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The world of cannabinoids is full of new discoveries! You’ve tried classic vape cartridges, disposables, and edibles, but we’re coming at you with a new and improved product: Delta-8 syringes! Whether you’re a firm fan of dabbing or simply want to explore how these unique concentrates can enhance your experience with other cannabinoids, our wide selection of Delta-8 distillates for sale will help you elevate your experience to a whole new level.








Define Your Experience

Delta-8 distillate syringes make it easy for you to explore the world of Delta-8 in whatever format appeals to you most. Whether you decide to apply distillate to your dab rig, mix it in with flower for a more intense experience, or even use it to refill your vape cartridge, there’s no shortage of possibilities when you have an Eighty Six Delta-8 syringe in your hands!

If you’re a fan of flavors like Berry Slush, Boo Berry, and Cereal Killer (available in disposable and cartridge form!), now’s the time to check out our collection of Delta-8 distillate for sale and take home a flavor you love!

Explore Delta-8 with Eighty Six

We house our Delta-8 distillate in authentic luer-lock borosilicate Pyrex glass syringes, using medical- and food-grade materials to ensure your distillate is preserved and untainted. More importantly, we seek to offer the best possible Delta-8 experience with transparent third-party lab testing and our use of GMO-free hemp without heavy metals and pesticides. When you decide you want premium Delta-8 distillate for sale, you want Eighty Six.

Explore our wide range of flavors and find the perfect Delta-8 syringe for your dabbing, smoking, or vaping!


How do I use my Delta-8 Distillate syringe?

The distillate is a very thick, viscous oil that becomes almost solid when cooled. The easiest way to use your Delta-8 syringe is to place it in a warm water bath for a few minutes to heat the oil up. Once warmed you can gently press the plunger down to release the exact amount of concentrate desired. If you feel resistance on the plunger don’t keep pressing it. That means the oil is still too cold to come out properly. Simply place the syringe back in the warm water for another few minutes until it has completely liquified.

What can I do with my Delta-8 distillate syringe?

Our pure concentrates have many uses. The most popular one is to use them in cooking and preparing your own edibles. Simply whip up a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies or extra fudgy brownies and mix in a few drops of Delta-8. No more wasting your precious flower on burnt hemp butter. You can also use the Delta-8 syringes to refill your favorite disposable cartridges or in your trusty dab rig. For the fastest acting effects just put a few drops directly under your tongue and you’ll be riding that sweet vibe in no time.

How do I store my Delta-8 Distillate syringe?

There’s no need to use all of your Delta-8 concentrate in one go. If stored properly, your distillate will last up to a year. Once you’ve finished using it, wipe any excess distillate off of the Delta-8 syringe tip, otherwise, it will harden and make it more difficult to use again. Then, store it in a cold, dark space, until you’re ready for the next dose of fun. You can even store your distillate in the refrigerator. However, you’ll need to give it a few extra minutes to thaw out before using it again.

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