11th Dec 2023

4 Ways to Reset Your Tolerance Without a T-Break

They say there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, but when it comes to psychoactive hemp, and your tolerance to it, that saying may not hold water (or weed). Smoking “too much weed” is really a matter of perspective, and we’re really not here to tell you what to do, but when you’re using so much that it doesn’t even make you feel high anymore, then, I think we can both agree that it might be a problem. Having a high tolerance for the psychoactive cannabinoids may seem like it makes you a supreme stoner, but really, it’s just expensive and kind of frustrating. And let’s be honest, taking a tolerance break, or t-break really kind of sucks. If you find yourself with a tolerance that takes the fun out of your sesh, then you’re in luck! Here are four ways to curb your cannabis tolerance, without actually stopping the act of using.

What Determines Tolerance?

It’s easy to understand what having a tolerance to weed means – it takes a lot more before the effects are felt – but understanding how a high tolerance is developed can help you lower your tolerance and keeps yours under control.

One thing that’s important to understand about lowering your cannabis tolerance is that cannabis has a relatively long half-life, especially when compared to other substances. A half life is the amount of time it takes for the concentration of THC in your body to decrease by half, and for cannabis, it can be anywhere from five to fifteen days.

There are a few factors that influence a person’s tolerance for cannabis: how strong the weed you’re smoking is, how you’re consuming your weed, how frequently your consume, your individual metabolism and genetics, and several factors that can change such as your BMI, hydration level, gender, and overall health. Now that we understand a little more about how a person develops a higher tolerance for cannabinoids, we can talk about some ways to lower that tolerance, without actually giving up the sesh.

Drink More Water

Our bodies are like 60% water, so naturally, water is an effective way to cleanse our bodies from different chemicals and compounds that build up over time, and THC is no different. Increasing your water intake, especially if you don’t drink a lot of water already, is a fast and easy way to detox some of the THC from your body and hopefully lower your weed tolerance quickly.

Exercise More

It turns out, exercising can help with more than just staying healthy; exercising more helps you sweat more than normal, which is a great way to eliminate some of the THC built up in your system. This, in turn, lowers your cannabis tolerance without you actually consuming less cannabis. When you combine increased exercise with increased water intake, which happens naturally, your body will be able to release even more THC, thus lowering your tolerance. A rigorous exercise and water routine is a very quick and easy way to lower your high tolerance for cannabis and psychoactive hemp cannabinoids.

Lower Your Dosage

Okay, of all the tips, on all of the internet, of fast and easy ways to lower your tolerance for weed, lowering your dosage may be one of the hardest. With this method, you simply lower your dosage or consume less frequently. If you’re someone with a very high tolerance, it is likely that after lowering your dosage, you may feel like your products have no effect on you, and this can be frustrating for some. But, with some time and patience, if you stick to your low-dose regimen, you will see your tolerance drop as the residual THC is filtered out of your body, and eventually, once your tolerance has dropped enough, you’ll start to feel the effects of cannabis again.

Swap Some THC for CBD

Many folks that regularly consume THC and don’t deal with any chronic illnesses are not well-versed on the magic of hemp-derived CBD has to offer. With its legalization, CBD has become very mainstream and you can find CBD products anywhere from CVS to 7-Eleven, so it’s hard to blame anyone for not wanting to give it a try. When was the last time you purchased anything from a gas station that was high quality?

CBD has the potential to contain some really amazing benefits, especially for people who regularly consume THC. CBD does not contain the same psychoactive effects as THC, so instead of feeling high, you just sort of relax, which is really what most people are looking for anyways. If you find yourself struggling with your THC tolerance, consider switching it up with a CBD Tincture Oil or CBD-infused Gummies, as either option helps to solve habitual craving, without introducing any THC.

The Importance of Responsible Consumption

Weed is great, we all know that, but like with any other mind-altering substance, it’s important to consume responsibly. For some of us, that may mean being more mindful of how much we’re consuming and how often. Sometimes, when there’s too much THC in our system, it starts to affect us in negative ways, and can lead to mental health issues and other health problems. Swapping out your THC for CBD every now and then, staying hydrated and exercising regularly are great ways to stay healthy, but also, great ways to keep your weed tolerance manageable, so you don’t have to break the bank at the dispensary.

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