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Though she be but an ashtray, she is mighty! For fellow stoners who enjoy their cannabinoids via smoking, our Eighty Six logo stoner ashtray is a perfect sidekick for the perfect experience. Whether you have company or just want to enjoy a quiet moment to yourself, an Eighty Six clear glass ashtray is your best friend.


Here is a little hack to get your stoner ashtray crystal-clear again after use: Empty the ashtray, sprinkle in some salt, rub half ​​of a lemon onto the dirty surface, rinse with warm water and dry with a cloth!

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  • High-quality clear glass material
  • Black triangle logo print
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Stylish round design
  • Capacious body with 4 slots
  • Easy to clean








Simple and Functional Design

Eighty Six’s clear glass ashtray’s simple round design easily meets smokers’ needs. With 4 slots for cigarettes and a capacious body, it’s ready to contain all your butts, roaches, and ashes. This stoner ashtray is a must, bringing together simple style and functionality.

Cop Your Own Stoner AshTray

What does a stoner need from an ashtray? A firm grasp for burning cigarettes and a base deep enough to hold the ashes and butts. Surely a simple design to complement any kind of interior would be nice, too. Give this clear glass ashtray a shot to have all your smoking needs met.

Laid-back Merch for Laid-back Experiences

Eighty Six is dedicated to offering the best hemp derivatives on the market. Our Delta 8 and HHC vape products, syringes, cartridges, and edibles are lab-tested and made in GMP-certified facilities for top quality. Check out our FAQ for all the info on our products, or contact our team for additional questions.


  • Posted by Leon on 19th June 2023

    Dude, I just discovered this Eighty six ashtray, and it’s like the missing piece to my smoking sessions, man—the design is so trippy, and it totally enhances my high, you know what I mean?

  • Posted by Uriel on 19th June 2023

    Yo, my fellow weed lovers, let me introduce you to the ashtray that will change your smoking game—the Eighty six one, man, it’s stylish, it’s sturdy, and it’s like my new smoking buddy.

  • Posted by Crosby on 18th June 2023

    A shoutout to Eighty six brand for creating an ashtray that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing—the design is rad, the quality is top-notch, and it really completes the stoner experience, my friends.

  • Posted by Asa on 17th June 2023

    Yo, my fellow smokers, let’s take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship of the Eighty six ashtray—it’s beautifully designed, it’s sturdy, and it adds a touch of sophistication to my stoner den.

  • Posted by Nixon on 16th June 2023

    Can we take a moment to appreciate this badass Eighty six ashtray? It’s more than just a place to flick my ashes, it’s become an essential part of my smoking routine, and I don’t know how I survived without it.

  • Posted by Douglas on 14th June 2023

    Picture this, my fellow enthusiasts: you’re chilling with your favorite strain, and the Eighty six ashtray is right there, radiating stoner vibes—it’s like it was made for us, man, a match made in marijuana heaven.

  • Posted by Abel on 13th June 2023

    Hey there, my fellow herbal enthusiasts, let me enlighten you about the wonders of the Eighty six ashtray—it’s not just an ashtray, it’s a conversation starter, a statement piece, and it brings joy to my smoking sessions.

  • Posted by Philip on 13th June 2023

    Yo, my fellow smokers, let me tell you about the magical powers of the Eighty six ashtray—it’s not just an ashtray, man, it’s a mood enhancer, a conversation starter, and it completes the stoner experience like no other.

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Ash Tray



Purchase this item and get 7 Points - a worth of $0.07
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