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Berry Slush (Strawberry Cough) Delta-8 THC Syringe

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Introducing your favorite Mojito and Strawberry Cough Delta-8 distillate—now available in a syringe! Apply this premium distillate to your flower, pre-rolls, bowl, or dab rig. The possibilities are endless with sweet strawberry flavor and a hint of citrus. Plow through the more mundane tasks life throws at you thanks to the creative jolt of Berry Slush!

Crosses: Strawberry Cough x Mojito

Classification: Sativa

Terpene Profile: Productive // Creative // Energetic


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic Luer-Lock Borosilicate Pyrex Glass Syringe
  • Lab-Tested for Purity
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

Learn More with Third-Party Lab Reports

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Eighty Six can ship Berry Slush (Mojito x Strawberry Cough) Delta-8 distillate syringe to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Endless Possibilities

Berry Slush being available as a Delta-8 Strawberry Cough syringe is the best thing to happen to Eighty Six since we launched the brand. You can apply the distillate to just about everything, ranging from the flower in your bowl to your favorite meal, making it an automatic edible!

A Full Gram of Strawberry Delight

Let’s face it: strawberry is one of the most versatile flavors ever. From sweet treats to savory dishes to your smoking arsenal, it’s a godsend! Experience everything you’ve come to expect from Delta-8, all with a fruity taste you know and love.

Quality Beyond Compare

Quality is the benchmark at Eighty Six. No matter what products we put out there, we ensure that they’re third-party tested for purity and potency every time. Feel free to check out our lab reports for our Mojito x Delta-8 Strawberry Cough distillate syringe, or explore our FAQ for more information.

Customer Reviews (48)


Posted by Sanders on 12th Jan 2022
I added the syringe distillate to my hemp flower and had a great relaxation

tastes great

Posted by Rob on 12th Jan 2022
It really tastes great and keeps me calm all day.


Posted by Alan on 11th Jan 2022
This is one of the better sativas I have taken it, gave me energy it made me feel happy

great euphoria

Posted by Melvin on 10th Jan 2022
Great euphoria and you can taste the strawberry

Great product

Posted by Paul on 9th Jan 2022
Quality product. I smoke a lot and never dissapoint. Really quick delivery.

makes my edibles taste yummy

Posted by Chloe on 9th Jan 2022
My edibles...Love the entourage effect from the terpenes. My edibles kick ass now!

very good

Posted by Malik on 7th Jan 2022
Very good. I will buy again.

was easy to use

Posted by Thomas on 6th Jan 2022
Was using pre fill carts for awile and finally took a shot on this. Came with lab results and a blunt tip needle for easy use.


Posted by Matthew on 6th Jan 2022
First I must give a shout out to the outstanding customer service at Delta86! I love Strawberry Cough! If you need to get moving in the morning this is the strain for you! Incredible energy and creativity!!


Posted by Steph on 6th Jan 2022
Excellent. Being a heavy user, this is a great break.

best distillate

Posted by Nate on 5th Jan 2022
It was absolutely delicious some of the best distalite I've tried so mouth watering yummy and it worked freaking wonders

super nice

Posted by David on 5th Jan 2022
Super nice to make a strawberry jam or sauce with, pour over pancakes, or what not.

easy to use

Posted by Matt on 5th Jan 2022
Was really pure tasting and since it was in a syringe it was easy to use and not messy.

worthy to try

Posted by Shawn on 5th Jan 2022
Added this to my cart first time to use distillate syringes but I think it is worthy to try since the lab results are good.


Posted by Phillip on 4th Jan 2022
This is the only distillate that is smooth enough, that I don't cough when using.


Posted by Halifa on 4th Jan 2022
Got 3 syringes on this order the first one was good but weak on the flavour, second one is great much stronger taste. Delicious.

powerful stuff

Posted by Alejandro on 3rd Jan 2022
Powerful stuff. Under the tongue or rolling papers for me.

blown away

Posted by Marilyn on 2nd Jan 2022
Blown away with this berry slush flavor and effects--immediate tranquility. Ordering again.

fills up nicely

Posted by Marcus on 1st Jan 2022
Fills up a couple cartridge nicely

Effective and nice flavor

Posted by Davae on 1st Jan 2022
Strong, fast, effective. Nice Flavor.

awesome clean products

Posted by Jorge on 31st Dec 2021
Awesome clean products and very flavorful!

