What Does an HHC High Feel Like?

What Does an HHC High Feel Like?

We’ve gotten to weave you the tale of HHC, the newest cannabinoid on the block. But, what does an HHC high feel like? We want to look today at an HHC high and how it compares to other types of cannabinoid highs. Overall, we’ll take you through the complete HHC experience. Let’s dive into another in-depth guide on one of our favorite hemp compounds.


If you haven’t gotten to check out our other blogs on HHC, we’ll give you a quick summary here. Hexahydrocannabinol, AKA HHC, is the result of hydrogenating delta-9 THC. By adding hydrogen molecules to the THC, it converts it into an entirely new molecule.

Hydrogenation isn’t new to the world. We see the process when converting vegetable oil into margarine. By doing it for cannabis, though, we get something new and exciting. Nowadays, we can derive HHC from compounds in hemp other than delta-9 THC. The end product is still the same: a delightful cannabinoid rising in popularity.


Just because something’s enjoyable doesn’t necessarily mean it can intoxicate you. CBD, after all, is non-psychoactive, but plenty of users incorporate it into their daily routine.

So, then, does HHC get you high? The short answer is yes — but not like the THC in weed does. A high similar to THC is produced but it’s not as intense. It appears to be somewhere between 70% and 80% less potent than delta-9 THC. Some consider it stronger or equal to delta-8.

Users describe it as a euphoric type of high. Overall, the feeling is incredibly relaxing. It’s a great way to start or end your day, depending on personal preference.


If you want a more detailed explanation, we’ve got you covered. Since we know you can get an HHC high, you’re likely wondering what the HHC experience is.

More specifically, many people report HHC providing a gradual increase in mood. It stimulates an increase in activity more than other THC products typically do. While it can cause cognition and your headspace to alter, it doesn’t rule your brain.

The onset of the HHC high seems to take longer than other types of hemp products. For reference, it might take at least an hour before you start feeling its effect. However, many note that they’re able to focus and multitask when they enjoy the compound.

Everyone is different, so the HHC experience may start sooner for you than the typical user. We recommend you start low and slow to ensure you’re getting to the high you want.

While HHC isn’t as strong as the THC is marijuana, you can still overdo it. Symptoms are mild, but there’s always such a thing as “too high” when it comes to any substance that offers a buzz. In short, always start with a lower dose! You can always work your way up from there.

Mental stimulation and euphoria are two key side effects to the HHC experience. While effects vary, others noted include less anxiety symptoms, pure joy, and even mild pain relief. Users find themselves more energetic than usual. Mental clarity is at an all-time high. People on HHC feel like they can get stuff done.

Since it’s more potent than delta-8 THC, it offers up an exciting experience all its own. We recommend trying it for yourself to see what effects it stimulates.


The dose you need for a good HHC experience is often lower than that for a delta-8 high. It’s one reason more users agree that it’s a stronger cannabinoid than the hemp-based THC. The onset for delta-8 can vary drastically. For HHC, the onset narrows in on 45 to 75 minutes for most users.

Once the effects kick in, they can vary in intensity and variety. To help give you an idea, delta-8 is likened towards an indica high. Meanwhile, an HHC high is more like a sativa. You can feel focused from both.

However, you’re unlikely to ever feel groggy from HHC. When you take a bit too much delta-8, it can cause drowsiness. Instead, HHC offers stimulation that can simultaneously improve efficiency and increase calmness.

Delta-8 users often use the products for sleep, relaxation, and even pain relief. And while HHC can provide mild pain relief, it offers a different experience altogether. The gateway for focus and creativity is open and ready.


Everyone should try out an HHC high for themselves before they decide on what to think of the compound. As legal hemp paves its way into society, we’re excited to introduce such powerful, high-quality products to our line. Be sure to give our HHC products a try today to see what the HHC experience will be like for you.