24th May 2023

14 Ways to Elevate on a Budget

Have you noticed that pretty much everything is more expensive than it was, like three years ago? If the economy’s rollercoaster is hitting you hard in the wallet, like most people, then you’re probably in a position where you’d like to save a few bucks here and there and everywhere you can! Don’t worry folks, Eighty Six has your back every step of the way!

Here are 14 of the best ways to save a little bit of change when it comes to bud, and don’t worry, not all of the suggestions involve consuming less – although, admittedly, that is on the list – but read on if money’s a little tight right now and you need to save a few bucks.

1. Start Using a Grinder to Stretch Out Your Flower

Grinders undoubtedly help your weed go a little further than breaking it down by hand. When you crush your weed by hand, there are always big chunks that don’t burn well and leads to wasting precious flower. Grinders break down the weed to a fluffy powder that burns really well, especially when it’s not packed super tight. This allows you to actually get a better hit using less product.

Plus, after a few weeks of faithfully using your grinder, you’re going to be left with a deliciously trippy treat in the kief collector, filled with the remnants of all kinds of bud. – making your next sesh even more of a potent and trippy experience.

2. Make Your Own Edibles

If you’re breaking the bank each week on edibles, why not try making your own? Infusing your own butter or oil is super easy and allows you the freedom to make delicious edibles that you like and that are dosed to your taste. When done properly, this can save you a ton of money and is a discreet way to stay loaded on a budget.

Conversely, you can also opt to pick up one of our Berry Slush Delta-8 THC Syringe, which is simply the distillate you have come to fall in love available in a universal application tool to infuse into your favorite snacks!

3. Take a T-Break

One way to ensure you’ll be spending a lot of money on cannabis is if you have a high tolerance. It may seem bad ass, but having a higher tolerance for weed actually kind of sucks. You end up spending a ton on weed, needing to consume way more than folks with a lower tolerance and some products, like moderately dosed edibles, don’t have any effect at all.

This means you’ll be buying the headiest products in the store, which is definitely going to cost you. If this sounds like you, it may be worth it to take a tolerance break, or ‘T-Break.’ This doesn’t mean stopping completely or forever, but just cutting way back temporarily to give your body a chance to process through the residual cannabis in you system level back out.

How high your tolerance is will determine how long of a break you’ll need, but lowering your tolerance means you’ll need less product to get high and that, alone, will save you some serious coin.

4. Sign Up for Rewards Programs of the Brands You Love Most

There are a lot, and we mean A LOT, of hemp brands out there for stoners to choose from. So to entice customers to keep coming back, many of these brands, such as Eighty Six, offer a Rewards Program.

The program is simple. Every dollar you spend amounts to a point. And those points can be redeemed towards the products you buy the most!

It’s basically like getting free weed, just for buying weed. The programs are free and only take a minute, if not, less than one to sign up. If you’re trying to ball on a budget and taking a T-Break is out of the question, maybe it’s time to starting having your weed purchase itself with the Eighty Six Rewards Program.

5. Take Advantage of Sales and Stock Up

Nearly early brand on the market maintains several sales on any given month. Just looking at Eighty Six, between our social media and emails, we’re running at least one sale per week which range from a single product to the entire site.

Let’s be real, Delta-8 and other cannabinoid products are cheaper than traditional marijuana, but not by that much. So it’s pertinent to stay updated with your favorite brands by following them on social media or joining their email lists to be notified the next time they go live with a deal.

6. Stop Smoking Out Your Homies

This one might hurt some feelings, but hey, if you’re on a budget, every idea is on the table.

When money’s tight, you need to stop smoking out your homies. It may be cool to be the stoner at the party, but six heads on a blunt that you paid for is not the way to save money or make the most of your weed. Do yourself a favor and smoke before, or if you must, bring a personal joint and step away from the crowd to light up during a party or kick back with friends. It may make a few people salty, but that’s not your problem, and after you’ve been able to sesh in peace, you wouldn’t even care.

7. Switch from Flower to Vapes

A lot of folks may not want to hear this but smoking flower wouldn’t get you nearly as baked and last a long as vaping it. Why do you think our Delta-8, HHC, and THC-P Disposables are THE MOST popular products on our site? Well, it’s because it gets people LIT!

When money’s tight, pass on the pre-rolls and blunts and instead opt for a Disposable Vape or a Vape Cartridge. Think about it, in order to get on a good one, you are likely consuming half to one full gram of flower. Whereas a vape would deliver that amount of high in about two or three puffs. The vapor produced is cleaner, more discreet, and hits immediately, thus taking you on that relaxing trip with the least amount of effort possible.

The writing is on the walls, flower is out!

8. Stick to One Vice – Don’t Drink & Sesh

If you’re a weekend warrior, while we commend your heavy-handed spirit, we gotta be honest – smoking weed after you’ve been drinking may sound like a great idea, but honestly, it’s kind of a waste. Chances are, your alcohol intoxication is going to overpower your high, and you definitely don’t feel it the same as you do when you’re not drinking.

And if you can’t feel the effects of the weed you consumed, then really, what’s the point?

Plus, trying to get high while you’re drunk is a recipe for disaster; imagine spilling your brand new pack of Melo Dose Berry Gummies all over the floor, or losing track of your HHC Disposable. Both being great ways to waste money on weed. So next time you decide to toss a few back, do yourself, your stash and your savings account a favor, and stick to drinking and skip the bud.

9. Try the ‘Bottom Shelf’ Products

We all know about the stigma around bottom shelf weed, but let’s all be honest, it definitely has its place. Is an ounce that costs $50 going to hit the same as an eighth that costs $50? Absolutely not. But will that $50 ounce get you high through those times when money’s tight and you need to roll up? Most definitely, and honestly that’s all that matters.

So leave your judgements at the door next time you’re at the dispensary and looking to save a few bucks, and give some of the really dope brands down there a try!

10. Save Up Your Doobies

Anybody getting lifted on a budget knows one of the best ways to stretch your weed is by saving your doobies. Doobies, or roaches, are the tiny little piece of your joint or blunt that are left over after you finish the sesh.

Usually, these are too small to smoke anymore but still have quite a bit of product left inside, and the flower is covered in sticky resin that, when added to a bowl of blunt, will you extra high!

So when times are tough and you don’t have much weed of money, you can use a little less weed and instead, break open one of your doobies from your stash and add that to your bowl for a heady punch.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going through a tough time, and money is tight or you’re out of work, use these tips to stay lifted on budget and remember, tough times don’t last; tough people do.

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