Piña Express (Pineapple Express) Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge



Strain Crosses: Pineapple Express x Trainwreck

Classification: Hybrid


All aboard the Piña Express! Fresh-cut pineapple and mango chunks are finished with a light peppery spice to leave you in a limbo between anti-social and hyper-social. Fair warning, you’ll get a very short list of things done before you fall into a state of deep couch-lock!

  • Creative
  • Social
  • Energetic
GMO Free
Pesticide Free

Eighty Six can ship Piña Express (Trainwreck x Pineapple Express) Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Bring On the Summer Vibes

Who needs piña coladas and spicy cocktails? Our Piña Express Delta-8 carts bring on the summertime vibes thanks to the potent combo of two well-known strains: Pineapple Express and Trainwreck! Enjoy a burst of creative energy in every puff of this hybrid blend!

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Potent and Pure, Guaranteed

Eighty Six stands by our promise to deliver the purest, most potent Delta-8 THC products. All of our products undergo rigorous third-party batch testing before hitting the shelves to ensure potency and purity. Try our mouthwatering Trainwreck x Pineapple Express Delta 8 THC vape cartridge or sample our selection of edibles to find your favorite way to get elevated!


  • Posted by Caitlyn on 15th August 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    Don’t sleep on this

  • Posted by Pete on 12th August 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase


  • Posted by Jackie on 12th August 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    Like the flavor

  • Posted by Rachelle on 11th August 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    A few puffs and i’m good for the rest of the day

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