Everything You Need to Know About Live Rosin Blends

With the recent release of the OMG Series collection of products, you may be asking yourself what exactly is a live rosin blend?

The short answer is this: it is a proprietary blend consisting of Delta-8 THC, CBN, HHC, and THC-P, further enhanced with Live Rosin. When putting this many hemp elements into a formulation, the result is quite literally a blackout blend, reserved for the bravest, most-down users looking for an exceptionally potent psychoactive experience.

For your own peace of mind knowing that everything Eighty Six develops and delivers to our loyal customer base is made with both safety and intention as the number one and number two priorities, we’ve rolled out this knowledge so you can be better informed on what you will be enjoying.


    Key Takeaways

    • Live Rosin is a solventless extraction method that takes fresh frozen cannabis flower and presses it down using heat and pressure to preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver an exceptionally flavorful extract.
    • Multi-cannabinoid blends deliver a multi-faceted psychoactive experience that leverage a body high, cerebral buzz, and higher affinity to deliver a blackout-like experience. Imagine feeling drunk off cannabis.

    What is Live Rosin?

    If you’re into cannabis and hemp, you may have heard of a product called live rosin. This highly sough-after extract has taken the industry by storm in recent years and is considered one of the the purest and most-flavorful forms of concentrates available today. But what exactly is live rosin and why is it the centerpiece of our all-new OMG Series?

    Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made using a solventless extraction method. Unlike other types of concentrates that use solvents such as butane or CO2 to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from a strain, live rosin is applied by using heat and pressure on fresh frozen cannabis flower.

    By only using heat and pressure, the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant are preserved, giving your favorite disposables and edibles a more true-to-strain flavor and feeling.

    How is Live Rosin Made?

    As we mentioned above, live rosin is a solventless extract used to preserve the natural properties found in a strain. And unlike other solvent-based extraction methods, live rosin is made using only heat and pressure to extract the essential oils and cannabinoids from the strain.

    The process of making live rosin involves starting with fresh, high-quality hemp strains that are flash-frozen immediately after harvest to preserve its terpene profile. This process ensures that everything from the cannabinoids and flavonoids as well as the terpenes are kept intact, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic extract.

    The next step in producing live rosin is to press the flash-frozen flower using a rosin press. Think hydraulic press, as the pylon comes down, the force, heat, and pressure causes the trichomes to burst and release its essential oils and cannabinoids. The resulting rosin is then collected and carefully filtered to remove any residual plant material or impurities. The final product is a pure and potent concentrate that contains the full spectrum of major cannabinoids, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes.

    What is the Eighty Six Live Rosin Blend?

    The Live Rosin Blend by Eighty Six is a proprietary concoction of cannabinoids and extraction styles that create a function-driven, borderline blackout blend that is designed to help our users feel the limit of where psychoactive cannabinoids can take you. The blend leverages Delta-8 THC, HHC, THC-P, and CBN, all of which are well-known cannabinoids to produce a relaxing psychoactive buzz, to deliver an exception high. The formulation is also further enhanced with strain-specific live rosin, which works to deliver the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in that strain.

    It is safe to say that upon enjoying a disposable vape strain such as Blue Magic, or eating the Tangie Terror gummies, you are in fact, taking in all those cannabinoids and feeling the myriad of effects the terpenes deliver. It is truly the next step in elevating your mind.

    Are Multi-Cannabinoid Blends Stronger Than Single-Cannabinoid Ones?

    It is worth noting that blends containing three, four, sometimes 5+ cannabinoids doesn’t necessarily make the product stronger, or more potent than single-cannabinoid formulations such as our THC-P or HHC Disposables. Single-cannabinoid formulations rely on distillate, which is on average, 80-90% of purely that compound, delivering a ultra-potent and pure concentrate.

    Cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC, HHC, and THC-P, all of which are known to deliver a cannabis-like psychoactive high, all more-or-less deliver the same type of high. Sure, HHC can feel more like a cerebral buzz versus Delta-8 THC, but overall, it is the same type of experience. So what gives? Why would someone opt for a live rosin blended product over a single-cannabinoid formulation?

    Here is a term you might not have heard about: affinity. Affinity is the extent or fraction to which a compound binds to receptors at any given concentration. This means that while cannabinoids such as Delta-8, HHC, and THC-P can deliver the same type of high, its affinity, or willingness to bind to our CB receptors vary. For example, THC-P which is known to deliver a borderline psychedelic substance does not contain anything hallucinogenic, but rather, it can bind up to thirty-three times better than traditional marijuana. This means you will likely feel that psychedelic buzz a lot faster than you would with normal weed.

    To answer the question above, live rosin blend products aren’t necessarily stronger in terms of potency, but you will absolutely feel those effects faster and it’ll likely stick around longer.

    What Kind of High Can You Expect from a Live Rosin Blend?

    Since Live Rosin blended products aren’t particularly stronger than single-cannabinoid ones, what kind of high could you expect from the former?

    The Eighty Six OMG Series leverages three well-known psychoactive cannabinoids, CBN and live rosin to deliver a feeling we can only describe as feeling drunk from weed. CBN, or cannabinol, is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, but rather, a strong element of sedation. Couple that with the bodily relaxation properties of Delta-8, the cerebral hyperactivity of HHC, and the binding affinity of THC-P and you’ve got yourself a multi-faceted psychoactive buzz from head-to-toe.

    The Live Rosin simply serves to deliver that true-to-strain experience where you are both smelling and tasting the terpenes naturally present in the strain. The entire experience of a live rosin-centric blend feels more akin to taking both a cold- and hot-start dab of concentrate – ultra flavorful matched with a max-level potency that is certainly able to make you stop and wonder how you got so high in the first place.

    Final Thoughts & Buying Guide

    The OMG Series is currently the only product collection that leverages strain-specific terpenes, a myriad of psychoactive cannabinoids, and the affinity to bind to your body effortlessly. Up until now, Eighty Six has always been a flavor-centric, single-cannabinoid type of company. And while that remains our bread and butter, we learned that innovation is king, and we’re always interested in pushing the envelope of creative ways to elevate.

    Before blindly choosing something, be sure to do more research on the matter. Multi-cannabinoid blends are a relatively new aspect to the hemp industry and we want you to feel confident that what you are consuming is first and foremost, safe, and secondly, actually contains what the label says it does. All Eighty Six products, including the all-new OMG Series contain a full panel Certificate of Analysis Report detailing exactly what should and should not be present in a product. Scan the QR code on your product to learn more.

    Check out our Live Rosin Disposables and Live Rosin Gummies collections now. Find what speaks to you and we look forward to what you’ve chosen!

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