10th Jul 2023

Amanita Muscaria vs. Psilocybin: The Facts

If you thought all psychedelics were the same, think again. Today we’re going to look at two of the most well-known mushrooms out there: Amanita Muscaria – the star of our newest product line, Fun Guy Gummies – and the psilocybin-containing Magic Mushrooms.

Active Compounds

Chemicals or substances that cause changes in the way we think or feel are called active ingredients. The most powerful active ingredient in weed is THC, although there are other chemicals that also affect how we feel. Mushrooms are no different; they contain many different compounds and chemicals. When it comes to the active compounds in Amanita Muscaria and Magic Mushrooms, we’re dealing with two completely different compounds and chemicals.

When it comes to the active compounds in Amanita Muscaria and Magic Mushrooms, we’re dealing with two completely different substances that work on different parts of our brain and have completely different psychoactive experiences. For magic mushrooms, the active ingredient is psilocybin, which you may have heard recently as some states have moved towards decriminalizing hallucinogens. For the Amanita Mushroom, the active ingredients is a chemical called Muscimol.

How Do They Work?

The fundamental differences in how magic mushrooms and Amanita mushrooms works is directly connected to their active ingredients and how they work in our bodies. Psilocybin effects are serotonin receptors while Muscimol effects are a different system, call our GABA receptors. The GABA system is the same system that is affected by alcohol and benzodiazapines, while serotonin receptors are influential on several neurological processes including aggression, anxiety, appetite, cognition, memory, mood, nausea, and sleep.

GABA receptors, on the other hand, which what is stimulated by Muscimol, inhibits nerve transmission, effectively slowing down these messages sent and received in your brain. The differences in how and what these two compounds affect is why the experience of taking Amanita and Magic mushrooms are so different.

What Do They Feel Like? How Do The Experiences Compare?

Describing the feeling of a psychedelic trip can be pretty tough. Each experience is heavily influenced by the individual, so no two experiences are ever going to be exactly the same. When comparing Magic Mushrooms to the Amanita variety, or edibles that contain Amanita extract, like our Fun Guy Gummies, generally, an Amanita trip is much milder than a Magic Mushrooms trip – although it is worth noting that Amanita Mushrooms are psychoactive in its own right. The difference in effects can be chalked up to the differences in active ingredients.

Magic Mushrooms and Psilocybin work on serotonin receptors, and reduce the amount of energy needed for the brain to switch between tasks. This could likely account for the broad range of emotions and hallucinations people experience after consuming Psilocybin.

Tripping on Magic Mushrooms is an all-encompassing experience where your perception of your mind, body, and world around are all greatly affected. Trips can last for several hours and often include a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. Some people laugh hysterically, some people break down and sob – it’s all relative to the individual, their current state and the environment they’re in – all of which are highly variable. In some preliminary testing of the pharmaceutical applications of Psilocybin, small or one time doses have shown some promise with potential use as an antidepressant, though more testing is needed to figure out exactly how Psilocybin affects the brain and how it can be harnessed for therapeutic purposes.

Where Psilocybin trip can be overwhelming and highly emotional, an Amanita trip, while still hallucinogenic, is a much milder, more controlled high. Amanita’s active ingredient Muscimol is responsible for the feelings of euphoria, changes in perception and intense hallucinations. Muscimol affects the GABA receptors in our brains, the same part of our brain affected by alcohol , and many have described the feeling of tripping on Amanita Mushrooms as being slightly similar to being moderately drunk but with more hallucinations. Muscimol also differs from Psilocybin in that it has sedating properties, which can help to counteract any anxiety that may arise or be triggered by hallucinations.

Safety and Risks

As with any intoxicant, there are some risks associated with the usage of both Magic Mushrooms and Amanita Mushrooms. Incorrect dosing poses the biggest health risk when it comes to mushrooms. It’s extremely important to know exactly how much you’re taking, which is tough to do with Magic Mushrooms. Amanita, on the other hand, is legal and can be found in edible form, like our Fun Guy Gummies. These are third-party lab-tested so you know what you’re taking and exactly how much.

Even with precisely dosed edibles such as the Fun Guy Gummies, accidents happen and you could eat too many at one time. Higher doses can lead to intense hallucinations, delirium and dangerous changes in perception. The Ibotenic Acid in Amanita can also cause a severely upset stomach if too much is ingested. This can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and a ton of other uncomfortable GI side effects.

With unregulated hallucinogens like Psilocybin, the chances of accidentally taking too much are pretty high – no pun intended – making them much riskier. Consuming too much Psilocybin can cause dangerous changes in perception, impaired judgment, violent or irrational behavior, shaking, confusion and a host of other extremely uncomfortable side effects.

It’s also important to note that all mushrooms can pose inherent risks to humans; foraging your own mushrooms is extremely dangerous. Mushrooms can be notoriously hard to identify and often resemble completely different species of mushrooms at different stages of their growth cycle, making misidentification highly likely and very dangerous. Raw mushrooms, even Amanita Muscaria, also contain toxins that can cause severe GI distress, which is another reason we don’t recommend trying to forage your own hallucinogens. Instead, go the safer, easier route and start your mushie journey with Psilocybin’s younger, calmer sibling Amanita.

The Safest Way to Trip

Tripping on mushrooms comes with some inherent risks, but as long as you’re well educated, you don’t have to be scared. There are lots of reputable companies out there working to bring you safe mushies, and Eighty Six is at the head of the pack with Fun Guy Gummies. These delicious trippy treats are lab tested and made with the high quality extracts, so you can trust that your mushies are safe and non toxic. Our precisely dosed individualized pieces make it easy for you to always know exactly how much you’ve taken, so you can trip out safely. And, with three delicious flavors, Blue Razz, Watermelon and Strawberry, we’ve got something tasty for everyone.

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