22nd Aug 2023

Live Resin vs. Live Rosin: What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to cannabis extracts, getting a handle on all the choices out there can be tricky. They can all look the same to an unfamiliar eye, and their names can be confusing: sauce, diamonds, and particularly the Live Resin and Live Rosin extracts, whose names are only one letter apart despite them being very different from each other. If you’re not familiar with the various types of extracts out there, trying them for the first time can be a like a blind date: you’re not really sure of what to expect, but hoping for the best.

What Makes Extracts Different From Each Other?

The key to understanding different extracts is its nuanced process each take to be created. Each extract is created in wholly unique ways, and altering just one part of those delicate multi-step processes can result in a completely different finished product, or, worst-case scenario: a ruined batch of liquid gold!

Take shatter and crumble for example – both are created using the same exact process, except in its last stage, shatter is poured out over a flat surface and allowed to cool while crumble is kept in a glass jar and stirred regularly as t cools. This one small change results in two very different extracts.

Other changes that can result in different concentrates are using fresh, raw flower instead of dried flower, which is a key part of the Live Resin extraction process. If that confuses you, just remember, the method the concentrates are extracted is what makes them unique!

Live Resin vs. Live Rosin: Which is better?

There are TONS of choices when it comes to concentrates, but today we’re focusing on two of the most popular: Live Resin & Live Rosin.

With names that similar, it would seem like the extracts are pretty similar to each other, right? NOPE! Live Resin and Live Rosin are extracted through completely different methods, with several people preferring the more robust and true-to-strain flavor typically associated with Live Rosin, though both Live Resin and Live Rosin are regarded as being particularly potent.

The main difference between Live Resin and Live rosin, as we mentioned earlier, has to do with how they’re extracted. Live Resin is the base material for several complex types of extracts, like THCA Diamonds, and the extraction process is much more complex than the extraction process of Live Rosin.,

Live Resin is extracted from fresh, frozen raw flower immediately after harvest. The flash-frozen flower is then soaked in a hydrocarbon solvent, typically with butane or propane. These solvents are removed in later stages of the extraction process so they pose no danger to users, though, one can expect a slight change in taste of the final product. Contrary to popular belief, live resin is not exactly a true-to-strain experience.

Live Rosin, on the other hand, is extracted through a much-simpler process, giving it a bolder flavor profile and a more complex high than some other extracts. High heat and pressure is applied to fresh flower, kief, or hash to produce the THC and CBD-rich Live Rosin, a particularly potent extract.

Live Rosin Sets a New Standard

Live Rosin is one of the more expensive extracts available these days, and the high price tag can be off-putting, leaving many stoners wondering if Live Rosin is really worth the hefty price tag.

The short answer is HELL YEAH, IT IS WORTH IT!

There is a reason Live Rosin command the kind of prices it does! It’s a high quality products, that gets you super lit, and unlike most extracts, it’s made without the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. This not only appeals to more sensitive or health-conscious stoners, but it also creates a more pure, fresh, and better-tasting product – which is why it commands such a premium price tag.

Live Rosin is Shaking Up the Market

Live Rosin used to be considered a more-crude form of extraction, but as technology has advanced, extracts have steadily gotten better. Better extracts, paired with a more health-conscious user, especially in the wake of the EVALI outbreak, has made Live Rosin to the go-to for cutting edge formulations and infusions.

Live Rosin’s complex flavor profile and high potency is the ideal extract to develop new products around. Eighty Six always stays ahead of big industry shifts like this, and you know we weren’t going to miss out on this opportunity to once again bring you the dankest, most delicious hemp-derived cannabinoid blend this market has to offer. That’s why, in the coming weeks, we’re going to be introducing a new series to really make good on that promise. We can’t give too much away just yet, but it’ll be a heavy hitter featuring some of our most potent favorites, like HHC and THC-P, just to name a few.

If regular carts and extracts aren’t doing it for you, then keep your eyes peeled and check back here regularly for our newest baby, our OMG Series, coming very soon.

Is Live Rosin the Best Extract?

Best is way too relative of a term of us to decide which extract gets the crown. Is Live Rosin heavy hitting, pure and delicious? Most definitely.

But really, which extract is ‘best’ depends entirely on you and how you want to use it, how you like to feel, and what flavors appeal to you individually. Some people swear by distillate, other only smoke diamonds. So we’ll leave it to you to have the final say in which extract reigns supreme, but one thing we can guarantee is that no matter what your favorite, Eighty Six will have exactly what you’re looking for.

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