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Cereal Killer (F.P. OG) Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge

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Looking to dominate your day? Cereal Killer takes the taste of the iconic Fruity Cereal Delta-8 THC vape cartridge, complete with sweet and tropical overtones, the spicy undertones of the Alien Kush Delta-8 cartridge, and a splash of milk for good measure to garner a sense of euphoria and calm creativity. Expect this to slap you into shape as the worries of the day fade away with ease!

Crosses: F.P. OG x Alien Kush

Classification: Indica

Terpene Profile: Relaxing // Creative // Calm


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Premium BLINC® Technology
  • Certified for Safety
  • Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship Cereal Killer (Alien Kush x F.P. OG) Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

The Ultimate Buzz

Our formula is derived from the finest hemp to deliver a satisfying mind and body experience that promotes clarity and creativity with a nostalgic, cereal-inspired taste you’re sure to love. Indulge in this unique mixture of the F.P. OG Delta-8 THC vape cartridge with the taste of an Alien Kush Delta-8 cartridge for the ultimate Delta-8 vape sesh (or try all of our mouthwatering flavors — we won’t judge).

Advanced Vaping Technology

Our Cereal Killer cartridges use advanced BLINC® vaping technology engineered with medical-grade materials to guarantee a premium vape experience. 1ml of pure Delta-8 goodness in a disposable, hassle-free package? Sounds good to us!

Get the Best with Third-Party Testing

As with any hemp-derived product, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality when consuming Delta-8 — and Eighty Six has got you covered. Our carts are lab-tested to ensure the purity of each batch, so you know exactly what you’re getting every time. Check out our FAQ to learn more about our lab reports

Customer Reviews (98)

Cereal killer

Posted by JustAnotherHuman on 14th Mar 2022
Not so crazy about the flavor as others are, but good high. Honestly hated the taste but fought through it cuz the cart does the job.

Best Terps Around!

Posted by CM on 11th Mar 2022
Awesome cart and some of the best Terps around! 10 out of 10!

BEST CART FROM eighty six

Posted by Bunny on 7th Feb 2022
I bought the boo berry, apple jacks n cereal killer carts and cereal killer was by far my favorite.

this right here!!!

Posted by Kayla Jones on 3rd Feb 2022
I’m a heavy smoker so I had doubts about this. BUT this cart really does the trick. Also shipping is very fast only took about 3 days.


Posted by Jeremy on 22nd Jan 2022
Amazing taste. Amazing high. Wish I had tried eightysix sooner. Coupon in box for 15% off next order. Can't wait to try more flavors.

Best one so far

Posted by Angel Lewis on 8th Dec 2021
Omgggg this pops off severely, the taste is so yummy

Saturday morning bowl of cereal

Posted by Meads on 26th Nov 2021
Cereal Killer tastes like the milk from your fruity pebbles. Fruity and sweet with a creamy finish. Freaking yum. I Love your products. I have tried other brands, but I keep coming back to you guys. Your customer service is out of this world and your products are amazing. With other brands, there's no flavor and even a chemical like after taste and it was giving me migraines. Your products are just so flavorful and smooth with a great mellow and NO HEADACHES! Life long customer here.

Honest opinion

Posted by Nakiya on 24th Nov 2021
The the name makes it very appealing which is what made me buy it, along with reading the reviews. This was one of my first purchases & the packaging was great. I wasn’t to keen on the taste but the high I got from this made it all that more worth it.


Posted by L on 18th Nov 2021
Surprisingly smooth and as a daily user, this helped me

amazeee balls!

Posted by Edgar on 3rd Nov 2021
tasted just like eating a bowl of cereal in the morning

sweet and smooth

Posted by Patrick on 2nd Nov 2021
skeptical at first but it pulled through. good stuff

super pleased

Posted by Albert on 2nd Nov 2021
great high, great taste and works great!


