5 Tips on Staying Cool This Summer with Delta-8
28th Jun 2021

5 Tips on Staying Cool This Summer with Delta-8

Somehow, before we had a chance to blink, Summertime is upon us again! The season brings lots of excitement – but also a lot of heat. Staying cool is the goal this Summer, and we’re doing as much as we can to help you. Check out these tips for staying cool this Summer season with the help of your favorite brand, Eighty Six.

1. Vape Some Summertime Flavors

And by that we mean to vape any of our Delta-8 Vape Cartridge flavors. Honestly, they all have a Summer vibe when you pair them with the right beverage or snack.

Cereal Killer, for example, brings that familiar taste of F.P.OG. Just think of puffing on some Cereal Killer at the start of your morning so you can stay cool and vibe throughout the day.

Jen & Berry’s is another suggestion that comes in pretty clutch. Reminiscent of the creamy, icy, and delicious frozen treat it gets its name from, puffing on delivers some much-needed cool to an already hot day.

No matter which strain you choose, vape some of our Summertime flavors to get the most of this season.

Vape Some Summertime Flavors

While you’re chilling on the waves at the beach, out for a stroll at the park, or anything in between, you could have a handy vape cartridge in your hands. A Delta-8 high just brings something extra to the season you can otherwise get.

2. Keep Those Shades On

This might be common sense for some people, but not everyone knows just how damaging the Sun can be on our eyes. Your shades should be neglected this Summer, especially as the heat and brightness ramps up.

3. Protect Your Head with a Hat

5 Tips on Staying Cool This Summer with Delta-8

Upgrade your fight against the force of the nature that is the Sun with a hat, too! When you’re out in the Summer heat, you’re exposing yourself each time. While shades are perfect for protecting your eyes, hats are great for protecting the rest of your face.

Not only will you look Summer-ready, but our Dad Hats are top-notch! A classic, you’re looking at a cotton twill hat in three different colors, with the “Elevate Your Mind” motto embroidered across the front. It’s a philosophy to live by – and the hat is a great way to stay cool this Summer!

4. Drink an Ice Cold Beverage

When it’s hot out, one of the best tips on staying cool this Summer with Delta-8 is to kick back a nice and cold refreshment. Then, pair with the vape cartridge to match! You can even be versatile as you pair certain drinks with certain Delta-8 flavors to elevate the experience even more. For example, you can pair Berry Slush with an ice cold glass of strawberry lemonade. You can chug and suffer from the inevitable brain freeze of a blue raspberry slush as you puff on Boo Berry. Lastly, you can drink a classic orange soda while you enjoy the flavor of it as an inhalable distillate alongside it. It honestly doesn’t get more Summer than that.

5. Freeze Your Gummies

When you put your gummies in the fridge or freezer, you’re optimizing how fresh they stay. You’re also giving yourself a cool treat every time you eat one. One of the best places to store our Delta-8 Gummies is in a cold location like the fridge or freezer.

Just make sure you keep it in an airtight container, so the gummies are never directly exposed to the cold. Freezing Delta-8 gummies is one of our favorite tips for staying cool this Summer with Delta-8.

Freeze Your Gummies

The Bottom Line

This Summer heat can do a number on quite a few of us. We hope these tips on staying cool with Delta-8 helped give you some ideas. Arm yourself with cold drinks, frozen treats, and accessories to protect yourself from the Sun’s harmful rays. Pair what works best for you together and take on the season like you’ve never before!

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