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Cereal Killer Delta-8 THC Disposable (F.P. OG)

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If you're looking to leave the worries of the day behind you, then you need a hit of Cereal Killer.  F.P. OG is crossed with Alien Kush to deliver a fun take on the iconic cereal, complete with tropical, fruity overtones and a sweet and spicy finish.

Crosses: F.P. OG x Alien Kush

Classification: Indica

Terpene Profile: Relaxing - Creative - Calm


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic ALD Disposable Vape Device
  • Rechargeable / Non-Refillable
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship Cereal Killer (F.P. OG x Alien Kush) Delta-8 disposable vape pens to 38 states.  You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Disposable Vapes

This F.P. OG x Alien Kush Delta-8 disposable vape offers a blend that's potent and delicious.  With a flavor that even includes a hint of milk, this vape may result in a sense of euphoria and a boost of calm creativity.  Sit back and let the worries of the day ease away!

F.P. OG & Alien Kush

Our F.P. OG and Alien Kush Delta-8 disposable vape is an indica strain with a relaxing, creative, and calm terpene profile.  Enjoy two of everyone's favorite strains combined using our premium vaping technology.  Discover a hassle-free experience when you choose to go disposable.

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Eighty Six is dedicated in bring you the best possible vaping experience.  Shop all of our vape products and enjoy every flavor we have to offer - with more hitting the shelves all the time.

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Customer Reviews (48)


Posted by Aaron on 18th Apr 2022
If you’re reading this then kudos, you're likely looking to order this. I somehow knew I’d be satisfied before I ordered this bowl of cereal in the form of a vape pen, but when it arrived I was SO satisfied. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it for making such a good decision.

Great great disposable

Posted by Mindy on 2nd Mar 2022
The flavor is better then what most people are saying , The effects start off light and in the head then it slowly seeps down into your arms and next thing you know your whole body is fully relaxed . After a couple hours your mind starts to slow down and you get sleepy . It’s the perfect strain for when you need to wind down after a long day of work

definitely recommend 10/10

Posted by frank on 25th Jan 2022
smooth, taste just like cereal, get a calming high. honestly it’s damn near perfect and i definitely recommend. the only small “problem” i had with it was i wish the effects lasted longer lmao. but for the price it’s pretty great


Posted by Jessica on 20th Dec 2021
Highly recommend! Tastes just like fruity Pebbles and I’m here for it! Super smooth and nice hit!

great service!!!

Posted by antonio on 17th Dec 2021
this was my first time trying this company and i’m satisfied with the device. their shipping is very quick i got it in 3 days. i just now ordered some edibles and they have already shipped. 10/1/0

So good

Posted by Jenn B. on 6th Dec 2021
Smooth and tastes awesome. Really strong be careful on that 1st hit.

received a faulty product

Posted by Emma on 25th Nov 2021
i opened this Cereal Killer disposable and found that it wouldn’t pull. i charged it for an hour (with none of the led lights coming on). the disposable was completely dead, with no way to utilize the delta 8. i reached out to the company in hopes that i could send in my faulty disposable for a functional one, but they haven’t gotten back to me.


Posted by Yssyougin on 12th Oct 2021
Nice hit a little stronger than I thought gets me really blizzard

Eighty Six does not f*ck around!

Posted by Austin on 19th Aug 2021
Eighty Six does not f*ck around. Flavorful and strong!

Cereal Killer

Posted by Alastair on 19th Aug 2021
Wow really strong. Made the mistake of taking 3 long drags and it didn't take too long to feel its effects. 7 hours later my high went away. SEVEN HOURS...


Posted by Chanel on 19th Aug 2021
First of all the packaging was very neat and discreet, which is amazing. I tried the Cereal Killer and there's something about that flavor that has me hooked. Great products! Will shop again!

Must try

Posted by Eric on 17th Aug 2021
Definitely a must try. Was skeptical at first but 100% a believer!


Posted by Arno on 17th Aug 2021
This product is one of the best I have tried thus far

tastes good

Posted by Dennis on 16th Aug 2021
tastes good

Very satisfied

Posted by Jonathan on 15th Aug 2021
Works well to just vape on after a long day


Posted by Lenny on 15th Aug 2021
Finally got it in the mail yesterday. The flavor is ok

First timer here

Posted by Adam on 15th Aug 2021
First time trying it and it works great. A super fan of cereal!


