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Boo Berry (Blue Dream) Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge

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You may love Blue Dream Delta-8 THC vape cartridges, but we have something new for you to try. Embrace the dreamier side of life with Boo Berry. Plump blueberries and subtle notes of zesty lemon combine with creeping feelings of extra-sensory euphoria and cerebral chaos that will cause you to lose yourself in your surroundings. Give yourself the extra motivation you need to finish that art piece you've been putting off!

Crosses: Blue Dream x Lemon Haze

Classification: Sativa

Terpene Profile: Productive // Creative // Energetic


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic BLINC® Cartridges
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship Boo Berry (Lemon Haze x Blue Dream) Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Expand Your Creativity

With our Boo Berry vape, you’ll experience a burst of energy during the initial onset that leaves you dazzled with lingering creative sparks. Our pure and refined Delta-8 THC distillate combined with the terpenes and flavoring of both Blue Dream and Lemon Haze Delta-8 cartridges provides a powerful, concentrated effect that will elevate your mind and promote overall wellness.

Premium Vape Cartridges

At Eighty Six, we use only authentic, high-quality BLINC® cartridges made from food- and medical-grade materials. Our cartridges are disposable, require no maintenance, and are guaranteed to keep your Lemon Haze x Blue Dream cartridges from leaking all over the place. Sit back and enjoy smooth hits and flavorful clouds with our Delta-8 vapes.

Tested for Quality

We’re here to make sure you get the best quality every time you vape. All of our carts, from our Boo Berry Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to all of our other strains, undergo extensive third-party lab testing to ensure the potency and purity of our products. Not sure what all of that means? We’ve got you covered. Learn more about how to read our lab reports (and your order’s Certificate of Analysis) by checking out our FAQ.

Customer Reviews (95)

So good! And AMAZING Customer service

Posted by Sierra on 30th Jan 2022
I have gotten lots of different flavor and love them all. Always so good and when I did have a issue with my order Eighty six replaced it no questions asked. Love all the carriages, disposals and edibles I have tried. Thanks!!

Boo berry review

Posted by Colten on 30th Jan 2022
Great flavor, very blueberry! Good calming and lasting high.


Posted by Matt on 10th Jan 2022
I have been using carts most of the year, and EightySix is outstanding in the Delta-8 category. Excellent taste, great quality, and potent. When it comes to delta-8 carts, EightySix is my new go-to. On top of a quality product, their prices are good, and they ship quickly.

Pretty Good

Posted by Megan on 29th Oct 2021
Tastes pretty good and doesn't take a lot to feel something. I felt happy and like I wanted to get up and go do something so I think this will be a good one to use before homework or a project.


Posted by Benny on 25th Sep 2021
Doesn't take too much to feel the effects. Will definitely order again

My favorite

Posted by Junior on 25th Sep 2021
I absolutely love the taste and small of boo berry. It will always be a top 3 for me.

Mellow and relaxing

Posted by Richie on 25th Sep 2021
I absolutely love it

I love it

Posted by Sean on 25th Sep 2021
Great taste and effect

Good product

Posted by Grant on 25th Sep 2021
Good quality distillate and the flavor is dope

Pick me up

Posted by Shane on 25th Sep 2021
Perfect as an afternoon pick me up


Posted by Gerald on 24th Sep 2021
This hits just right when you need it to after a long day.


Posted by Luke on 24th Sep 2021
Better than CBD because of the buzz and isn't too debilitating like delta 9 stuff normally is

Great product

Posted by Marcel on 24th Sep 2021
Gets me moving then a nap to follow. Great balance of effects


Posted by Reza on 24th Sep 2021
Totally chilled me out and felt clear. Felt like a reset button. Definitely give it a try


Posted by Sara on 24th Sep 2021
Ordered the boo berry cart and the boo berry disposable just to compare. I gotta say...as convenient as the disposable was, I still love the carts 9278987123 times more.

Customer service

Posted by Carlos on 24th Sep 2021
Hands down some of the best customer service I have ever beared witness to. I won their giveaway last week but their IG went down. I then emailed and called them and they were quick to address the issue and I got my winnings 2 days later!

