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Boo Berry Delta-8 THC Disposable (Blue Dream)

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Are you a dreamer at heart?  Then our Blue Dream x Lemon Haze disposable vape pen is for you!  Our Boo Berry flavor brings you all the best of Delta-8 THC with the delightful taste of blueberries and lemon citrus.  Keep your cerebral cortex in a chaotic state with this creative and energetic sativa.

Crosses: Blue Dream x Lemon Haze

Classification: Sativa

Terpene Profile: Productive - Creative - Energetic


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic ALD Disposable Vape Device
  • Rechargeable / Non-Refillable
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship Boo Berry (Blue Dream x Lemon Haze) Delta-8 disposable vape pens to 38 states.  You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Embrace the Creativity

Boo Berry is a cross between Blue Dream and Lemon Haze Delta-8 disposable vape that provides the best of both worlds!  Not only will you feel a rush of creative energy - you'll actually be productive enough to pursue your hobbies and ideas.  Take a puff whenever you need an extra boost of energy, and get ready to come up with your next masterpiece!

Premium Materials

We believe in high quality in everything we do.  Our Delta-8 THC disposables feature materials that are both food-grade and medical-grade, making them safe and safely disposable.  Enjoy the sweet, fruity hits from this Blue Dream x Lemon Haze disposable vape pen, then toss it without worry.

Quality Assured

We do business with third-party laboratory services to have all of our products tested.  Better still, the lab reports are available to you in the interest of total transparency.  Rest assured that our Delta-8 products are manufactured in safe, GMP-certified facilities that contain no GMOs.

Customer Reviews (50)


Posted by John Brady on 19th Apr 2022
Love the flavors this one the best tasting. That’s all just opinion tho. Facts are they have a great disposable pen. Hits smooth, lasts long the buzz is great. Couldn’t ask for any better. I can’t imagine I’ll switch teams from 86 when it comes to disposables.

Broke after 1 pull

Posted by Ben on 16th Feb 2022
Not sure what happened but for $30 it shouldn't break after one hit. Seems to charge but won't produce vapor, avoid this item or at least till they fix the issue!!!

Overall great experience

Posted by Alex on 22nd Jan 2022
Fast shipping, delivered within 4 days of ordering, great flavor and great high. Will definitely be buying more products soon!

Tastes great :) but WHY

Posted by GJ on 24th Nov 2021
It tastes great and works fine and definitely comes in clutch, but mine stopped pulling and started flashing white? But the box says nothing about flashing white. ???

Great product, excellent customer service!

Posted by Colleen on 5th Nov 2021
I initially received a disposable with a bad battery. I reached out and they immediately sent a replacement. Today I came to order more!

Doesn’t work

Posted by Colleen on 31st Oct 2021
I charged it but it doesn’t work. First time purchasing from this site. Hoping someone responds to my inquiry as $29 for this disposable was not cheap.

Fast shipping

Posted by Martin on 20th Aug 2021
nice high and it ships fast.

Best flavor out there

Posted by Luis on 19th Aug 2021
Love it. I can't believe I just found this on accident.

Fantastic but...

Posted by Peter on 19th Aug 2021
I love this as a disposable but I think the high could be a litte more potent.

Love the name

Posted by Joao on 19th Aug 2021
Super clutch after a long day at work

What I think

Posted by Amit on 19th Aug 2021
It's a nice relaxing high and kinda makes you hyper. I guess that's what the Blue Dream in it does huh

Alright alright alright!

Posted by Christy on 18th Aug 2021
I'm super impressed with Boo Berry. I got the product in 3 days after ordering. The flavor and high was very nice, mellow, and euphoric. I also tried the Cereal Killer and that was super good! I was legit stuck in bed all day.

Much love

Posted by Sid on 18th Aug 2021
Deep respet for Boo Berry. I'm a massive Blue Dream fan and you went and made the flavor even better!


Posted by Kevin on 18th Aug 2021
Amazing! A friend of mine bought me this the other day. I had to ask him where he got it because i killed the device in a day.


Posted by Ulrich on 17th Aug 2021
it's good

Proceed with caution

Posted by Rona on 16th Aug 2021
I took too many hits in one sitting. I proceeded to just be a vegetable on the couch right after. Start with like 1-2 hits max. The high is too strong otherwise.