Posted by Kc on 2nd Nov 2021
It totally tastes like fruity pebbles, and it's got a killer name too, what's not to love?! I'm pretty new to Delta stuff so I thought I'd try a disposable first. Doing some research, this site kept popping up so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Glad I did, everyone wants to try my pen when they smell that iconic fruity cereal! I plan on trying the other flavors too, I'm hooked 86 style.

absolutely love this product!

Posted by Scott on 31st Oct 2021
this is an amazing cart. I hit this a couple times. the flavor is amazing and it gets you pretty stoned.

incredible quality

Posted by Mitch on 31st Oct 2021
a great product overall


Posted by Jane on 31st Oct 2021
package arrived quick and quality is amazing

very pleased

Posted by Nathan on 30th Oct 2021
cart tasted way better than expexted and effects were extremely nice. overall 5/5

great taste

Posted by Jose on 28th Oct 2021
greatest tasting shit i've ever had. smells good and smokes good.

very smooth

Posted by Charlie on 24th Oct 2021
good flavor, came quickly! the flavor isn't what i thought but it still had a pleasant taste so I can't be mad about it

smells amazing

Posted by Adrian on 23rd Oct 2021
The smell is the first thing you spot, it smells amazing and you truly understand why it is called Fruity Pebbles.

highly recommend

Posted by Johnny on 22nd Oct 2021
i've consumed many delta 8 products and this by far my favorite of them all


Posted by Blake on 21st Oct 2021
keep these in stock!!


Posted by Gio on 20th Oct 2021
i got so faded after taking a couple hits. Smells like a bag of fruity pebbles straight up

great company

Posted by Casey on 20th Oct 2021
it's pretty good, nothing strong, melo effect and good amount.

works really well

Posted by Terrence on 20th Oct 2021
great balance to my haze


Posted by Erika on 18th Oct 2021
pretty good product. great customer service and shipping

nice buzz

Posted by Joe on 18th Oct 2021
really enjoy the flavor and a nice buzz. would definitely recommend

love this brand

Posted by Matthew on 10th Oct 2021
love their product and love their site includes everything I needed to know for a peace of mind

must try

Posted by Jordan on 10th Oct 2021
figured i'd try this brand just to make the rounds to find good D8. hands down the best D8 i've had.

deffinitely worth the buy

Posted by Rachel on 9th Oct 2021
so far really happy with this taste and cartridge

#1 Delta 8

Posted by Warren on 9th Oct 2021
This is officially my #1 Delta 8 vape company. Love your packaging! Keep up the awesome work you guys do!

love them all

Posted by Jared on 9th Oct 2021
My first time buying from you guys! I got a bunch of stuff from here I got the Fruity pebbles, boo berry, pina express, orange bang and grape soda. I love them all.


Posted by TJ on 8th Oct 2021
really relaxes your mind and body! highly recommend the fruity pebbles


Posted by Joshua on 30th Sep 2021
Amazing strain. tastes great and the effects of the feel are also a plus.


Posted by Louis on 26th Sep 2021
this is perfect to lean back and chill

my thoughts

Posted by Alex on 22nd Sep 2021
definitely helped me calm down and just relax. I usually take these before bed time

loved it

Posted by Syd on 19th Sep 2021
i like this one alot. I wasn't totally sure what to expect when i got the delta 8 carts but it was totally worth it and I plan to buy it more.

was great!

Posted by Toni on 17th Sep 2021
it's relaxing but doesn't make you too tired

serial killer

Posted by Sal on 14th Sep 2021
very impressed! the taste is similiar to the cereal itself


Posted by Tuan on 13th Sep 2021
great product, satisfying

so wonderful

Posted by Matt on 7th Sep 2021
i loved everything about it, i think my favorite part was the packaging and it's rechargeable


Posted by Richard on 2nd Sep 2021
nice soothing taste. huge fan. repeated customer

all amazing flavors

Posted by Alan on 1st Sep 2021
I ordered 3. Fruity Pebbles, Gelato and Jen & Berrys. All worked amazing and have good results. Quick delivery and good packaging!

