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Jen & Berry's Delta-8 THC Disposable (Gelato)

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No day is ever complete with a Jen & Berry's disposable vape!  Taking the original Gelato and crossing it with Ice Cream Cake, this delectable Delta-8 vape is like a huge scoop of vanilla gelato swirled with delicious cake!

Crosses: Gelato x Ice Cream Cake

Classification: Indica

Terpene Profile: Productive - Creative - Euphoric


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic ALD Disposable Vape Device
  • Rechargeable / Non-Refillable
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

Check Out Our Third-Party Test Reports

Eighty Six can ship Jen & Berry's (Gelato x Ice Cream Cake) Delta-8 disposable vape pens to 38 states.  You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Mellow Vibes All Around

Everyone should take a moment from their busy day to enjoy an essential break with the mellow vibes of our Gelato x Ice Cream Cake Delta-8 disposable vape.  Get your hectic schedule under control with a unique combination of deep relaxation and lucid feelings.  A puff or two is all it takes to transform your day.

What is Jen & Berry's?

Jen & Berry's is a cross of Gelato and Ice Cream Cake, with terpenes that create a productive, creative, and euphoric vibe.  Enjoy this indica strain in vape form for an uplifting feeling that fuels your imagination.  Try out our Gelato x Ice Cream Cake Delta-8 disposable vape today to discover a whole new feeling.

Premium Products for You

At Eighty Six, we take hemp-derived Delta-8 and infuse it into edibles and vaping products for a top-quality experience.  Check out our Ice Cream Cake x Gelato disposable vape, and explore all of our other strain options to find the perfect vape to fit your everyday needs.

Customer Reviews (42)


Posted by Kanaele on 5th Apr 2022
First experience with d8 and I liked it more then I expected to, it isn’t a replacement for d9 but it does give you some of the same benefits.


Posted by Jay on 4th Feb 2022
Its super potent you just got to try it.


Posted by Joann Gilliland on 21st Nov 2021
I am in Texas… can I make a purchase?

My favorite

Posted by Jason on 17th Aug 2021
The D8 disposables are my new favorite toy. It's just so easy to take out of the box and you're ready to go!

Great little product

Posted by Lukas P on 17th Aug 2021
First time trying delta-8 with this little guy. Didn't think I was gonna end up feeling much of anything but boy was I pleasantly surprised with the effect this had on me. Flavor was a little off-putting to me, but that's just because I usually vape mint/menthol flavors so anything not tasting like that throws me off. Excited to try more!

Can't get better

Posted by Jason on 17th Aug 2021
They're good

The best

Posted by Tudor on 17th Aug 2021
Jen & Berry's is one of the smoothest flavors in the eighty six brand rotation of stuff to vape on. Tastes great. All you need is 2-3 hits and you're good.

Tastes great

Posted by Walter on 17th Aug 2021
Tastes and works great. Really bold vanilla flavor that pairs well with just about anything. Oh yeah and its very potent!

Hands down the best

Posted by Dimitri on 15th Aug 2021
Very flavorful and potent and a huge fan!

My gosh

Posted by Kim on 15th Aug 2021
Jen & Berry's and the Berry Slush have got to be the 2 best flavors on the planet. They're adding some quality shit to these.

Quality is on point

Posted by Adam on 15th Aug 2021
Relatively fast shipping and preofessional packaging. Quality is on point. Extremely pleased! Thank you!

Another amazing product

Posted by Michael on 14th Aug 2021
Excellent all around product. Tastes wonderful with outstanding effects. Can't wait to try them all.

Very effective

Posted by Jeff on 14th Aug 2021
I love these disposables. They're all so easy to use. Just puff away and you're good. No extra things you need to worry about.

Flavor is so smooth

Posted by Cathy on 14th Aug 2021
I think vanilla anything is just so smooth to vape on. Delicious 100%

Works wonders

Posted by Justin on 14th Aug 2021
Eighty Six brand is my go-to for all their products. Every single thing is on point and i'm always high now because I just can't stop using the products. This new Jen & Berry's is great!