Posted by Dan on 14th Aug 2021
Best D8 I've ever tried. Will be ordering the full collection shortly.

Will be back

Posted by David on 14th Aug 2021
Exceeded my expectations. Will be back.


Posted by Charles on 13th Aug 2021
Love it. Eighty Six is high quality!

Love this product

Posted by Kenny on 13th Aug 2021
Love this product.

I am pleased

Posted by Katherine on 12th Aug 2021
Thank you for releasing this flavor. I'm in love!

Not too bad

Posted by Ilana on 12th Aug 2021
was not too bad

Cereal Killer is amazing

Posted by Allie on 12th Aug 2021
I loved it. only thing is that the device should be bigger


Posted by Justice on 11th Aug 2021

Worth it

Posted by Alberto on 11th Aug 2021
It's great thanks!

Love them!

Posted by Anita on 10th Aug 2021
Try it. You won't be sorry!

Device is killer!

Posted by Itai on 10th Aug 2021
This is the first time I've seen a disposable vape that charges. Technology is really something these days. The flavor and high is strong.

Convict the Cereal Killer!

Posted by Luvid on 10th Aug 2021
I received my 2nd order of Cereal Killer today. It was wrapped extremely well. Please give that person a raise. Then there it was, what I've been waiting for - the perfect breakfast cereal but as a vape that gets you high.

This is an excellent product

Posted by Dustin on 9th Aug 2021
This is an excellent product. My wife got me this because I vape nonstop in the house. I used Delta-8 to quit smoking and idk if I'm gonna be able to do that. The flavor is just too good to stop!

My review

Posted by Andrew on 5th Aug 2021
I've tried everything on the eighty six menu and this is the current one on rotation. Cereal Killer does exactly what the description says - it chills you out and brings on the giggles.

First experience

Posted by Orlando on 5th Aug 2021
Amazing service & product. No complaints whatsoever. Quality stuff

I think the sativas are better

Posted by Hanz on 5th Aug 2021
I think the sativas are lighter in flavor but the high is stronger. This one is really good but the flavor is too strong.

Great product

Posted by Kent on 4th Aug 2021
I really enjoy the Cereal Killer disposable. Tastes really nice.

So good!

Posted by Alex on 4th Aug 2021
Cereal Killer is so amazing! I ahve told everyone about and let them try. And they turn around and buy it!


Posted by Jeff on 4th Aug 2021
This is the third cartridge I picked up alongside Grape Soda and Berry Slush. Really enjoyed the experience and the device is quality.

Very effective

Posted by Jack on 3rd Aug 2021
Awesome prout and very effective thank you


Posted by Aidan Natschke on 3rd Aug 2021
And this is saying a lot but after taking a rip off of this I won’t be buying anything else!! BEST BRAND OUT THERE

Better than actual breakfast

Posted by Audrey on 3rd Aug 2021
Why eat when you can vape?! hahha jkjk. The flavor on here is spot-on


Posted by Peter on 2nd Aug 2021
Cereal Killer is everything I expected and more. Super potent high and the flavor is really bold. Must try!

Delta 8 disposable

Posted by Augustine on 2nd Aug 2021
Good product and high quality. It was my first time trying delta 8 and I think it just as good as the delta 9

First time customer

Posted by Brendan on 2nd Aug 2021
I like to pull on this while I work on my car. It's just the right amount of chill vibes I like

Delta-8 review

Posted by Lawrence on 2nd Aug 2021
Cereal Killer has a pretty good flavor. Not harsh at all. And will definitely be my go-to flavor from now on.

I 1000% would buy again

Posted by David on 2nd Aug 2021
I bought the cereal killer disposable since the fruity pebbles cart was sold out. I absolutely love it! The shipping only took 3 days. I can't wait to order more!


Posted by Sharissa on 2nd Aug 2021
I can't believe how easy of a product this is. Literally just open the box and vape it. It's really that simple

Nice and discreet

Posted by Lou on 1st Aug 2021
Really enjoying small just what I wanted

Comes quick

Posted by Eileen on 31st Jul 2021
Shipping is fast.


Posted by William on 30th Jul 2021
I was pretty reluctant to give this a try. But once Cereal Killer dropped I was immediately in love
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