What’s the Perfect Delta-8 Strain for Binge Watching TV
10th Jun 2021

What’s the Perfect Delta-8 Strain for Binge Watching TV?

We’re proud to be able to continue expanding our Delta-8 product lines, and that comes with new flavors. As you may know, Delta-8 is the legal THC with which to get stoned. And what better activity to do while feeling elevated than planting yourself on the couch and engaging in a binge watching session off your favorite TV shows? And if you’re not sure what to watch, we’ve got you covered. We want to show you which of our Delta-8 strains pair nicely with TV shows – particularly those that suck you in with no end in sight!

Apple Snax

Recommendation: Ugly Americans

Apple Snax as a traditional Delta-9 cannabis strain leans as a sativa-dominant hybrid. And as a Delta-8 strain, you get to experience all that the strain has to offer but without the attached paranoia that normally comes with high sativa characteristics. Instead, you’re left with feelings of energy, euphoria, feelings of happiness, and most importantly focus. So, even if your mind is going haywire with all that energy, it still makes the perfect strain to just veg out on the couch and fully embrace the world a TV show brings!

That being said, one of the shows we’d recommend while dosing up on Apple Snax would be Ugly Americans. Ugly Americans is an adult animation show about an American social worker that’s seen his fair share of supernatural events in New York City. The animation style is beautiful and the commentary goes beyond just a cartoon. So prop yourself firmly on the couch, take a hit or three of Apple Snax and dive into the world of odd supernatural events with Ugly Americans!

Ugly Americans is available with Paramount+ on Prime Video and can be rented on Youtube. Check it out!


Boo Berry

Recommendation: House

Boo Berry is another one of those ultra-sativa strains that delivers high energy coupled with feelings of focused creativity. Unlike Apple Snax however, the typical high Boo Berry delivers really keeps you in your head as you often dive head first into deep thought, hence the name, Boo Berry.

The high from Boo Berry and you being in your head a little more than usual calls for a show that you can binge while also diving head first into its world. For something so viscerally-intensive, one can look no further than House.

Whether you’re a fan of medical dramas or not (hey all you ER and General Hospital soap opera fans), House is an excellent show to be binging whether you choose to do it high or not! A socially-awkward doctor that goes about very unorthodox but methodical ways of diagnosing patients is the main premise of the show. And beyond that, he’s sick himself with a myriad of serious illnesses thus fostering a continual level of nail-biting worry that you can’t escape from beginning-to-end.

House is available on AppleTV for free! So head on over to our site, pick up Boo Berry and lose a few nights of rest while you binge this!


Cookie Monsta

Recommendation: Adventure Time

YUM COOKIES! Cookie Monsta tastes like the famous girl scout sandwich cookies complete with notes of lemon zest and sweet sugary goodness. On top of that, the high delivers the ultimate relaxation as you will literally sink into the couch with feelings of comfort and cuddles!

When it comes to TV shows, we’re taking a wholesome approach to the screen so we’d recommend Adventure Time! It’s story-driven, heartwarming, and deceitfully impactful. What’s cool too, is that it’s not just a children’s TV show.

The character development across the show is amazing. In fact, as Finn gets older the shower becomes darker, more complex, and really knows how to tug at the heart strings. If you’re already feeling the buzz off Cookie Monsta, we’d also recommend keeping a box of tissues on the coffee table to reach for those heart-wrenching scenes.

Adventure Time is available on Hulu – and by the way, there are TEN SEASONS of it. Have fun and make sure you take a break every now and then to you know, eat and stuff!


Cereal Killer OG

Recommendation: The League

By far our most popular strain to date, Cereal Killer tastes like a sweet bowl of F.P. cereal. The high you’re left with after a few puffs is a happy, euphoric, and downright giggly one! This is by far the perfect strain to just veg out on the couch with and watch something funny. And we’re not talking about slapstick humor either, we’re talking about intelligently hilarious TV shows that not only bring out the good vibes and laughs, but also keep you thoroughly invested in the shows – for which there’s not one show we’d recommend, but rather, TWO of them.

The first would be The League, particularly the first three seasons or so. Think about it – a group of friends that actively participate in fantasy football go out of their way to ensure the upper hand. And we’re talking like messing with each other’s livelihoods to secure a better draft pick type of tomfoolery. The show is just dumb enough to keep you watching it as you figure out who is the more messed up person! 10/10 would highly recommend! As for availability, all seven season of The League is on Hulu. If you weren’t a football fan before this show, no worries, there’s not much you can learn about the sport from this show anyways!


The second show we’d recommend is Trailer Park Boys. This show is just one of those shows that you’d think would be so dumb that you’d let it play in the background. BOY…HAVE WE BEEN MISTAKEN. The Trailer Park Boys we know and love is a continuation series from the 1999 film of the name name; and it follows a group of trailer park residents as they engage in a series of get-rich quick schemes and other outlandish escapades. A quick hit of Cereal Killers OG would pair nicely with this show because of its ability to bring out the laughter and happiness you’re trying so hard to hide. Trailer Park Boys is an ongoing series and is available on Netflix. So get ready…it’s….a lot.


