Recommended Vape Batteries

Once you’ve chosen your favorite Eighty Six Delta-8 THC vape cartridge flavor, you’ll need a battery to power it. When it comes to batteries for carts, this is where personal preference comes into play. While some may prefer a harder-hitting device, others may prefer a longer battery life that can last throughout the day. We also understand that cost plays a factor across all preferences, so we’re here to offer our recommendations of the best vape batteries to help you achieve an elevated state.

Choosing the right vape battery type is important, as it’s one of the single biggest factors that will affect your vaping experience. If battery life is your most important criterion, for example, you may want to go with the PCKT One Plus to get the most out of each charge.

If portability is your preference, we’d recommend considering the CCell Palm. On the other hand, if the price is more of a factor, the Kanger EVOD is a reliable choice that won’t disappoint. You’ll find all these options on our roundup of the best vape batteries for your money.

After testing dozens of different batteries and listening to the feedback from our customers, we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. During our testing, we looked at price, size, quality, and compatibility. This ensures that our customers have a variety of great options to choose from, no matter what they’re looking for in a battery.


Kanger EVOD Battery

Price: $11.99 / $13.99


Colorful Kanger EVOD vape batteries

If you want to elevate while keeping that wallet nice and healthy, the budget-friendly Kanger EVOD is the perfect product for you. Batteries for carts can be expensive, but this no-nonsense Delta-8 vape pen is as simple as it is reliable. The Kanger EVOD provides consistent vapor production at a great price point, so you can enjoy flavors such as Boo Berry or Cereal Killer without breaking the bank.



Price: $79.95


A PCKT Two vape battery

Don’t you hate it when your battery needs to be charged after less than a day of use? Thankfully, the PCKT Two is one of the best vape batteries on the market for its incredibly long-lasting battery life. Boasting more than double the battery life of other types of vape batteries, the PCKT Two helps you spend more time vaping and less time waiting for your device to charge.


CCell Palm Battery

Price: $26.95


 Black CCELL Palm Battery

Get elevated with a touch of stealth! The CCELL Palm works natively with our CCELL vape cartridges, providing a premium vaping experience in a discreet package. This is the perfect type of vape battery for those who want to enjoy classic flavors such as Apple Snax or Berry Slush on the go.


Vessel Compass

Price: $59.00


Vessel Compass Vape Battery

Looking for a vape battery that’s priced well, isn’t too large, and hits great? The Vessel Compass has got you covered! We tested this one with our Grape Soda cartridge, and the results are in. With consistently potent and pure Delta-8 THC delivery, this is the perfect vape battery type for users seeking the best overall vaping experience.

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