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Boo Berry (Blue Dream) Delta-8 THC Syringe

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Ready to make your dreams a reality? Our Delta-8 Blue Dream x Lemon Haze distillate is your best bet! Two classic strains cross to create our intense Boo Berry flavor, which blends a delightful taste of blueberries with a subtle lemony zing! Enjoy this distillate in its purest form with our Delta-8 syringe—whether you’re dabbing, smoking, or vaping, keep your mind in a creative state with this energetic sativa blend!

Crosses: Blue Dream x Lemon Haze

Classification: Sativa

Terpene Profile: Productive - Creative - Energetic


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic Luer-Lock Borosilicate Pyrex Glass Syringe
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship our Boo Berry (Blue Dream x Lemon Haze) Delta-8 THC syringe to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Convenient Syringes

Our Delta-8 Blue Dream x Lemon Haze syringe makes it easier than ever to discover the unique flavors and experiences that Boo Berry has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of dabbing, rolling flower, or vaping, you can apply your Delta-8 Blue Dream x Lemon Haze distillate to any medium that suits you best.

Blue Dream x Lemon Haze

Our Boo Berry Delta-8 THC syringe offers a cross between Blue Dream and Lemon Haze that’s designed to help you unlock your creative potential. With the energizing effects offered by sativa strains, you may expect a productive rush that keeps you going throughout your day. Drift into the blissful energy of Boo Berry with our convenient syringes now!

Discover Eighty Six

Eighty Six is dedicated to providing you with the best Delta-8 products on the market. Our Delta-8 Blue Dream x Lemon Haze distillate is housed in authentic luer-lock borosilicate glass syringes made with both medical- and food-grade material that keeps your distillate pure. Explore new flavors and elevate your mind with Eighty Six!

Customer Reviews (56)

Tasty and effective

Posted by Kevin on 15th Jan 2022
Tasty and effective. I always appreciate a good dream in the day.


Posted by Kenneth on 14th Jan 2022
Mixed this with a bit of Grand daddy purp. Yummy

pretty strong stuff

Posted by Dylan on 13th Jan 2022
Definitely put me in a dream state, pretty strong stuff and it tastes great

Thumbs up

Posted by Anthony on 12th Jan 2022
Get me up everytime I smoke it and also can use this produt in different purpose. Thumbs up

smooth and clean

Posted by Chris on 12th Jan 2022
I can use this everyday, smooth and clean

perfect product

Posted by Victor on 11th Jan 2022
very effective, dreamy, euphoric, happy. These syringes are perfect for refilling vape pens too.

always a very good buzz

Posted by Jeremiah on 9th Jan 2022
I love the flavour of this distillate. Flavorful without being overpowering. Always give a very good buzz.

very pleased!

Posted by Ethan on 8th Jan 2022
Great quality and results. Very pleased!

D86 works best for me

Posted by Jonah on 7th Jan 2022
D86 product in general works the best for me

a must try

Posted by Gregory on 6th Jan 2022
Great for getting high all diff ways. A must try to adventure your high game

helps clear my mind

Posted by Aldon on 6th Jan 2022
Happy with this hybrid strain, helps clear my mind

works so well for me

Posted by Bruno on 5th Jan 2022
This works so well for me I couldn't recommend it enough.

really great quality

Posted by Natalia on 5th Jan 2022
I love using this for a thome edibles to share with my friends because of the packaging. Also really great quality.

worth it

Posted by Jazmin on 5th Jan 2022
I have always loved products made by D8. Their syringe is defnitely worth buying.

Great price

Posted by Diego on 5th Jan 2022
Absolutely love these! What a great price.


Posted by Jaden on 4th Jan 2022
Wonderful. Fast shipping. Good Quality.

amazing strain and distillate

Posted by Zakary on 4th Jan 2022
I love anything Blue Dream. What an amazing strain. This distillate is great too. A couple drops in the vape pen and you're set.

nice kick to it

Posted by Shan on 4th Jan 2022
Got a nice kick to it

Love it, taste amazing

Posted by Bruce on 4th Jan 2022
Can never get this quality for this price anywhere, finally found my place to order now. Love it and taste amazing.

High quality

Posted by Deaja on 3rd Jan 2022
Love these guys! You won't be disappointed with D8. High quality.

it was great

Posted by Bailey on 3rd Jan 2022
It took a good bit of heating but it was great.

good stuff

Posted by Jackson on 2nd Jan 2022
Good stuff. .does the job just like I expected

Great dab to my tongue

Posted by Erick on 2nd Jan 2022
Tastes like blueberry slush and has very good effects. Great dab to my tongue and cartridges.

