6 Ways to Celebrate 420 with Delta-8
22nd Mar 2021

6 Ways to Celebrate 420 with Delta-8

Celebrate 420 with Fun Activities

With 420 just around the corner, how exactly can you celebrate quite literally the greatest holiday on Earth with Delta-9’s newest and hottest cousin, Delta-8? What if you happen to live in a state where cannabis is still taboo? Or what if you are a seasoned stoner but looking to shake things up a bit for the 420 holiday? We’ll answer all this and more in today’s guide!

A Brief History of 420

Before we recommend some 420 activities in which to partake, let’s have a history lesson. From a hidden message in one of Bob Dylan’s favorite tracks to a police code that meant “marijuana smoking in progress,” there are countless conspiracy theories surrounding the origins of the magical 420 holiday. The real origin, however, dates back to the 1970s with a group of high school students.

The Waldos, as they called themselves, would meet on the wall outside of school daily at 4:20pm to smoke pot together. Over time, the code “420” evolved to mean any time marijuana was involved. The number was all that needed to be said, in some cases, for groups to disperse and meet back up in their favorite smoke spot.

The term traveled across the world via The Grateful Dead and their cult-like following, who picked up one of The Waldos as a roadie. Decades later, 420 blew up and it’s for this reason that the marijuana holiday, April 20th, or 420, came to be.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 vape cartridges and food

We won’t bore you with info we’ve already shared across other parts of our platform, but we’ll provide a brief summary before getting to our can’t-miss list of 420 activities. To learn more about what Delta-8 THC is, check out our education page.

In short, Delta-8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp. Delta-8 produces a psychoactive high similar to its cousin, Delta-9 THC. The difference, however, is that Delta-8 is significantly less potent, delivering a high without the added paranoia. You might say that makes it ideal for the 420 holiday.

How to Celebrate 420

Fortunately, now that hemp-derived Delta-8 such as Eighty Six products are legal on a federal level, you can get high on 420 even if you live in a state where cannabis is still illegal! Let’s offer up six 420 activities to celebrate the stoner holiday with Delta-8!

1. Splurge on Your Delta-8 Favorites

Go all out with a variety of Delta-8 products, including our Delta-8 Vape Cartridges such as our fan-favorite, Cereal Killer OG, and our Delta-8 Gummies like Citrus Blast.

2. Immerse Yourself in Nature

St. Patrick’s Day is a green holiday, but 420 is always greener! Celebrate that fact with your 420 activities. Go enjoy the great outdoors and get a little faded while you’re at it. Surround yourself with all that nature has to offer!

Delta-8 Citrus Blast gummies on a red leather seat

3. Try a Delta-8 Product You’ve Never Tried Before

Not only can you splurge on your favorites, but you can branch out and try something you’ve never tried before. Have you sampled all the Delta-8 products on our site? You may stumble upon one that feels better than the rest, or resonates with you in a completely unique way!

We recommend trying our new Delta-8 products as often as you can (just one of the many reasons we’re always excited to release new and improved products). The 420 holiday provides you with the perfect excuse.

4. Participate in a Delta-8 Event

Is there a Delta-8 convention, seminar, or other event going on near you? As the cannabinoid grows in popularity, we’re seeing more events around the subject to bring light to what Delta-8 can do. Be sure to explore the 420 activities happening in your area on April 20th so you can partake in some exciting opportunities!

5. Host a Cooking Party and Make Delta-8 Infused Snacks

Just like old-school marijuana’s THC, you can turn Delta-8 THC into oil that goes great with different foods! Get your hands on some Delta-8 distillate to infuse with some of your favorite snacks to further commemorate the 420 holiday! When you host a cooking party for the holiday, you’re sure to have a fun time with friends!

6. Get Active and Help Push Cannabis Legalization Further

Even though Delta-8 THC is technically legal, marijuana as a whole remains federally outlawed. We progress toward full-on legalization daily, so it comes down to the people on the frontlines to help push the process along. You could be one of those people if you engage in progressive 420 activities. Get out there today and start a movement or simply join a community to propel the legalization of cannabis forward.

Elevate Your 420 Celebration with Eighty Six

Ready to get this 420 train rolling? Explore our selection of premium Delta-8 THC products or check out our blog for inspiration, education, and more!

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