Delta-8 Disposable Vapes


Can you imagine anything more convenient than a Delta-8 THC disposable vape in your favorite strain? A one-and-done pen is ideal for traveling or keeping with you while you’re out and about. Perfect for hitting before running errands, after a long day of work, or adding to your pre-party routine. With a pre-charged battery and all the Delta-8 distillate you need, there’s nothing left for you to do except sit back and enjoy your new disposable weed pen.








Explore Every Strain

We offer Delta-8 THC disposable pens in the same great strains as our Delta-8 vape cartridges. You already enjoy exciting blends like Boo Berry (Blue Dream x Lemon Haze) and Cereal Killer (Fruity Pebbles x Alien Kush), so why not snag a disposable version to take with you on the go?

Better yet, why not work your way through all of our Delta-8 products? With the ease of a disposable weed pen, nothing’s stopping you from getting elevated whenever and wherever you like! Explore the best Delta-8 disposable vapes on the market.

Hit It and Quit It

Let’s talk about the technology behind our disposable Delta-8 THC pens. We use authentic ALD and CILICON disposable vape devices, which are made from medical-grade and food-grade materials. Not only are they safe for you, but it’s easy to see when the juice reservoir is empty. Better yet, every hit is full of flavor with pure, potent vapor. You’ll enjoy a pleasant experience with every hit!

Eighty Six believes in bringing you the best of the best in all things. You won’t find more potent vape cartridges or Delta-8 gummies. Get the best Delta-8 disposable weed pen in your favorite strains today!


Are Delta-8 THC disposable vapes safe?

Absolutely! We take pride in ensuring all Eighty Six products meet the highest standards when it comes to product safety. For your peace of mind, each product has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch. On that COA, Delta-8 potency, Delta-9 potency, and the full list of potential contaminants are shown. There’s no doubt about the purity and strength of Eighty Six products!

How are Delta-8 THC disposable weed pens different from Delta-8 cartridges?

A Delta-8 pen is, by design, an all-in-one device. This means the battery, the coil, and the reservoir containing your favorite Eighty Six strains and flavors are all encased in one unit. Upon finishing the juice, simply toss the entire device in the trash. There’s no need to take up valuable space while traveling with empty devices.

How long will the battery last on a Delta-8 THC disposable?

Our Delta-8 disposable weed pens contain a 350mAh battery. This allows for up to a full day of continuous use before needing to be recharged. Please note: this number may fluctuate, given your vaping preferences.

What if my Delta-8 disposable is dead upon arrival?

Trust us, it’s a terrible feeling to receive a product that does not work out of the package. If this happens, please send us an email to, and we’ll happily replace it, no questions asked.

What if my Delta-8 THC disposable is leaking?

The last thing we want is for you to miss out on the joy of Delta-8. If your Delta-8 disposable is leaking, send us an email to, and we’ll happily replace your cartridge, no questions asked. Eighty Six is confident that we make the best Delta-8 disposable vapes and always stand by the quality of our products.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is one of the many naturally occurring cannabinoids that exist in cannabis and hemp plants. Delta-9 THC and CBD are two other very common and popular ones. Delta-8 does not contain the same psychoactive properties as Delta-9 which means you won’t experience the same intense head high but it does have stronger effects than CBD. Making our Delta-8 pens the perfect option if you’re looking for something that offers the same total body relaxation as CBD but with a bit more fun added in.

Will vaping make me cough and irritate my throat like smoking does?

No. The beautiful thing about our Delta-8 disposable weed pens is that you’re not actually burning anything or inhaling smoke. Instead, a ceramic coil heats up pure Delta-8 distillate to create a vapor cloud. When you inhale the vapor it’s cool to the touch and therefore won’t burn or irritate your throat. If you hold the vapor in for a long period of time or inhale too deeply and quickly that may make you cough. So it’s best to begin with slow gentle hits until you feel more comfortable with vaping.

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