Easy to use

Posted by Bonnie on 13th Aug 2021
Easy to use. Just pull out of box and you're good

Great vape

Posted by Ryan manning on 12th Aug 2021
Its so smooth on the top and hirs just right on the lungs. Best flavor I've had with any thc cart or vape so far.


Posted by Derek on 12th Aug 2021
Love it! Looking forward to ordering more. Once again 86 delivers fire!


Posted by Brandon on 11th Aug 2021
For the price, you should slap yourself if you're still holding out. These things are gas

Most amazing d8 ever!

Posted by Michael on 8th Aug 2021
It tastes exactly what you would expect from a delta 8 cart. Except it's not a cart and the entire device can be thrown away after you're done. AWESOME!

Jen & Berry's is the same as Gelato

Posted by Andrea on 8th Aug 2021
I found out on their social media that gelato is the same as Jen & Berry's. Mind blown. I'll be picking up a bunch now.

Thinking vibes

Posted by Erica on 8th Aug 2021
Love the products. You'll definitely see me again in the future

You guys are awesome

Posted by Aaron on 8th Aug 2021
I like pairing this with my coffee. Adds some nice creamy flavor to my coffee without actually adding creamer.


Posted by Franz on 8th Aug 2021

Very impressed

Posted by Donald on 7th Aug 2021
Very nice, calming, relaxed, slightly uplifted but mainly chill feelings. I really love how smooth the vape is

Love it

Posted by Sonja on 7th Aug 2021
Pro tip - take this right before you exercise. It just makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable


Posted by David on 6th Aug 2021
Nice cake and ice cream flavor, honestly one of the smoothest delta 8's I've tried

doesn't leak

Posted by Kendra on 6th Aug 2021
I had an issue with their carts leaking. I'm happy to see they switched to disposables to eliminate this problem. Flavor is spot on

Great product

Posted by Zack on 5th Aug 2021
A few puffs at the end of the day gets me nicely relaxed. I have tried the Berry Slush and this one so far.


Posted by Samiksha on 5th Aug 2021
I love these disposables. Perfect for night time or morning. I feel awesome after coming off from the high too!

It's very good

Posted by Jairo on 5th Aug 2021
It's really good. The device looks like all my other vapes though. Accidentally got baked right before heading into a meeting!

Going to buy more

Posted by Brooke on 5th Aug 2021
I like this better than actual weed.

Jen & Berry's

Posted by Ryan on 4th Aug 2021
I'd recommend light pulls on this one at first to get used to it. The high is really strong

Total relaxation

Posted by Gary on 4th Aug 2021
Only a couple puffs and I'm relaxed. A total body and mind relaxation experience.

Love how smooth it is

Posted by Cory on 3rd Aug 2021
The device for these disposables is so well made. It doesn't leak or have any problems with burning.

One of the best I've tried

Posted by Pete on 2nd Aug 2021
I've sampled a lot of d8 flavors before and this one is by far the best. The D8 is really potent!

Jen & Berry's

Posted by Chad on 2nd Aug 2021
This flavor is my favorite best tasting and effective


Posted by CJ on 2nd Aug 2021
The disposables are a godsend. They're so easy!

Jen & Berry's and Grape Soda

Posted by Abisola on 2nd Aug 2021
Both are very good flavors

Relaxation Vibes

Posted by Kai on 1st Aug 2021
Jen & Berry's is a vibe

Very relaxing

Posted by Trek on 1st Aug 2021
Very relaxing, will be purchasing again

They're wonderful!

Posted by Jason on 31st Jul 2021
I just want to say first how amazing the customer service is. I called in with questions about testing and they were quick to respond in a timely and professional manner. Second, the flavor is just smooth through and through. I got pleasantly baked from it and I can't wait to try more of their products.
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