4th Jan 2023

The Best Tunes for Elevating

The only other thing you need for bomb sesh, besides your Peaches & Cream HHC Disposable, is the perfect playlist to vibe to. Curating the perfect playlist can be tricky, but you know Eighty Six has your back!

Since Spotify and Apple Music are paid, we’ll keep it simple and drop our favorite tunes we love getting faded to via YouTube.

If You Like Rap

If a hard beat and some crazy lyrics are what you like to vibe out to when you’re puffing your Grape Soda Delta-8 Disposable and getting lifted, then we’ve got you covered. Wild beats and big blunts is what this playlist is all about.


If You Like Alt Rap

Alt rap is like if rap and alternative/electronic music had a trippy love child. It blends the best of both genres to create something totally new with trippy beats and expressive metaphorical lyrics, these songs will help you float away with your thoughts after a few rips of the Boo Berry Delta-8 Pre-Roll.


If You Like Old School

Classics are classics for a reason. They’re timeless and still resonate with listeners decades after they were written. These are the songs our parents and grandparents used to listen to while they got high and let’s be honest, anybody who lived through the 60’s and 70’s known a thing or two about getting lifted, man. From psychedelic guitar breakdowns to synthy chords and of course, vaguely lude lyrics, this is the perfect collection of vintage stoner sounds for your next sesh. Grab a couple of our Mean Mug THC-O Infused Sodas to get lifted and listen to these songs as they were intended.


If You Like Alternative

Alternative music has always been a little genre bending, frequently sampling r&b and rap beats, pairing them with trippy melodies and lyric-less breakdown that help the listener drift off into another space and time. Perfect after a few puffs from your Dank Berry THC-O Pre-Roll.


If You Like R&B

R&B often gets overlooked when it’s time to pick tunes for your sesh playlist but we should really give it another chance. R&B is the sexiest of all music genres, playing with beats and lyrics from all other genres, slowing them down, rearranging them to give listeners a synthy, slow, melodic experience that pairs perfectly with a strong indica such as the Jen & Berry’s Delta-8 Vape Cartridge and somebody to touch.


If You Like Electronic

Whether you’re into rave music or downtempo chill vibes, electronic music is the perfect music to get stoned to. It’s wild, trippy, euphoric, and engulfing, just like the perfect high you get from our White Fluff THC-O Disposable.


If You Like Country

Modern country music has a bit of a squeaky clean image but vintage country was raucous, rowdy and always ready to light one up. Country music has evolved a lot over the years, so we wanted to give you guys a taste of the classics and some of the new age stuff, so no matter your vibe, we’ve got something for you to turn up and tune out the world while you puff on your Sunday Scaries THC-O Disposable.

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