Exactly what I've been looking for

Posted by Markus on 24th Sep 2021
I am very pleased with the boo berry. it's definitely a true to smell type of experience and the high is pleasant and mellow


Posted by Daniel on 24th Sep 2021
I honestly didn't know what to expect when I bought this. But it came really fast and after trying it, I'll be picking up more flavors and even considering trying out their gummies

Love this cart

Posted by James on 24th Sep 2021
Love this cart. Regular bud wasn't doing it for me anymore but with this delta 8 cart, it's more potent and I don't kill the whole thing in a couple days anymore


Posted by Thao on 24th Sep 2021
Nice clam high very relaxing. i mix with the berry slush for this super fruity and dank ass vape.


Posted by Alejandro on 24th Sep 2021
Very good delta 8 distillate. Wonderful smell. Delicious taste. And super potent experience.


Posted by Alvin on 24th Sep 2021
Love the light and relaxing high


Posted by Johnson on 23rd Sep 2021
This is the best strain I've ever had when it comes to delta 8. I almost like it more than delta 9 carts. Plus it's so much cheaper!


Posted by Cyrus on 23rd Sep 2021
Thank you

it only takes 2 hits

Posted by Dave on 23rd Sep 2021
two hits off boo berry and I'm on my ass doing nothing. It's perfect!

Good strain

Posted by Matt on 23rd Sep 2021
Good relaxing feeling then once it really sets in the peak high is just wild. 10/10 would order agian

Blue Dream!

Posted by Jose on 23rd Sep 2021
I am really liking the blue dream rebrand. They improved the flavor and the packaging looks dope too!


Posted by Leslie on 23rd Sep 2021
THC isn't legal but delta 8 is in my state. Boo Berry has a nice taste and it smells exactly as it tastes! Then there's the delta 8 omg...it's pretty damn strong.

highly recommend

Posted by Christopher on 23rd Sep 2021
I can't say enough good things about these new carts. Awesome company, fast shipping, and I absolutely love the customer service guy. I have been a returning customer ever since I found them all these months ago. Do yourself a favor and give these guys a chance!

Very nice

Posted by Serkan on 23rd Sep 2021
This has been my favorite so far

Instant Vibes

Posted by Denzel on 23rd Sep 2021
Great taste. Relaxing...smooth hit

Fantastic cart

Posted by Ryan on 23rd Sep 2021
I was already a massive fan of the OG blue dream cartridge. Now it's called Boo Berry and I'm totally about it

I need more

Posted by Sam on 23rd Sep 2021
I'd like to order more please!


Posted by Rick on 23rd Sep 2021
Blue Dream delta 8 is amaziong. Good for meditation or just relaxing before bed.

high grade feels

Posted by Chris on 23rd Sep 2021
High grade delta 8 fucking slaps

Personal favorite

Posted by Nelson on 23rd Sep 2021
Pretty good strain. Very mellow and smells and tastes great. I would definitely recommend it.

Great alternative

Posted by Tiago on 23rd Sep 2021
It really is a great alternative to regular weed. Recommend to any stoner new or old out there

Good god

Posted by Allan on 23rd Sep 2021
I have been a user for THC for over 10 years. This delta 8 i feel as though my history is more complete!

Wonderful product

Posted by Mike on 23rd Sep 2021
Wonderful product

Fantastic strain

Posted by Leo on 23rd Sep 2021
Really dank and tasty delta 8. Quite effective and looking forward to trying more flavors

Favorite strain

Posted by Corey on 22nd Sep 2021
This is my favorite strain sold by eighty six brand. Sativa-dominant strains as delta 8 has got to be the greatest thing ever made.

exceptional quality

Posted by Eric on 22nd Sep 2021
Truly enjoyed the blue dream x lemon haze strain. Plenty of dank and it taste just ughhhh

Enjoying this

Posted by Toki on 22nd Sep 2021
I've been enjoying this mellow strain for a couple days now. Will probably order something else again in the future.

Very smooth

Posted by Nathan on 22nd Sep 2021
Very smooth ahve the body relax and has a nice smell to it first time smoking it. Very very pleased


Posted by Tyler on 22nd Sep 2021
Definitely not too much just the right amount. The flavor is amazing and the potency is good

It's good

Posted by Luigi on 22nd Sep 2021
I like it


Posted by Paulo on 22nd Sep 2021
Very chill and smooth. Smells great and tastes even better

Favorite strain of them all

Posted by Scott on 22nd Sep 2021
I've tried quite a few delta 8 cart strains. Blue Dream is my go to but never for a second did I think a company would go and cross strains together! Blue Dream and Lemon Haze?! HNNNGGGGGG TAKE MY MONEY NOW!