Amazing customer service

Posted by Phil on 1st Jan 2022
Amazing customer service and very professional. Any order issues or concerns are handled swiftly with care. To top if off the product is quality and the price is right!

great quality oil

Posted by Aden on 1st Jan 2022
Now this is the kind of oil I like, Thx Eighty Six

hands down

Posted by Daniel on 31st Dec 2021
I've had distillate from multiple vendors and this is hands down the best I've had. I was actually surprised how good it was.

Love it

Posted by Tonnelle on 30th Dec 2021
I fave for dabbing and eating love love love

Great experience

Posted by Gregory on 30th Dec 2021
Great experience from start to end, product is great.

Flavored syringes

Posted by Darryl on 29th Dec 2021
All I can say is WOW. I ordered 3 of the 5 flavored syringes. All 3 were absolutely DELICIOUS! It has been a great experience for me. Thank you.


Posted by Mona on 29th Dec 2021
I love it. Was able to make cookies and brownies and hoping to get more tomorrow to make candy edibles.


Posted by Nathan on 28th Dec 2021
I love your syringes! soo flavorful! and the high lasts so long!

I am a fan

Posted by Isaac on 28th Dec 2021
I am fan. Great bang for the buck!

Love it

Posted by Martin on 28th Dec 2021
Love it-got the boo berry flavor. Definitely gets me to a nice level-I'm a former daily dabber and switched to this and will continute to purchase.


Posted by Colby on 27th Dec 2021
The overall quality was good and just as described. Taste and effects of this distillate are phenomenal! You will NOT be disappointed with these products!

super nice

Posted by Rick on 27th Dec 2021
This is an awesome little syringe. I love how pure it tastes. It's really good.

good stuff

Posted by Filipe on 27th Dec 2021
great taste, smooth flow, will be back for more :)

Just buy it

Posted by Bosco on 26th Dec 2021
This is honestly some of the best products on the market right now. Consistent and very stable at room temp.


Posted by Ciara on 26th Dec 2021
This stuff hits great, clean and smooth.

Absolute awesomeness

Posted by Imari on 26th Dec 2021
So smooth

the best

Posted by Cody on 25th Dec 2021
The best way to inject Delta 8

very clean and potent

Posted by Mattheus on 25th Dec 2021
Very clean and potent. I have mande cartridges, gummies and dab with the product. Great price also. I will purchase again.

terrific flavor

Posted by Dung on 25th Dec 2021
Found my new source. There will be no others quality speed and shipping. Terrific flavor and wow I feel great. Thank you Eighty Six.

amazing products and clean

Posted by Christian on 24th Dec 2021
Clean taste, very potent, excellent.

Very impressed

Posted by Rosanna on 24th Dec 2021
Got it finally. First time using it, very impressed. Thank you.


Posted by Tom on 24th Dec 2021
I must say that I don't know how to describe the potency of this when smoked/dabbed as I mainly used this a bowl topper but this gave me a nice and memorable body buz when I put some under the tongue. The flavour was great, I'm looking forward to try this and blue dream in my vape when I get my next order!

Eh not great

Posted by Liam on 24th Dec 2021
I usually buy my D8 from Fresh bros and decided to try Eighty Six just to try something new and was very disaappointed. I could smell way too much terp and it is very runny compared to other brands. Maybe I got a bad one? It smells artificial and tastes the same. Very strong terps makes it unenjoyable to dab/vape.

Five star

Posted by Kai on 24th Dec 2021
Great product, works well with gummies I made.

great price and product

Posted by Nathan on 23rd Dec 2021
Great price and product. What's not to like?

the best

Posted by Samantha on 23rd Dec 2021
Some of the best and most effective distillate I've ever had! D8 is the way to go!

Amazing Effects!

Posted by Charlie on 23rd Dec 2021
Amazing effects! I use these in making my own edibles. I make these for myself and my mom who lives across the ocean. These are absolutely wonderful and the effects are AMAZING! She absolutely loves these! It helps her out with her pains and she even gets a GREAT night rest!

Good flavors

Posted by Mason on 23rd Dec 2021
Good dabs and flavor!

Works great!

Posted by Lucas on 23rd Dec 2021
Works great! I'm pairing this with my C02 Vape before bed and I've never slept better!

Blue dream is a dream

Posted by Emilio on 22nd Dec 2021
Blue dream really is a dream. The smell is fantastic. The taste even more so. The feeling is all Blue dream.

Crazy good

Posted by Marshall on 21st Dec 2021
This stuff is crazy good! I took a dab and I was gone!!

Love this stuff

Posted by Terrence on 21st Dec 2021
Love this stuff-made some amazingly tasty edibles but watch out D8 creeps on you.

very potent

Posted by Robert on 21st Dec 2021
This is a very handy way to fill my reusable carts and the distillate is very potent!
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