Transcendence – Sour Apple 25MG THC-O Shot



It’s like bobbing for apples without the mess. Dive into this fluid, powerful mind trip with the new Transcendence Sour Apple THC-O Shot. That’s right, this tiny bottle is all you need for hours and hours of psychedelic vibes. Each shot packs 25mg of highly concentrated THC-O spiked with sour apple flavor for an eye-popping, mouth-tingling feeling. Grab this green apple THC-O energy shot, and you’ll be one sip away from a wave of euphoria.

  • Water, Sugar, Natural & Artificial Flavors, SENDS Matrix, Coconut-Derived MCT Oil, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum
  • FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5
  • Hemp Derived Tetrahydrocannabinol-O Acetate
  • 25MG of Water-Soluble THC-O Acetate
  • 2 fl. oz.
GMO Free
Pesticide Free

Eighty Six can ship the Transcendence Sour Apple THC-O Shot to 38 states.  You must be 21 years of  age or older to purchase.

A Mind-Trip on Demand

Shots! Shots! Shots! A powerful buzz has never been more convenient than our Sour Apple THC-O Shot. No lighter, battery, or brownies required. Just drink it down and feel your mind and spirit elevate.

The sour apple taste makes enjoying THC-O exciting by adding a flavorful twist to a shot of this potent cannabinoid. The water-soluble acetate hits your system fast, so you’ll be feeling the effects in a matter of minutes. All it takes is a gulp, and you’ll be chillin’ on a psychedelic cloud nine in no time!

No Sour Face Here

This tastes like an apple crisp with that perfect blend of tart green apple and sweet, sugary coating—plus an energizing shot of THC-O. The apple flavor is so strong that you won’t even notice it’s hemp-derived, until of course 15 minutes later when you’re on the couch tripping.

Our Sour Apple THC-O Shot is ultra-concentrated with 25mg of pure, water-soluble THC-O. This drink is designed to absorb into your bloodstream quickly and deliver effects faster than your traditional edibles. Be ready for a wild ride that can last for the better part of your day!

Eighty Six Has It All

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for everything THC-O, you found us. We offer a wide variety of delicious THC-O products such as this green apple THC-O energy shot

But that’s not all. We also provide Delta-8 and HHC products of the highest quality standards in the market. We make the products in GMP-certified facilities and partner with a third-party laboratory service to test each product we create. So go ahead, shop with confidence and explore something new.


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Transcendence - Sour Apple 25MG THC-O Shot




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