9th Jan 2024

The Entourage Effect: How Terpenes Enhance Your High

Ever wonder what makes cannabis and hemp plants so effective for us? In our guide today, we’ll explore an interesting phenomenon: the entourage effect. It’s when different parts of the cannabis plant team up together to make the experience more intense. Each compound can potentially amplify the other compounds. It’s a part of cannabinoids’ and terpenes’ effects – combined!

As we explore the entourage effect, consider Eighty Six’s line of legal, hemp-derived product. Each product is a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes for the most rewarding experience.

Understanding the Entourage Effect

In simple terms, the entourage effect occurs when cannabinoids, terpenes, and more work together. Think of it as a dynamic partnership, where each element contributes its unique features to create a more powerful effect.

From a scientific perspective, the of the entourage effect happens when each compound works to amplify each other. It isn’t merely about making your cannabis experience more enjoyable, rather, it’s about elevating the therapeutic benefits, too.

When you consume cannabis products, it’s not a solo performance. It’s a symphony of compounds harmonizing! To appreciate the entourage effect in all its glory, explore Eighty Six’s fun line of hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoid products. Each is tailored to provide a powerful entourage effect.

Terpene Effects on the Body and Mind

Let’s take a closer look at terpenes and its effects. As aromatic molecules, they’re responsible for the unique scents and flavors in cannabis. They’re the reason one strain is earthy while the other has a citrusy aroma. It’s like the fingerprints of each cannabis cultivar.

And they don’t just make it smell good – they contribute to the overall flavor and effects of the specific strain.

Each terpene offers its own unique charm. Some may help promote relaxation, while others might be more energizing. These terpenes contribute to the smell and taste but also to the potential effects on your body and mind.

It’s how Booberry Gumballs from the Cloud 9 Series and Berry Slush from the OG Series have similar terpene profiles. Users report that both make them feel productive, creative, and energetic.

Meanwhile, PRPL Haze from the OMG Series and Grape Soda of the OG Series each have a sleepy, relaxed, and happy terpene profile. It’s all in the terpenes, baby!

Popular Terpenes and Their Profiles

Let’s break down some of the popular terpenes found in hemp. We’ll unveil their unique profiles and potential effects to help you make more informed choices.


With its earthy and musky profile, myrcene is associated with calming effects. It’s a go-to for relaxation and stress-relief.


Some terpene effects like limonene are linked to an uplifting mood and potential stress reduction. The terpene brings a zesty, citrusy vibe to cannabis strains.


With its crisp, piney notes, pinene is thought to provide an energizing influence. It may enhance focus and alertness.


Finally, linalool is characterized by its floral and sweet aroma. It’s recognized for its calming and soothing properties, contributing to relaxation.

Understanding these terpene properties can be a game-changer when selecting hemp products. If you’re seeking a product for a relaxed evening, something with myrcene could be your go-to. On the flip side, if you’re after a daytime boost, products with pinene might align more with your preferences.

Now, let’s talk about terpene-cannabinoid combos – imagine myrcene teaming up with CBD. The combo could potentially offer a calming experience without a heavy sedative effect.

Understanding these partnerships opens up a world of possibilities for tailoring your cannabis journey. So, when you explore Eighty Six’s products, take a moment to consider the terpene profiles of each. That’ll help you choose something that aligns with your preferences.

Eighty Six’s Approach to Terpenes

The approach involves a beautiful blending of cannabinoids and terpenes. We ensure each product is a symphony of compounds working in harmony.

It’s not about the quantity – it’s about the sheer quality of these terpenes. Each is also carefully selected to enhance the overall effect. It’s why there’s a dedicated terpene profile across each inhalable in our diverse line of products.

Trying to stimulate your appetite while you focus throughout the day? The terpene profile for the Dough Boys strain might suit your needs.

Alternatively, the Jelly Jam strain has users feeling aroused, euphoric, and sleepy towards the end.

Maybe you want to let your creative, giggly side free. Give Princess Peachy, Twisted Berry, or Pinkberry Slush a try and feel energetic and euphoric in the process.

Meanwhile, Mango Mobbin’ has a terpene blend that seems to make users more talkative. Great for social hour!

No matter what you want to feel, there’s a strain out there with your name on it. Take a ride throughout wide selection to see which strain resonates with you the most.

Maximizing Products with the Entourage Effect

Keep these practical tips handy when it’s time to venture into shopping for cannabis products. Our goal, after all, is to help you learn how to select items that truly maximize the entourage effect.

Dosage and Consistency

Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase as needed. Consistency is key! In fact, regular use over time can contribute to a more pronounced and sustained entourage effect.

Consider Product Source and Quality

Choose products from reputable brands like Eighty Six, known for commitment to quality. Look for products sourced from organically grown hemp. That helps ensure a cleaner, more potent entourage effect.

Check Terpene Profiles

Explore products that provide information about their terpene profiles. Understanding the terpenes present can give you insights into the potential effects and the overall experience you can expect.

Final Thoughts

Terpenes influence the aroma and flavor of a strain. They also partially help with the entourage effect as they may intensify with a combination of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other cannabis compounds.

We hope this uncovers the significance of choosing products that embrace the entourage effect. Eighty Six stands out for our commitment to quality and incorporation of proprietary terpene blend. Each product is a canvas that can offer a personalized wellness journey for any consumer.

If you seek an experience beyond the ordinary, explore Eighty Six and our range of products today. More than a collection, it’s an invitation to discover a world where terpenes make sense in every formula.

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