Posted by Fish on 16th Aug 2021
I really like how these are disposable now. I don't need to have a device and a cart. It's an all-in-one.

Doesn't leak

Posted by Andy on 16th Aug 2021
Unlike some other disposables I've tried this company has really put the time into R&D to make sure the devices don't leak. 10/10 will be buying again.

Very good customer service

Posted by Son on 15th Aug 2021
I called in after a shipping mishap and the customer service rep made it right. You don't always get that. Respect.


Posted by Diana on 15th Aug 2021
It definitely gets the job done. I'll be buying more very soon


Posted by Steve on 15th Aug 2021
For a full gram disposable, it's significantly cheaper than other disposables I've found.

It seems to help

Posted by Andy on 14th Aug 2021
I brought this on the plane and was nice and baked for my flight out. It looks like any other vape too so nobody says anything.

86 gets me

Posted by Dan on 14th Aug 2021
This brand. They always hit me with what I really want. Just delicious and strong d8

Tastes good

Posted by Jovan on 14th Aug 2021
I just received my package and I'm so excited! The box is discreet and the device works as soon as you pull on it.

Great product

Posted by Nathan on 14th Aug 2021
The flavor is light and the high is strong

Actually works

Posted by Allan on 14th Aug 2021
I was skeptical at first. It still gets you high but it's not as intense as regular weed. Love it!

Boo Berry

Posted by Brad on 14th Aug 2021
Taste: super blueberry dominant. I do taste the hint of lemon that acts like almost a balance to the super duty blueberry the flavor has going on. Effects: It hit me like a truck. That's all I got.

One of the best

Posted by Tiffany on 14th Aug 2021
I found this flavor from my cousin. I have never been so high in my life.

It's helps

Posted by Franky on 13th Aug 2021
Love your products. It helps.

The best

Posted by Corey on 13th Aug 2021
This has got to be the absolute best disposable I've ever tried and I've tried my fair share of vapes before.

First time

Posted by Kerry on 13th Aug 2021
Boo Berry is a straight up monster of a flavor

Plan to reorder

Posted by Chris on 12th Aug 2021
I've always been a cartridge type of guy. I gave these a try and was not disappointed. I'll be placing another order soon after the paycheck comes in.

The flavor hits

Posted by So Mya on 12th Aug 2021
Amazing products! I'm truly impressed by how true the flavor tastes to what you'd expect the actual strain to taste like.


Posted by Mike on 12th Aug 2021
The flavor is really good and the high is super potent!


Posted by Joseph on 11th Aug 2021

So good

Posted by Kyle on 11th Aug 2021
best d8 product i've used

Product comes quick

Posted by Sivan on 10th Aug 2021
The product comes quick but the high is whatever.

Tastes better in a disposable

Posted by Matt on 10th Aug 2021
I know that Blue Dream is like the google of delta-8 vape flavors but man it tastes even better when its in a disposable

It's really good

Posted by Amanda on 9th Aug 2021
It's really good

Good stuff

Posted by Alex on 9th Aug 2021
This is seriously one of the best delta-8 flavors I've ever tried ever

very pleased

Posted by John on 9th Aug 2021
One of the best disposables I've had. Hands down.


Posted by Dennis on 8th Aug 2021
Thank you. This Boo Berry is great!

Tastes better than the carts

Posted by Pat on 7th Aug 2021
Tastes better than the carts


Posted by Rajesh on 6th Aug 2021

First time

Posted by Yoni on 6th Aug 2021
This was the first time I had this brand and I loved it!

must try

Posted by Rob on 6th Aug 2021
Everything about this company and their products are great. Customer service is on point. They ship fast. The flavors are spot-on. And they don't skimp out on the delta-8 in the products themselves. If I could give them 10 stars I would.

Customer for life

Posted by Ricky on 5th Aug 2021
Love all these flavors especially now that it's a disposable.


Posted by Jackie on 5th Aug 2021
Worth every penny. They need to start making them with more puffs though. I just kill the flavor too fast.


Posted by Alex on 5th Aug 2021
Flavor is great. High is strong. The puff is smooth. What's not to love?

Ama ing Effects.

Posted by MC on 2nd Aug 2021
I just tried this today & loved the taste & effects. My only thing is that it didn't have the “flavor” on the vape so I have to be careful & keep the boxes just so I can identify them, since they definitely hit different depending on the profile.
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