Really enjoy it

Posted by Melanie on 31st Dec 2021
I filled an empty cart, after 3 days of letting it sit, I tried it and it tasted amazing. Nice Berry slush like taste with it. Really enjoy it, hella valid.

very good effects

Posted by Brittany on 31st Dec 2021
Love this versatile product. Used it to fill carts and also topped my Reeses chocolates with this and tasted great. Very nice sativa effects.

Highly recommend

Posted by Roi on 31st Dec 2021
Highly recommend, used in a dab pen, hits perfectly with a great flavor, will you get you nice and medicated!

very good

Posted by Karen on 30th Dec 2021
Very good. Works better than expected

This is awesome

Posted by Kris on 30th Dec 2021
This is awesome. I put a drop or two on my flower and it takes you to the next level.

Good stuff

Posted by Ramon on 30th Dec 2021
Be careful with the dosage. This stuff will sneak up on you! This some good stuff.

great flavors

Posted by Dave on 30th Dec 2021
Great selection of flavors, super for dabbing and or thinned out for my vape, always part of my orders.

Great company

Posted by Timothy on 29th Dec 2021
Always happy with my purchases. Great customer service too!

very clean

Posted by Kelly on 29th Dec 2021
very clean and little taste. Great for edibles!

love the product!

Posted by George on 28th Dec 2021
Made some great edibles with these definitely different than the normal but love the product!

satisfied customer

Posted by James on 28th Dec 2021
Placed an order of one strawberry cough syringe to try out this product and was very satisfied with it!

Love these stuff

Posted by Chris on 28th Dec 2021
I love this stuff. I can refill my cartridge, dab a little bit on to my bong or even roll it up with my prerolls.

I enjoyed it very much

Posted by Debbie on 27th Dec 2021
My brain felt more creative than usual.. I enjoyed my day very much

great product

Posted by Christina on 27th Dec 2021
This stuff smacks hard!

Very relaxing, great taste

Posted by Juan on 26th Dec 2021
Very relaxing, great taste, will buy again.

so yummy

Posted by Matt on 26th Dec 2021
This is a great flavor to dab, berry slush is so yummy.

A must buy!

Posted by Stacie on 25th Dec 2021
SO easy to use and taste absolutely amazing! I tried strawberry cough and blue dream and my taste buds were blown away!

A great product from a great company

Posted by Gustavo on 25th Dec 2021
it's the easiest and cleanest way to medicate yourself with these syringes.

Product is awesome

Posted by Frankie on 25th Dec 2021
This product is awesome. Hands down one of the best delta 8 products I've had.

My favorite

Posted by Ben on 24th Dec 2021
My favorite! I love everything I've tried from you guys especially the Delta 8 syringes. The syringe for me though is better. To me it also seems to hit harder with these rather than the carts. Love it.

blown away

Posted by Connor on 24th Dec 2021
Great quality! I got strawberry cough and was blown away. Highly recommend! Wish they had more strawberry cough in 3ml or 10 ml so I could reuse the syringes. Defnitely ordering again.


Posted by Sophia on 23rd Dec 2021
Excellent for low temp dabs, I prefer this to the carts. Has no terps and hits buttery smooth.

My dad got blitz for hours

Posted by Julius on 22nd Dec 2021
I let my dad to have one little dab on his tounge and he blitzed for hours!

can't get enough

Posted by Thomas on 22nd Dec 2021
Made my edibles hit so hard with this flavor syringe. Love this stuff can't get enough

Tastes like berries

Posted by Carla on 21st Dec 2021
Very delicious. Tastes like berries. I'll defnitely be ordering this one again. Thank you Eighty Six.

love the taste

Posted by Pablo on 21st Dec 2021
Really love the taste of course...nice simple refills and quite potent, will definitely order more.

It's a great tool!

Posted by Pau on 21st Dec 2021
Very easy to use and it's a great tool.
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