2nd Jan 2024

All About Indicas: Effects, Uses & Our Favorite Strains

In the cannabis world, most users know of sativa and indicas varieties. While hybrids make the differences muddy nowadays, there are still classic indica effects with certain strains. Our guide here looks at the top indica benefits and gets into indica uses. We’ll also highlight some of the best indica strains on the market.

Understanding Indica Effects

The best indica strains have several things in common. First, they all offer a profound sense of relaxation. They’re also renowned for inducing a cozy sedation. Then, there’s the distinctive body high.

And it’s not just a mental shift – it’s a full-body experience where some feel couch-locked. In a word, they’re comfortably anchored. The powerful physical relaxation is a hallmark for indica varieties.

Due to their typical indica effects, it’s often cited as ideal for evening use. The sedating and relaxing qualities go hand-in-hand with winding down for the night. That makes them a perfect companion for night owls and those seeking a restful night’s sleep alike.

As the day transitions to dusk and the world slows down, indicas step into the spotlight. With them come indica benefits that some consumers may not yet know.

Indica Benefits

For medical users and recreational consumers alike, indica strains extend beyond the ordinary. The potential therapeutic benefits alone make the best indica strains even more valuable. Let’s look at the unique advantages of indica varieties and how they can elevate cannabis.

  • Potential Therapeutic Relief. The indica type of cannabis strains may provide certain types of relief. Specific indica effects amplify that relief.
  • Stress Relief. Indica continues to gain renown for its profound stress-relief properties. While it doesn’t magically take stress away, it can put you into a better headspace. That mood shift allows some users to take on their stress more easily.
  • Pain Management. The comforting touch of indica offers tired muscles and joints potential relief. Some users prefer the cannabis variety for its ability to help with various types of pain. Users with chronic pain like arthritis benefit tremendously from indica effects. The best indica strains offer respite from the daily grind.
  • Sleep Aid. Indica uses also include creating an ideal environment for restorative rest. The sedative and relaxing qualities make them a reliable companion for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

Top Indica Uses

Beyond individual benefits, indica strains serve various uses in different situations. In the section below this one, you’ll see Eighty Six’s indica strains are no exception. Let’s explore indica uses’ versatility in real situations.

  • Muscle Recovery. We already mentioned some use indica effects for tired muscles. That lends itself to overall muscle recovery. Some like to lean on an indica after an intense workout or physical activity. The soothing properties may alleviate muscle tension and promote a faster recovery process.
  • Appetite Stimulation. Certain indica strains, especially those with specific terpene profiles, may stimulate appetite. Plenty of consumers use cannabis’ appetite-stimulating effects to their gain. Maybe you’re undergoing a medical treatment that impacts your appetite. Or, you could simply want a more enjoyable dining experience. Indica strains are there to help!
  • Mood Enhancement. Smart cannabis users utilize indica’s mood enhancement properties, too. Think of the relaxing and downright euphoric effects some indica strains cause. They may contribute to a wider sense of well-being. It makes indica varieties an excellent choice for times when you need to uplift your spirits.
  • Evening Unwind. Typical indica effects make them a go-to for decompressing in the evening. The right strain can turn the evening unwind into a ritual of relaxation and indulgence.
  • Creative Contemplation. Contrary to popular belief, sativa strains aren’t the only ones to spark creativity. Some of the top indica strains open avenues for introspection and imaginative thinking. Unique terpene profiles from our carefully crafted blends contribute the sensory experience. The best indica might enhance your creative pursuits!
  • Social Soothing. Indicas don’t have to be for just solo relaxation. They foster ease and tranquility in social settings, too. With certain indica strains, the social experience becomes a symphony of serenity.

Exploring the Best Indica Strains

Pamper yourself in the rich tapestry of indica strains. Each holds its own unique characteristics that define the essence of relaxation. At the forefront of this exploration are top indica strains from Eighty Six. These are carefully crafted to elevate your psychoactive experience.

For example, there are indica strain spotlights in our OG Series. The Lime Delta-8 Disposable embraces the refreshing zing of citrus. Meanwhile, it still provides the essence of relaxation with each puff.

Or you might prefer a more traditional way of consuming indica. In that case our Grape Soda Delta-8 THC Pre-Roll is the ideal indica for the situation. It’s perfect for those looking for a classic, but innovative experience. The standout strain with a grape-infused aromas is a must-try for indica fans.

Then, there’s our OMG Series. Trial between the Blue Magic and PRPL Haze Live Rosin disposables. Each offers unique indica uses with a symphony of flavors.

  • Blue Magic is a spin on the Blue Cheese strain. It tastes like a dank blueberry cheesecake that’s been drizzled with live rosin.
  • Meanwhile, PRPL Haze derives from Granddaddy Purple, one of the most famous indica strains in the game.

The live rosin disposable is an expertly crafted mixture of Delta-8 THC, CBN, and more, providing a captivating experience.

No holding back, our Cloud 9 Series has several of the best indica strains, too. The Dough Boys and Jelly Jam two-gram disposables each offer powerfully blissful sessions. Each puff is a delightful treat, offer a flavor that transcends the ordinary.

Dough Boy is a cross between Jungle Scout Cookies and G6. Jelly Jam crosses Raspberry Smash with White Rhino. No matter which you indulge in, you’re clearly in for a treat.

Eighty Six Elevates Your Experience

What sets our indica strains apart? Eighty Six stands behind our commitment to deliver a premium cannabis experience.

Lab-Tested Purity

We ensure each strain is accurate, clean, safe, and free from contaminants. Every strain also undergoes rigorous testing. That ensures the highest standards of purity and quality.


Our process includes cultivating our potent indica strains for maximum effect. Each product offers a carefully curated blend that goes beyond the conventional. It’s a tailored experience for users whether you’re after therapeutic benefits or a fun buzz.


We offer a flair of confidence for the artistry behind our strains. It reflects our dedication to our cannabis craft. Explore the best indica strains from the OG, OMG, Cloud 9 Series, and more today. Let Eighty Six redefine your journey into the world of relaxation. With each strain, discover a new facet of cannabis excellence!

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