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Berry Slush Delta-8 THC Disposable (Strawberry Cough)

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Berry Slush is what happens when a Strawberry Cough vape pen marries a Mojito Disposable vape.  Keep things cool, creative, and copacetic with this sweet sativa blend!  The sweetness of strawberry complements the tart citrus burst of a mojito, ensuring that you'll feel productive enough to channel all your creative juices.  Once you're done enjoying it, you can simply toss your disposable vape.  Pretty convenient right?

Crosses: Strawberry Cough x Mojito

Classification: Sativa

Terpene Profile: Productive - Creative - Energetic


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic ALD Disposable Vape Device
  • Rechargeable / Non-Refillable
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship Berry Slush (Strawberry Cough x Mojito) Delta-8 disposable vape pens to 38 states.  You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Sativa Superstar

Crossing Strawberry Cough and Mojito as a Delta-8 disposable vape pen creates a heady sativa that will keep you on your toes.  Pure Delta-8 distillate in the form of our new Berry Slush strain will increase your productivity and energy levels while enhancing your creativity.

The Best Hardware in the Biz

When you pick up a Strawberry Cough x Mojito vape pen, know that you're getting high-quality hardware, courtesy of our authentic ALD disposable vape devices.  Our all-in-one disposable vape pens won't leak, and you don't have to do anything to maintain them.  Simply enjoy the convenience of a one-and-done device!

Tried and Tested

Eighty Six believes in safety and transparency.  All of our products are created and made in facilities that are GMP-certified.  They're then tested at a lab, guaranteeing that each product is potent and pure.  Whether you buy a vape cartridge or some edibles, you know that you're getting top-quality Delta-8 products.

Customer Reviews (25)


Posted by Jake on 10th Nov 2021
update: I originally posted a review detailing how I received a non-functional product from this company. Minutes after posting, a representative from the company reached out, saying that they were willing to replace the faulty product. I responded quickly, and then once again the next day, only to have been ghosted from the company. Very poor experience overall with eighty six, and am very unlikely to purchase another product from them.

Didn’t even work

Posted by Jake on 8th Nov 2021
I was very excited to receive my Berry Slush disposable only to be extremely disappointed upon opening. The device, though filled, was completely dead. Charging it did nothing and I am currently left with a non functional device. Waste of $40, since shipping was ridiculous as well.

Awesome effect and excellent customer service.

Posted by Brian on 21st Oct 2021
Customer Service: Very prompt and professional. I accidentally ordered a non-disposable, which I wanted to try Delta 8 out for the first time and did not have a vape battery. They cancelled the order and the refund was back in my account by the next day. I then ordered a disposable one, this Berry Slush. Shipping Speed: I received mine in 3 business days. The device: The device is sturdy and well made, it really feels like you could put this in your pocket with your wallet and not really worry about it. The drags are very good and evenly powered on the device, making for an extremely smooth experience. Effect: The effect is definitely different than Delta 9 THC, but is extremely enjoyable. I would say the effect is more moderate in general but that can be solved by simply taking an additional toke. I feel like it is easier to relax with this, there is definitely less paranoia in general or that really excited energy feel I get sometimes with Delta 9. Overall: Must try if you are new to Delta 8. 5/5


Posted by Isaiah on 19th Aug 2021
I was pretty skeptical about this buying it online. But hey it came highly recommended. I love how smooth the flavor is and it hasn't leaked once!


Posted by Bernard on 19th Aug 2021
New favorite Delta-8 brand!

liked it

Posted by Jenn on 17th Aug 2021
Flavor was ok but the high was great!


Posted by Irvin on 17th Aug 2021
I love these. Really chills you out after a long day.

Thank you

Posted by Connor on 17th Aug 2021
Thank you for dropping this. This is a major step up from the carts. No disrespect to those but they leak from time to time. I haven't experienced a single leak and the device is rechargeable!

Was skeptical at first

Posted by Jonah on 17th Aug 2021
Tbh I was skeptical at first. I came from vaping nicotine and disposables at the time were hit or miss. This did not disappoint!

Breath of sweet fresh air

Posted by Bob on 17th Aug 2021
Delta-8 products have legitimately helped me. Only thing I would comment on is that the high is a little too strong for me.


Posted by James on 17th Aug 2021
School just started but I'm straight chillin. Berry Slush tastes just like a strawberry slush. They're getting pretty good at making these taste delicious.


Posted by Bethany on 17th Aug 2021

Stumbled on this heat

Posted by Nicholas on 16th Aug 2021
I stumbled on this God of a brand. Everything on this site is beautiful and it smacks you silly.

Great product, fast shipping

Posted by kody on 15th Aug 2021
I was doubting this a bit but after reading up on everything and following them on social media I was not disappointed! Flavor and potency together is a winning combination. Plus there's shipping!


Posted by Tim on 7th Aug 2021


Posted by Dane on 7th Aug 2021
Really like Berry Slush. It tastes true to the description and a major step up from the cart. Lookin forward to more releases 86.

Fast shipping

Posted by Stephen on 6th Aug 2021
If you live in socal this comes like the next day. Will be stocking up on more soon!


Posted by Raymond on 6th Aug 2021
Was very surprised how well this worked

was expecting more

Posted by Fabio on 6th Aug 2021
flavor was good but was expecting more of a high

mellow vibes

Posted by Victoria on 6th Aug 2021
love taking this for meetings. Super mellow vibes!

Best thing i've ever tried ever

Posted by Gryphon on 5th Aug 2021
The quality of these devices is amazing. Strawberry is my go-to flavor for everything and once again Eighty Six does not dissapoint

Hits harder than actual weed

Posted by Jack on 5th Aug 2021

love it

Posted by Melissa on 5th Aug 2021
love the smoothess on the device and the flavor is light. great job!


Posted by Angela on 5th Aug 2021
Tasted much better than I thought it would. No distillate after taste and the strawberry doesn't taste artificial

We will be back again

Posted by Greg on 4th Aug 2021
Fast shipping and great customer service. I believe Connor helped me find the perfect product for me. Thank you so much!
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