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Jen & Berry's (Gelato) Delta-8 THC Syringe

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Have your ice cream and eat it, too, with our Jen & Berry’s Delta-8 Gelato syringe! The creamy notes of Gelato pair perfectly with the flavors of Ice Cream Cake. Both add a sweet and ultra-potent touch of excellence as feelings of deep relaxation and lucidity race through your body for a mellow Delta-8 experience.

Crosses: Gelato x Ice Cream Cake

Classification: Indica

Terpene Profile: Productive - Creative - Euphoric


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Authentic Luer-Lock Borosilicate Pyrex Glass Syringe
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Potency
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship Jen & Berry's (Gelato) Delta-8 THC Syringe to 38 states.  You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Suitable for Any Occasion

The key to enjoying your day is to stop and take a breather for a moment! What better way to do that than by enjoying the mellow vibes Jen & Berry's delivers? Start your day with a light dab or top off your bowl with a generous helping of this Gelato x Ice Cream Cake Delta-8 distillate. Whatever the occasion may be, make it the most chill experience of the day with Eighty Six!

Potent and Pure Delta-8

At Eighty Six, potency and purity are our top priorities. That’s why we only source the absolute best, American-grown hemp to produce some fire Delta-8 syringes. We take our premium distillate and add it to authentic Luer-Lock Borosilicate Pyrex glass syringes to provide a clean, smooth Delta-8 product that’s incredibly versatile!

Top Quality, No Excuses

Providing a safe and enjoyable Delta-8 experience is a requirement for any brand in our industry. That's why we provide full panel test reports conducted by a third-party laboratory on all of our products. We make these test reports readily available on our site, along with our blogFAQ, and other informational content to keep you informed on Delta-8, HHC, and other premium cannabinoids!

Customer Reviews (76)

best strain on the planet

Posted by Mario on 15th Jan 2022
This is the best strain on the whole planet


Posted by Owen on 15th Jan 2022
Enjoyable! I really like these D8 syringes! Just a lil bit under your tongue about an hour later BAM! It hits you...I'm really like the effects of this new product! Thanks Eighty Six!

burns so smooth

Posted by Damian on 14th Jan 2022
A buddy of mine told me about this brand so I gave it a try..wow! I'm almost scared to admit I might like this more than smoking regular weed. It burns so smooth and has amazing flavor.

excellent stuff

Posted by Alven on 14th Jan 2022
You'll have no problem getting blotto off that gelato, excellent stuff

I love hitting this stuff

Posted by Jordan on 14th Jan 2022
Fire wax, I love hitting this stuff outta my portable vaporizeer

taste like heaven

Posted by Luis on 13th Jan 2022
All the best oil and concentrate is general comes right here. This stuff tastes like heaven!

super potent

Posted by Jeremie on 12th Jan 2022
Super potent and delicious, D86 got it on lock.


Posted by Nasir on 12th Jan 2022
Amazing! just received my order yesterday and I am loving this product! I placed it under my tongue and boom! The results are there! I will order more!

try this Gelato

Posted by Alex on 11th Jan 2022
I don't think I can find anything btter than this. Try the Gelato syringe!

Got me fadedd

Posted by Erik on 11th Jan 2022
Everyone needs to try this gelato. Gets me faded out here!

pure and so tasty

Posted by Jamel on 11th Jan 2022
I got gelato in the air, damn this shit is good pure and so tasty.

This is great

Posted by Leon on 11th Jan 2022
this is great! I approve this fire ass brand

really good

Posted by Cooper on 10th Jan 2022
The oil in this is really good...really convenient. Being able to squeeze it into my empty pods.

bomb asf

Posted by Ander on 10th Jan 2022
I got gelato, I'm really diggin this strain. It's got a strong smell and taste and it's pretty relaxing. Bomb asf.

personal favorite

Posted by Dylan on 9th Jan 2022
This is definitely my personal favorite thus far lemme try some others then I'll write back


Posted by Brody on 9th Jan 2022
Bombayy! Love taking these and refilling my pods. The oil is a million times better.

