more creativity, and a boost in productivity. Microdosing as a practice has grown in popularity in recent years.

What research do we have on Delta-8? While it’s rather recent, we can first look at a 2019 study on it. A self-reported study, researchers look at people who microdose on LSD or psilocybin measure out the extent of creativity, better moods, and feelings of becoming more open-minded. Though self-reported, it does give us promise towards microdosing’s capabilities.

Another study, also performed in 2019, observed people who were known to microdose regularly. Each user experiences better overall mental health and a heightened ability to focus when microdosing.

More importantly, a new study is currently happening through the Beckley Foundation. Amanda Feilding, the director and founder of the foundation, is looking at the effects of microdosing. Specifically, she’s looking at the effects it could have on the person’s creative and cognitive abilities.

Next, how does microdosing work when it comes to Delta-8? In the world of cannabis, the practice is already common. In fact, users have been microdosing cannabis’ best derivatives. Microdosing Delta-8, for example, could provide a massive variety of benefits. Some users report enhanced productivity and creativity, whereas other may experience an improved mood and reduced worry. Nothing is guaranteed, as hemp can affect others differently, but this is what we’ve been seeing from live and personal experiences.

How Do You Microdose on Delta-8?

How Do You Microdose on Delta-8?

We want to look at a few ways on how to microdose Delta-8; but before we do that, we want to explain how you would realistically do so in the first place. The most important tip to remember is to start small. Start small and work you way up as the weeks progress. As we mentioned in previous articles, specifically, our dosing guide, several factors come into play including, but not limited to:

  • Size
  • Body Type
  • Age
  • Tolerance to cannabis, particularly, THC

If you’re particularly new to Delta-8, it’s good to start with 5-10 milligrams for one serving. It shouldn’t be enough to get you to immediately feel the milder-psychoactive effects Delta-8 would otherwise deliver, but it should be enough for you to notice subtle, positive changes.

5 Ways to Microdose on Delta-8 and It’s Benefits

How would microdosing on Delta-8 look when it’s done for a particular task? What sort of benefit would dosing smaller-than-normal amounts do for your overall health and wellness?

1. Level Up Your Creativity

Cannabis has been known to help spark the more creative side in us. Musicians, writers, and artists of all walks of life have used cannabis to help boost their artistic talents. Delta-8 coming in as another form of THC makes sense that it could help with that boost, too.

Taking a smaller-than-normal amount of Delta-8 could deliver a degree of mental clarity. And with that clarity, a renewed focus, increased creativity, and cognitive thinking to really push those boundaries above and beyond the norm.

man sitting in a stair holding delta-8 thc vape

Mind you, microdosing in general will not magically make you creative overnight. Due to the smaller dosing over a longer period of time, the changes expected will be spread over that time dosing.

2. Pump Up the Productivity

Microdosing on Delta-8 could help you see an increase in overall productivity through its ability to level-up brain function. It does this by stimulating the acetylcholine neurotransmitter in the brain. After consistent and mid-to-long term microdosing with Delta-8, an increased activity of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter may help to improve memory, brain resilience, and cognition, all of which can significantly improve productivity. While research is limited, the results from what we have thus far is promising.

3. Incorporates Seamlessly Into Your Fitness Goals

One of the easiest ways to incorporate microdosing on Delta-8 into your day is to start taking small amounts for your fitness goals. By blending Delta-8 into your exercise routine, you can make it easy to keep up with two schedules at once! And after you’ve experimented with Delta-8 to understand how it may affect you and how much it takes for you feel a high, you can adjust for microdosing quantities.

Yoga and other zen-focused exercises are an excellent way to do this. After you take your Delta-8 Gummies or a puff off your Delta-8 Vape Cartridge, you can zone out and dive into the task at hand. This helps with working out just as much as other tasks, so it’s easy to get a good burn in. Listen to some of your favorite music, maybe even set up a playlist and just relax into your new workout routine.

4. Level Up Your Post-Workout Recovery with Delta-8

Just as much as Delta-8 can help in establishing a brighter workout routine, using it to accelerate your recovery after the workout session provides just as much, if not, more of a benefit! Delta-8 is already well-known to be used for helping you relax both your body and mind; so it’s not a far jump to see how this could benefit you during your after-workout stretching.

5. Start Your Day With Delta-8

Last, but certainly not least, you could use Delta-8 to simply get your day started. Picture this: it’s the first thing in the morning, you’re waking up with coffee, breakfast, or both. You take an Apple Jade Delta-8 Gummy as the perfect addition to what would otherwise be a perfect beginning to your day.

Firstly, microdosing could help improve your mood. If you’re not exactly a morning person, this may be ideal for you. And even if you are, anyone might try using Delta-8 consistently to experience a mood boost. Secondly, research suggests that low levels of Delta-8 could help increase food intake. It may, in the same instance, also help improve cognitive function. Adding this to the start of your day might be exactly what you’ve been in search of for a variety of reasons.

Wrapping Up

In reality, these are just some of the many ways you could use Delta-8 for microdosing. We hope this was a beneficial read, and that we were able to answer valuable questions you might have had on the topic. Hopefully you can use this to jumpstart your new microdosing routine!

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