Posted by Victor on 21st Sep 2021
This was a great strain. No wonder why they're always out of stock!


Posted by Sergio on 21st Sep 2021
I enjoy this like no other. The flavor and the potency is just amazing

Delta 8

Posted by Brent on 21st Sep 2021
Good mellow high. Great taste. 10/10 would recommend.

So chill

Posted by Tamara on 21st Sep 2021
I love this company. It's so reliable and all the products are potent as fuck

Amazing flavor

Posted by Ryan manning on 12th Aug 2021
The flavor in these are amazing but the blueberry is on point. Nice throat hit, nice high, nice taste. Best of all you know whats in it.


Posted by Austin Darrel on 9th Aug 2021
I thought delta 8 was gonna be weak and that I wouldn’t like it that much, but these cartridges are literally so good. These are my favorite carts now

It’s not just marketing

Posted by AJ on 29th Jul 2021
You ever looked at a product and get blown away by how well the company markets it, just to find out that it was all hype? This is not the case. I’ve only ordered this and Pineapple Express so far but between the 2 this is better in terms of flavor. Will buy more!

Tastes good

Posted by Louis Pulicicchio on 26th Jul 2021
Actually tastes like blueberry both going in and coming out. Less harsh on the lungs than the other flavors as well.

First Time User

Posted by Damien on 7th Jul 2021
This is the first ▲8 cartridge I've ever used. I expected it to be similar to the CBD cartridges that I usually buy, but after taking a few hits, WOW! This is just as good, if not better, than any other cartridge I've used, including the "real" ▲9 ones. It was smooth, no coughing fits (unless you take a huge hit), and what I like the most is that I can still function. I didn't melt into the couch and want to eat the refrigerator. I can take a couple hits and enjoy the day. I've already ordered a few more, thought I would try some other flavors.

this is amazing

Posted by Dare K on 25th Jun 2021
i love the amazing blueberry flavor and somehow this ~55% d8 cart hit harder and faster than most of my 90%+ d8 carts keep doing what you guys do i cant wait to get more


Posted by Kathy A on 22nd Jun 2021
I've tried my fair share of D8 carts. But Blue Dream is by far the best. I thought this was going to be the same as the others but no way! Blue Dream is part of my daily routine and it works!

Happy dreams only

Posted by Kyle on 9th Jun 2021
For a sativa, this knocked me tf out.

I moved

Posted by Ricky on 31st May 2021
I moved to a state where it's illegal to smoke weed so I made the switch to d8. I love how there's no taxes on it and I can walk into a smoke shop to get this


Posted by Nicole on 31st May 2021
They should offer a higher price to rush the shipping

I see these are hard to keep in stock

Posted by Danielle on 20th May 2021
Looking forward to a restock on these. They're delicious so I'm not surprised that these sell out pretty fast.

Exactly what you'd expect from D8

Posted by Aaron on 15th May 2021
I used this to try and be creative after work instead of going home and not being productive. I gotta say - IT'S DELICIOUS! I wish it was a little stronger though.

Posted by Ed on 7th May 2021
awesome flavor , you guys should make a extra sweet version of this flavor

Works Great

Posted by Peter on 6th Apr 2021
I love how these things have flavor and I can't taste the distillate. Plus it knocks you TF out!

This takes the Edge off.

Posted by Corrie on 3rd Apr 2021
As a leftover Hippie, I'm not easily satisfied. Especially with vapes. But, I have to admit this works as advertised. And convenient for folks who can't always get bud. Thanks!


Posted by Vince on 3rd Apr 2021
Helps with turning off the work brain and turning on the artist in me.

Posted by Candice Nicole on 24th Mar 2021
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but WOW. It shipped quickly and discreetly, was very well protected in the packaging. The flavor is just *chefs kiss* and was an almost instant full body experience. Good pull and not harsh at all. I bought more, that’s for sure!