Jen & Berry’s

Recommendation: Midnight Gospel

I scream for ice cream! Just kidding, but it’s a pretty cool slogan right? Our Jen & Berry’s Delta-8 strain tastes like a vanilla gelato; and its effect takes you even deeper into the world of TV as the strain imbues feelings of altered perception, slight confusion, and an increase in visual and sound sensitivity. Due to the fact that this strain is inherently strong, you absolutely have to take full advantage of immersing yourself in a show that’s just beautiful to watch from beginning to end. And for that, we’d recommend Midnight Gospel.

Midnight Gospel is a Netflix adaption of the popular podcast of the same name, aired on The Duncan Trussell Hour. It’s about a space caster, think of it more so as a live streamer that visits strange worlds to engage in existential questions about life, death, and everything in between. This is the PERFECT show for any cannabis user, Delta-8 or otherwise because chances are, these thoughts float through your mind anyways! On top of that, the animation style looks a lot like a more-adult version of Adventure Time, taking a page from its vivid colors and meticulous attention to detail that’s normally absent from other adult animations.

Head on over to Netflix, puff on Jen & Berry’s, and vibe the night away with Midnight Gospel.


Orange Bang

Recommendation: Superjail!

If you’re looking for something to considerably elevate your mood, look no further than adding the Orange Bang Delta-8 strain into your rotation. It tastes like a tall glass of the orange-flavored fizzy beverage and true to its name, it definitely takes your energy up a notch as it erases any unwanted feelings of low-energy and laziness with ease!

So, with such a high octane amount of euphoric energy waiting for you, look no further than propping yourself in front of the TV for an intense bout of binging Superjail!

We get it – we’re all about the adult animations, but for good reason! They’re trippy enough to actually immerse yourself into when you’re experiencing an elevated state of mind. Superjail! is the world’s largest, and possibly the most brutal prison. The prison and its inmates are routinely the victims of The Warden’s antics ranging from inviting other beings into the prison or experimenting with some weird vibes to say the least.

Check it out! All four seasons are on Hulu and the show offers you a lighthearted way of spending your night!


Piña Express

Recommendation: Wilfred

Piña Express is one of those strains that was popularized by the movie of the same name. As far as it effects are concerned, you can rest easy that you wouldn’t be experiencing this ultra-intense, rambling about nonsense, and acting like a fool. Granted, Piña Express is still a very potent strain, and you’re likely to feel a mild body numbing sensation followed by a heady and happy head high leaving you a little talkative than you were before.

As nice as it would be to dedicate our binging recommendation to a movie marathon of Seth Rogen stoner films (Pineapple Express, Superbad, Knocked Up, and the like), we’re recommending you a TV show that’s just as good: Wilfred! Wilfred stars Elijah Wood and Jason Gann and follows a severely depressed man who develops an actual speaking relationship with his dog, Wilfred. Wilfred is literally a man dressed up as a dog and often tries convincing the protagonist to experience life a little more. Granted, you’d be taking life advice from a dog, but that just adds even more to the ridiculousness of the show.

All four seasons are available on Hulu. So next time you find yourself with nothing to do and a full cart of Piña Express, flip this on! You wouldn’t be disappointed, whether you’re elevated or otherwise!


Grape Soda

Recommendation: Planet Earth

With a strain as powerful as Grape Soda, particularly as a Delta-8 vape cartridge, expect to feel slapped with burst of grape that then mellows you out over an intense body high. The strain is also very known to glue you to the couch so you might as well make the experience of feeling stuck as enjoyable and possible!

So when it comes to TV shows to binge, what better show to watch than Life in Color on Netflix?

Honestly, anything with David Attenborough in it is just a soothing and pleasurable experience. This is the type of show that’ll make you say “whoaaa….” more often than not. And the cinematography is almost unreal more than half the time. Learn about all that our planet is beyond where any human would date to go. Explore the natural beauty and wonder because it’s not like your eyes would have the ability to leave the screen just as your body wouldn’t be able to leave the couch!

Life in Color is available on Netflix alongside David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet, Night on Earth, and Our Planet. Take your pick and prepare yourself for a life on the couch for the foreseeable future!


Berry Slush

Recommendation: American Horror Story

We’ve gone through nearly every single strain within our Delta-8 Vape Cartridge collection without a single horror TV show; what’s wrong with us?! We saved the best TV show to binge for last and we’d recommend you partake in a night full of creepy vibes with Berry Slush in hand!

Berry Slush is a sativa-dominant strain that takes the sweet taste of California strawberries to pair nicely with feelings of energetic creativity. Like most sativa strains, your visual and auditory senses are on high alert, making funny shows funnier and scary shows, well, scarier.

Since you’re bound to feel considerably more at home with whatever you’re watching, we recommend binging through a season or three of American Horror Story. As an anthology series, the rotating cast taking on different roles is a breath of fresh air up until it’s not. From haunted houses, to creepy insane asylums, to quite literally the end of the world, the show is equally as creepy as it downright terrifying. Get a little elevated and get that blood rushing for a night. We also recommend buddying up with a friend and packing your couch with blankets and plenty of snacks!

American Horror Story is available on Prime Video now! Get a little elevated and start the series at whatever season you wish. We also recommend buddying up with a friend and packing your couch with plenty of blankets and snacks. It’ll be a wild ride but we’re certain it’ll be an enjoyable one!


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