happy with product

Posted by Chris on 9th Jan 2022
went perfect, happy with product


Posted by Esther on 8th Jan 2022
This is a wondeful mix with their gelato syringe, most excellent for relaxing and watching movies

strong stuff

Posted by Josh on 8th Jan 2022
This one was potent, strong stuff. I was high for hours.

super potent

Posted by Eder on 8th Jan 2022
Wow this was the best distillate I have had in a long time. Vaping the extract was super potent and smooth and ingesting. It was delicious and long lasting.

this is really good medicine

Posted by Michael on 8th Jan 2022
I will say I became overwhelmed with this as I didn't realize how strong it was. Take your time with this one. I spaced out for awhile and then once I came down a little, things became comfortable and I was motivated to get things done.

just bomb

Posted by Erick on 7th Jan 2022
Awesome, was always a fan of your products. This is just as bomb.

great dab

Posted by Corey on 6th Jan 2022
Cloud day with the distillate. I love dropping a fat dab of this into my electric nail and just blasting off.

very good

Posted by Andy on 5th Jan 2022
Great tasting distillate. The Gelato is very good, smooth and smoke great

great flavors

Posted by Francisco on 5th Jan 2022
Will continue to buy this distillate! So many flavors to choose from and an amazing price! Always have a few everytime I order!

hands downn

Posted by Nolan on 5th Jan 2022
Hands down the most tasteful terps I've had. I bought this Gelato from a smoke shop in LA and within 4 seconds of the first dab I was hooked.

Love it!!!

Posted by Jack on 5th Jan 2022
very good product! I will buy again

highly recommend this brand

Posted by Kenny on 4th Jan 2022
The terps are the perfect mixture for me, the flavor just POPS! I highly recommend this brand. You won't be disappointed.

best tasting

Posted by Tyrone on 4th Jan 2022
Best tasting one that I have found

Almost perfect

Posted by Curtis on 4th Jan 2022
I like the product but the syringe is difficult to open and close

very stimulating effect

Posted by Jean on 4th Jan 2022
The effect is very stimulating, very hazy but clear headed at the same time

best on the market

Posted by Terry on 3rd Jan 2022
These are the best distillate syringe on the market. Gelato is my favorite so far. Hits great and tastes absolutely wonderful.

it's goood

Posted by Omarion on 3rd Jan 2022
I've been smoking it in a pipe with ashes. Couple drips on top of some weed in the vaporizer. It's oil and it's good. Thx Eighty Six.

great product

Posted by Georgia on 3rd Jan 2022
Great product! The syringe is solid.

D8 dabs

Posted by Pedro on 2nd Jan 2022
It tastes great and does belive it or not have a good buzz lol. Awesome product! I'll defnitely be purchasing more and other products. Thanks ya'll.

so far so good

Posted by Sonny on 2nd Jan 2022
Still trying these out. But so far so good!

perfect dab

Posted by Dexter on 2nd Jan 2022
I take it as a dab after my morning walk or when im out with friends

doesn't work well for me

Posted by Chelsea on 1st Jan 2022
Syringe doesn't work well. Oil doesn't come out. Is there any helpful tips to get the oil to come out?

I was lit

Posted by Charlie on 1st Jan 2022
I was out like a light.


Posted by Connor on 1st Jan 2022
Shipped very quikcly, extremely well packaged, amazing taste and effects.

Took a dab felt nice

Posted by Neeflaah on 1st Jan 2022
I felt floaty after I dabbed it and it took away a pretty big headache it did the same for my gf.

rich and solid flavors

Posted by Jawad on 31st Dec 2021
Tried a few of these now, really rich and solid flavors and gf loves it too.

Easy and cost effective

Posted by Armando on 31st Dec 2021
I love these refill syringes. They make gettting my meds easy and cost effective

Absolutely incredible

Posted by Charlie on 31st Dec 2021
Made my edibles hit so hard love this stuff can't get enough.

best D8 syringes

Posted by Lindsey on 31st Dec 2021
One of the best Delta syringes out there. I am particularly fond of their Berry Slush D8 Syringe due to the creative, motivating and calming effects that will give you a productive and cheerful vibe.


