6th Feb 2024

Taking CBD Before a Workout? Here’s What to Know

CBD continues to rise as a prominent wellness trend in recent years. It captivates the health-conscious, fitness enthusiasts, and more worldwide. Its popularity in fitness circles stems from CBD and exercise performance potential. Even CBD before running shows tremendous promise, drawing people in with interest.

In our guide today, we dive into the intriguing realm of CBD and its relationship with exercise. Our goal is to dissect the potential benefits of adding CBD to your pre-workout routine. We want to shed light on how this cannabinoid might complement your fitness journey. Keep reading to learn the results of using CBD before running. Learn how a CBD pre-workout might amp up your game.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound in both cannabis and hemp plants. Unlike its counterpart, THC, CBD doesn’t induce any psychoactive effects. In short, CBD won’t get you high. Instead, it interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system differently.

Many users find CBD appealing specifically because it’s non-intoxicating. It offers some of the benefits of cannabis without the euphoric sensations of THC. That distinction is crucial. Users can experience the potential wellness benefits of cannabis without impairing daily activities.

Below, we dive deeper into CBD and, specifically, its relationship with exercise. Beforehand, it’s important to understand the differences between CBD and THC. It’ll help you make the most informed decision about incorporating CCBD into your fitness routine.

CBD Before Running: Potential Benefits

Before hitting the pavement, many runners turn to CBD for its potential. It may aid in enhancing performance and recovery downtime, making it a win-win. Let’s explore how CBD before running may offer a range of benefits.

Inflammation Reduction

Intense running sessions can lead to inflammation and muscle damage. These factors contribute to post-workout soreness and fatigue. CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory properties may aid in mitigating these effects. That means quicker recovery and muscle repair. By reducing inflammation within the body, CBD may help you bounce back faster from challenging workouts.

Pain Relief

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. That system plays a crucial role in regulating pain perception. Put simply, CBD before running may alleviate the discomfort associated with running-induced injuries.

Enhanced Endurance

Some runners report CBD helps them maintain focus and motivation during long-distance runs. It promotes relaxation without sedation, which could keep you on the track for longer. As a result, CBD could ultimately help you enhance endurance and stamina.

Stress Reduction

Running can be a physically demanding activity that places stress on the body. CBD’s calming effects on the nervous system may help reduce stress levels, both during and after a run.

Anxiety Reduction

Pre-run jitters can hinder performance and detract from the overall running experience. CBD’s ability to calm the nervous system may help alleviate pre-workout anxiety. That allows runners to enter a more focused and relaxed state. CBD before running may enhance mental clarity and improve concentration during runs. In turn, that may lead to a more enjoyable and productive workout session.

Sleep Support

Quality sleep is essential for optimal athletic performance and recovery. Researchers observe CBD’s potential to improve sleep quality. Incorporating CBD may help you wind down after a workout and achieve a more restful night’s sleep. That can lead to better overall recovery and performance.

Note – this isn’t an exhaustive list. Everyone is different, so a CBD pre-workout may delivery you unique results. You may find it more effective as part of your post-workout routine. Or, maybe you use it before and after a workout. All of these are acceptable strategies to take full advantage of CBD’s potential!

How CBD and Exercise Performance Go Hand-In-Hand

Utilizing a CBD pre-workout can be a game-changer. It might enhance both physical performance and post-workout recovery. But what are the best methods for consuming CBD before a workout? We’ll use products from our CBD Series as a reference to discuss dosages, timing, and more.

Gummies / Edibles

One way to incorporate CBD into your pre-workout regimen is through CBD gummies.

Each gummy from our CBD series contains 25MG of broad spectrum CBD – a suitable serving size. For those with low tolerances or newcomers to CBD, we recommend starting with half a gummy.

It’s important to allow 1-2 hours to experience the gummies’ full effects.


One of the most popular consumption methods for incorporating CBD as a pre-workout are CBD Tincture Oils. Add a few drops under your tongue and wait 15 to 20 minutes for absorption.

Effects can last anywhere from two to six hours, so it’s an ideal choice for sustained support during your workout.

Alternatively, if you prefer a slower onset, you can enjoy a serving of the tincture added to your favorite beverage, like a pre-workout smoothie or protein shake.

CBD Topicals

To pair with either tinctures or gummies, we recommend a topical. The CBD topicals from our CBD Series each offer unique attributes. While we love our body lotions and soap bars, one of our topicals stands out for exercise performance. Formulated for muscle recovery, our standout product is our Envy CBD Muscle Cream. This particular muscle cream contains 250MG of CBD per container.

Before your workout, apply the cream to the muscles you’ll target during the exercise. Post-workout, you can apply the cream to the muscles you focused on most. You have options!

No matter the type of CBD, simply experiment with dosages and timing to find what works best for you. Take your time and discover the beautiful effects of CBD and exercise together. You’ll soon discover the CBD product that suits your needs and preferences.

Closing Thoughts

Now that we’ve explored CBD’s benefits, you can see the potential for taking CBD before running or exercising. CBD and exercise performance go together well, whether you prefer a CBD pre-workout or to use it after. Either way, the possibilities are there for CBD to help with your post-workout recovery.

Don’t forget to explore the CBD Series on Eighty Six to discover a CBD product you can resonate with. With our wide range of products, you’ll find something to suit your preferences perfectly.

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