my favorite

Posted by Jessica on 29th Aug 2021
really good flavor perfect before bed

strong effect

Posted by Sean on 24th Aug 2021
great taste and no clogging. strong effect.. the strongest hit

nice highh

Posted by Brian on 23rd Aug 2021
from my experience it gives a nice body high. fruity pebbles is just right

great purchase

Posted by Adam on 22nd Aug 2021
this was my first time purchasing any delta 8 product, and i'm glad that i decided to try this cart. I'm very impressed with the quality, flavor and fast shipping.

effective stuff

Posted by Cody on 22nd Aug 2021
I love these carts! They are great. They taste good and give me the perfect high where I can effectively function at work.

pretty much fruity

Posted by Paul on 20th Aug 2021
exactly like fruity pebbles taste. was very relaxed and a bit sedative

had a enjoyable hike

Posted by Larry on 18th Aug 2021
me and my girlfriend went on a hike and we both took a hit of this cart. we were laughing for about ten minutes straight over nothing. you can't go wrong with fruity pebbles!

tasty and relaxing

Posted by Bruce on 17th Aug 2021
great stuff. i'm not as depressed. always smiling when hitting it

Best flavor

Posted by Tyler on 14th Aug 2021
This cart taste great and is decently strong, they only complaint i have is there is no option for faster shipping.

great stuff

Posted by Monica on 14th Aug 2021
good i loved everything about it

great strain!

Posted by Anthony on 10th Aug 2021
This is a great strain. Made me giggly and social.

great quality

Posted by Nicole on 10th Aug 2021
Lemme tell you. I was pleasantly surpised witht the flavor and feels. Will be buying again fam.


Posted by Elizabeth on 8th Aug 2021
perfect for the evening. great flavor

excellent product

Posted by Arthur on 8th Aug 2021
excellent product, fast shipping.

got trippyy

Posted by Clinton on 8th Aug 2021
Amazing flavor. MY friends and I smoked it last night and I can safely say we all had a trippy night.


Posted by Jimmy on 3rd Aug 2021
my favorite cereal flavor. gets me right EVERYTIME!

one of the greatest

Posted by Mark on 2nd Aug 2021
it was good. gets me relaxed when I'm super stressed out


Posted by Mike on 1st Aug 2021
i feel completely fantastic and relaxed!

love the variety!

Posted by Judy on 1st Aug 2021
fruity pebbles is my favorite but i like that they have a variety of flavors too!

best flavor yet

Posted by Victor on 1st Aug 2021
very chill and smooth. smells and taste great

Good stuff

Posted by Jon sirmons on 31st Jul 2021
My order shipped and got to my house before I knew it tbh. This flavor is a good one tho and chill buzz

one of the best

Posted by Brandon on 31st Jul 2021
the effects are potent and one of the best, probably 2nd place after gelato


Posted by TexasPoonTappa on 9th Jul 2021
Very flavorful, nice light buzz, definitely delivers what it promotes. Can't wait to try all the other flavors available. Yum.


Posted by Adam on 6th Jun 2021
By far the best tasting one!

Great customer service

Posted by Michelle on 23rd May 2021
I like how when a product is restocked, someone from their team sends me an email directly.

All the other companies suck

Posted by Wil on 22nd May 2021
I've had my fair share of flavored carts. None do it better than 86. Good job!


Posted by Alex on 18th May 2021
So lemme get this straight. It tastes good and it destroys you? Where have you been all my life?!

Better than the actual cereal

Posted by Bernard on 6th Apr 2021
If you eat the cereal, it's basically thin sugar chips. If you vape this, it tastes like you're inhaling sugar without it being there. Plus the high is pretty solid.

Stoned and functional

Posted by Andrea on 5th Apr 2021
the fact that I can be high af and still function. This cart is a godsend.

needs to be stronger

Posted by Emerson on 4th Apr 2021
LOVE the packaging but wish the distillate was stronger


Posted by Kristin on 3rd Apr 2021
Mellow and lasts a while.