NY ships fast

Posted by Adam on 20th Mar 2021
You would think that a company on the west coast would take a while to ship out to NYC. Nope! Got here in like 5 days. Found my new fave brand!


Posted by Gabriel Silva on 16th Mar 2021
Could You send some to Brazil ?

Feels like weed

Posted by Nicolette on 9th Mar 2021
Feels like you're high asf but then you're good like an hour later LOL

Smells good

Posted by Sara on 4th Mar 2021
Smells and tastes bomb


Posted by Jacqueline on 4th Mar 2021
I vape this a couple times a day and I'm chillin like a villain

D8 > D9

Posted by Eric on 28th Feb 2021
yooooooooo when did D8 become a thing. Its hella dope and delicious. This company did it right

creative explosion!

Posted by Zach on 23rd Feb 2021
similar to sativa strains from regular weed minus the crash. Delicious too!

Tried this at Desert House!

Posted by Silvio on 21st Feb 2021
Tried this delicious blueberry flavor from a DJ at Desert House! Looking forward to trying them all now!


Posted by Martin on 18th Feb 2021
Whoever decided to put flavoring into this distillate carts should be given a fat raise

Blue Dream Exquisite

Posted by Hoody Alan on 16th Feb 2021
Wonderful taste, almost instant full body and mind effects that lasts, high quality packaging and shipping was quick and discreet. Will be ordering again soon.


Posted by Alexis on 15th Feb 2021
its yumzzzz

Customer Service

Posted by Angela on 14th Feb 2021
Called the customer service number and this sweet guy answered all my questions. Gotta love a company that invests in their customer service department!

100% down af

Posted by Winston on 13th Feb 2021
The fact that these are priced a few bucks cheaper sold me on it. Flavor is fire af too!

made the switch

Posted by Derek on 11th Feb 2021
made the switch from regular weed when I moved to CA. Aint no way I'm paying top dollar for a worse high!

Vaping is saved

Posted by Thomas on 8th Feb 2021
Quit nicotine vapes with delta-8. Nice lil buzz goin on with no fiending. 30 days and counting!


Posted by Juliet on 6th Feb 2021
Good, quality stuff! Found this at green vapors in downtown SC!

Killed it!

Posted by Daniel on 6th Feb 2021
Placing another order soon! Killed it way too fast.

Favorite Strain!!

Posted by Sarah on 4th Feb 2021
Its very rare to find vape companies making original strain flavors like blue dream anymore. Delta-8's Blue Dream vape is so tasty, it's refreshing to have when I am unable to find quality blue dream flower. This vape comes in clutch!

Worth the purchase

Posted by Dan T on 4th Feb 2021
I was given a blue dream cartridge by a buddy of mine on a recommendation. I am so glad he let me try this because after years of smoking weed, vaping it has become my go to due to convenience and a lot of the cartridges I have tried have been mediocre at best. Delta-8 really knocked it out of the park from the packaging to the quality of the device. All this is backed by full and amazing flavorful hits. Thank you delta-8

Blue Dreaming

Posted by Trips Too Easy on 1st Feb 2021
Blue dream flavor is so good! The cart seems to last forever. I definitely was not expecting this level of quality from a cartridge. Delta8 has earned them a life long customer.

Super chill

Posted by Winnie on 31st Jan 2021
didn’t really feel all hyper like the strain name is supposed to be. But chill vibes all around

high quality distillate

Posted by Miles on 28th Jan 2021
The distillate is fire and clean. Love the batch reports.

Dope support

Posted by Jeremy on 23rd Jan 2021
Hopped on one their flash sales from IG and the code didn't work. I Dmed them and got a new code within a couple minutes. Super dope support!

Delivered quick

Posted by Jon on 13th Jan 2021
I've only order from them once but it got here super fast getting ready another purchase

Cookin and Tokin

Posted by Garrett on 11th Jan 2021
My go to product when I am in the kitchen cooking it up and I need a little head change. This blue dream keeps me working without making me too drowsy. great cartdridge, I wish it would never run out.

Nostalgic Blue Dream

Posted by Jane Harley on 8th Jan 2021
Amazing Blue Dream flavors. Takes me back to my teens when blue dream was the only strain that I could get. Now it seems almost impossible to get original blue dream but Delta8 really made a fine product here. Definitely recommend to anyone looking into getting some amazing carts.
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