Posted by Ela on 30th Dec 2021
Very satisfied

Very impressed

Posted by Howard on 30th Dec 2021
Great oil! Visually appealing, good structure and great affect from a high potency delta 8 distillate.

I love these syringes

Posted by Marc on 30th Dec 2021
I love the syringe because you can use it any way you prefer. I've filled up, made brownies, smoothies, capsules, etc. I haven't tried for dabbing yet but I really want to. These are high quality. Tastes amazing too.


Posted by Sara on 30th Dec 2021
Takes a minute to kick in but when it does---watch out!

This product is firee

Posted by Verne on 29th Dec 2021
This product is simply amazing. Firee.

Great product

Posted by Paul on 29th Dec 2021
Great product. If you're considering, get it!

Love the syringe

Posted by Shiv on 29th Dec 2021
Love the syringe! Perfect for mixing up my own ratios for carts!

gelato distillate

Posted by Branden on 29th Dec 2021
Man what a great product they have here! It's very easy to dispense into my pen. The taste and hit of it, nice and smooth. I use right before bed to unwind after work.

By far my favorite

Posted by Lucas on 29th Dec 2021
I have enjoyed everything that I have tried from D8 but this is by far my favorite. This product can be used in different ways. Great quality and an awesome price.

can't wait to try

Posted by DaJaun on 29th Dec 2021
Received but haven't used yet using the cart I bought 1st...can't waaaait 2 try edibles and dab with it!

really helps me

Posted by Antonio on 28th Dec 2021
One drop on my CBS flower and it gives me the help I need

Works great and fairly priced

Posted by Hayden on 28th Dec 2021
Works great and is fairly priced!

Jen berrys distillate

Posted by Brian on 28th Dec 2021
Have tried a few different sources this was by far the best I have tried to date. Smooth and very tasty.

It's really good

Posted by Ashwin on 27th Dec 2021
It's really good. I've refilled 5 vape carts so far and still have about half left.

high quality

Posted by Stacy on 26th Dec 2021
Absolutely love. High quality. Would recommend to everyone!

one of the best

Posted by Will on 26th Dec 2021
I've used a lot of different company's distillate and this one is up there with the best. The terps are great and it's very smooth to vape. Overall very happy and would recommend to anyone looking for a good pre-terp option for filling carts or anything at home.

It does the job

Posted by Renee on 25th Dec 2021
It does the job. Very relaxing. I add it to my flower to enhance the effect. Very nice!


Posted by Giovahn on 24th Dec 2021
Does the job

very effective

Posted by Noah on 24th Dec 2021
Very good for my productivity and has helped me to be more creative.

feels awesome

Posted by Garrett on 24th Dec 2021
Taste and feel is awesome

clean taste

Posted by Daniel on 24th Dec 2021
Effects potent will get you elevated, quality clean taste from the distillate and easily added into your own carts. Definitely something I will buying again. Jenn berrys is my favorite.

very good distillate

Posted by Albert on 24th Dec 2021
This is very good distillate. I've had others that were good and this may be the best!

strong as expected

Posted by Fredo on 24th Dec 2021
Strong distillate with good flavors. Gelato was good but flavor wasn't as strong as I expected.

D8 oil is good quality

Posted by Aiden on 24th Dec 2021
I can't stop saying good things about D8. The D8 oil is of A quality.


Posted by Tyler on 23rd Dec 2021
All around fire. Great price and great high.

great product

Posted by Tommy on 23rd Dec 2021
Great product & fast delivery.

Good but pricey

Posted by Clint on 23rd Dec 2021
Unique, good tasting oil and lasted awhile. Price is only downfall for me.

really good

Posted by Samuel on 23rd Dec 2021
Great oil. Good clean color. They are so strong knocked me out of my ass for about 4-5 hrs when I made them into edibles, really good for the price.

pretty good

Posted by Luis on 22nd Dec 2021
Pretty good ya'll

I fell in lovee

Posted by Orlando on 22nd Dec 2021
Tried this Delta 8 syringe for the first time and I fell in love


Posted by Elijah on 21st Dec 2021
This stuff is delicious! I love dabbing it or dropping some on the inside of my papers.
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