Posted by Ruzanna on 3rd Apr 2021

Try working out

Posted by Mario on 28th Mar 2021
Tried this and got the usual high from delta 8 but this time I went lifting and wow the energy

Makes me like my job

Posted by David on 21st Mar 2021
Dealing with customers all day is always better when you're a lil more chill.

Tried these

Posted by Nicolle on 15th Mar 2021
I tried these at a techno show last weekend. This guy gave me a puff and WOW it was delicious!

My favorite!

Posted by Mallori Jones on 8th Mar 2021
I’ve tried several delta 8 vape products & eighty six brand’s fruity pebbles is my absolute favorite! It definitely energizes me & makes me feel lifted but productive & social at the same time.

Okay but not for me

Posted by Tony on 8th Mar 2021
I bought some about a month ago and it was ok but not for me. You just have to get it and try it for yourself, you may love it. I prefer the Delta 8 carts that taste like weed. I’ve had some blueberry flavored I like ok but the Fruity Pebbles just tasted strange to me. Not like the actual weed regardless of what some people say. Not what I’ve smoked anyway. (Someone close to me grows it so I have tried it once or twice) The Eighty Six carts work nice though.

Actually lives up to its name

Posted by Doris on 2nd Mar 2021
It legit tastes like the cereal. 1 to 1 accuracy good job!


Posted by Alice on 23rd Feb 2021
This flavor is on point!

Beats regular weed

Posted by Jeffrey on 13th Feb 2021
This flavor just entered my all time top 5

Good writers block cure

Posted by Jill on 12th Feb 2021
Helps me come up with better words when I write

Smell matches the tastes

Posted by Emily on 12th Feb 2021
It's not everyday you come across a vape that tastes as good as it smells


Posted by Tommy on 12th Feb 2021
Extremely relaxing. Kinda confused throughout it all but def relaxing

beautiful packaging

Posted by Katie on 8th Feb 2021
I think these are the prettiest carts I've ever seen.


Posted by Donna on 6th Feb 2021
Perfect little thing after putting the kiddos down


Posted by Elmer on 5th Feb 2021
got here quick and the cart was good. lasts forever

This cartridge hits great

Posted by Randy O on 4th Feb 2021
Wow! delta-8 cartridges are really something else. Full hits every time I inhale with a blast of fruity pebbles OG flavor. One of my most favorite weed strains. Love it!

Real OG Flavor

Posted by Reign on 4th Feb 2021
I was pleasantly surprised by the robust flavor of this cartridge. Fruity pebbles OG is one of my all time favorite cannabis strains and Delta 8 did a really good job on this product. I am excited to try the other flavors


Posted by Teresa on 3rd Feb 2021
Smells and tastes like a bowl of fruitty pebbles. Straight up got faded

Fruity Flavors are my GO TO!

Posted by Cassie Dela on 1st Feb 2021
This is a great cartridge! Delta-8 is doing something else because I am getting full flavor hits. I don't even have to smoke that often because the potency on these cartridges are unreal. Thanks gain Delta-8 Team!!


Posted by Henry on 25th Jan 2021
Amazing taste and a really good body high


Posted by Serafin on 19th Jan 2021
Confiscated this from a student and tried it myself. The best confiscation I've ever done.

Hands down the best

Posted by Delia on 18th Jan 2021
Brands gotta start making more of these sweet flavors

love waking up to this

Posted by Fruity Pebbles Luvr on 8th Jan 2021
This fruity pebbles cart is so flavorful! I am almost done with my first cart and I had to get more but it looks like I have to wait for the next restock because this flavor is so popular its out of stock. Even though I am almost done with the cartridge, the flavor is still the same as when I first got it! amazing quality, can't wait for the next restock!


Posted by Romulus_M on 16th Dec 2020
Best tasting cart I’ve had in forever... definitely will be purchasing more from you guys
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