6th May 2024

7 Top Summer Weed Strains to Get High by the Beach With

The Sun warms the sand as the waves beckon, teasing you to enjoy some of your favorite weed strains beside them. It’s a sign – you deserve to de-stress by getting high by the beach. What better way to get the most out of the season’s sunny vibes?

Picture this: lounging on the beach, feeling the warm breeze on your skin. You’re takin gin the soothing sound of the ocean as you take a big puff off your disposable vape pen. It’s elevating your beach experience to new heights. But what weed strains can truly help you lift off? Our guide explores the best summer weed strains to kick back and relax on the sand with.

Why Summer is the Best Time to Get High by the Beach

Summer is synonymous with relaxation. And what better way to unwind than by getting high on your favorite beach? Here’s why summer is the perfect season to enjoy a beachside smoke sesh.

  • Warm Weather and Sunshine: Summer brings sunny days and warm weather, creating the ideal setting for a beach day. The sun’s rays provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and carefree high.
  • Soothing Ocean Breezes: The gentle ocean breeze summer adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the beach. Combined with the calming sound of the waves, it creates a serene environment to enjoy your buzz.
  • Vibrant Surroundings: Summer brings out the vibrant colors of the beach, from the blue ocean to the golden sand and lush greenery. Enjoying your favorite strain amidst such picturesque surroundings can enhance your overall experience.
  • Outdoor Activities: Summer is the time for outdoor fun! The beach offers a wide range of activities to enjoy while high. There’s swimming, beach volleyball, countless other beach games, plus simply lounging in the sun. Getting stoned at the beach adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your summer activities you can’t quite get in other settings.
  • Relaxed Vibes: Lastly, summer is a time to unwind and let go of stress. What better way to do so than with your favorite cannabis strains by Eighty Six?

The laid-back atmosphere perfectly complements the relaxing effects of cannabis. Stoned, you can fully embrace the chill vibes of the season.

Top Summer Weed Strains to Get High by the Beach this Season

Maybe you’re looking to unwind after a long day in the sun. Or, maybe you’re looking to get high by the beach, and you want to feel the right kind of toasty. Regardless of your reason, elevate the beach experience with some of the best-known summer cannabis strains!

Gush Rush HHC

Gushers and Sunset Sherbet cross to shine in the sun through Gush Rush. The indica-dominant hybrid delivers a smooth and relaxed experience. It’s perfect for unwinding after a long summer day.

Lime Delta-8 THC

Lemon Skunk and Northern Lights blend together in a perfect cross we call Lime. The indica delta-8 vape emits a fresh, citrus flavor coupled with a refreshing high. Many consumers enjoy its mellow buzz in the summertime.

Berry Slush Delta-8 THC

Beat the heat with Berry Slush, a Mojito x Strawberry cough Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge. Indulge in sweet strawberry goodness with hints of citrus, lemon, and lime. It’s perfect for a jolt of creative energy during any fine summer day.

Pinkberry Slush Delta-9 THC

Strawberry Cough and Limoncello come together so that users can indulge in Pinkberry Slush. It’s a remix of the classic Berry Slush, but with a hint of lemon. Plus, it comes packed with a higher THC level.

Maui Mamba THCa

Immerse yourself in an elevated experience with Maui Mamba. It’s a dynamic sativa blend of Sour Sangria and Maui Haze. The blend indulges users in a memorable high, perfect for the warmest season.

Orange Pop HHC

Sip on some orange bubbly for a subtle, focused high. Orange Pop combines Cactus Cooler with Tropicana Cookies to create something truly original. The result is a tropical pineapple orange with a sparkle! It’s reminiscent of your favorite orange soda. You remember it always hitting better in the Summer!

Peaches & Cream HHC

There’s something so summer-ready about Peaches & Cream. The strain crosses WiFi Cake with Slurricane for a classic seasonal flavor. Many also love its mellow, well-balanced high.

Tips for Getting High by the Beach Safely (& Responsibly)

When you go to indulge, keep these practical tips in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable time.

  • Stay Hydrated: Spending time in the sun and enjoying cannabis can lead to dehydration. At the very least, it can least to a dry mouth! Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid any discomfort.
  • Know and Respect Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with the cannabis laws and regulations of the area where you’ll be enjoying your beach day. Respect local ordinances and always be sure to consume responsibly.
  • Be Mindful of Your Surroundings: While enjoying your high, be mindful of your surroundings and fellow beachgoers. Respect their space and ensure that your enjoyment doesn’t interfere with theirs.
  • Properly Dispose of Trash: Help keep the beach clean by properly disposing of your trash. Pack out what you pack in and leave no trace behind!
  • Bring Snacks: Pack some tasty snacks to munch on while you enjoy your high by the beach.. Fresh fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks are perfect for satisfying the munches.
  • Mind Your Dose: Be mindful of your cannabis dosage, especially if you’re trying a new strain or product. Start low and go slow to avoid overdoing it and having a bad trip.
  • Plan Your Transportation: Make sure you have a safe and reliable way to get there and back. Designate a sober drive or plan to use public transportation or rideshare services.
  • Stay Cool: Bring along a portable fan, a beach umbrella, or a cooling towel to help beat the heat and stay comfortable.

Closing Thoughts

The sun sets on another perfect beach day. Ready to kick off the summertime shine? Grab your favorite strain, hit the beach, and let the good times roll. Check out Eighty Six’s selection of summer weed strains and discover your new go-to beach buddy today!

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