Cozy Up this Fall with Our Most Popular Indica Strains

Cozy Up this Fall with Our Most Popular Indica Strains

With the launch of our new and improved vape cartridges, we want to spotlight all the reasons to love indica strains.  Especially as we get into the fall season, it's the perfect time for these strains to shine.  We want to show you all the ways you can cozy up with our most popular indica strains in our lineup.  Of course, we'll also be spotlighting the hybrids that offer the best of both worlds.  Let's take a look at our Delta-8 indica cartridge flavors to show off why each deserves some love for the new season.


Getting even more love as we come into this toasty season, our indica strains are shining bright.  There's a lot to love all around, from our disposables, to our SUGAR line of edibles, and even to our original Gummies.  Let's take a moment to truly appreciate the indica strains that started it all.


What STILL stands as one of our most popular strains to date even with a face lift and slight recipe upgrade is the Cereal Killer Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge.  Cereal Killer is a bowl of fruity pebbles cereal, complete with subtle notes of sweet and spice with an extra helping of milk for good measure.

You can expect a sesh to garner a sense of euphoria coupled with calm creativity as you unwind for the day.  It's a hard-to-beat strain, regardless of your familiarity with Delta-8!


Purple Punch was a shopper favorite of ours, so we wanted to give it a potent punch ourselves.  We complimented the heavy grape flavor Purple Punch inherently possesses with that of blueberry-filled cookies from Blue Cookies.  The effect is an even-stronger indica dominant strain, whose effects calm you down, chill you out, and leave you in a state of complete and total relaxation.

Grape Soda is one of our strongest indica strains, so if you're looking to ditch the hyperactive strains and relax your way through the Fall and Winter, Grape Soda is your best bet!


No day is EVER complete without ice cream!  And what better way to enjoy ice cream than by getting a little elevated in the process?  This is where the Jen & Berry's Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge comes in.  A heaping scoop of vanilla gelato, filled to the brim with creamy vanilla overtones and smash together in between two layers of moist vanilla cake.

When it comes to the overall experience Jen & Berry's delivers some much-needed mellow vibes to your surroundings.  Float your way to bliss and the lucid feelings coupled with relaxation will come in no time!


Okay, so now that Summer is very much in the rearview mirror, Fall is fully upon us.  The days are shorter, the Sun goes down earlier, the temperatures cool down, and the leaves start changing colors before ultimately falling all over the place.  What on Earth can you do to bring on the Autumn vibes?  More importantly, what can you do while elevated on Eighty Six Brand indica strains in the middle of Autumn?  Here are three recommendations we like doing; maybe you'll like it too!


If you fall into the category of those that frequently go to the grocery store to stock up on food and supplies for the week, you might have already noticed that the market is no longer stocked with floor-to-ceiling piles of watermelon.  Instead, the shelves have been replaced with PUMPKINS!  Pumpkins in the fall is a hallmark item - whether it be to carve out during Halloween, bake a delicious pumpkin pie, or just to "Fall-ify" your porch, pumpkins are THE way to go.

If you're feeling up to it, you can also consider visiting a pumpkin patch with the family.  Don't just relegate your search to the market, go see them all and make a day out of it!  For extra, added good measure, consider going a little elevated to deliver some much-needed relaxation vibes while you're at it.  Consider toking up on Jen & Berry's and floating your way through the endless hay-filled lanes to pick out the pumpkin that resonates with you the most!


If you grew up on a street where it was lined with trees, chances are your folks made you rake up all the leaves into a neat little pile.  If you did that as a kid, you probably also liked NOT doing that and instead, made a mess by jumping in those piles.  Now, who says we can't do that, elevated, as adults? 

Relive the carefree bliss that was childhood and celebrate the leaves changing and falling by jumping into a pile of leaves, stoned!  Trust us, taking a generous puff of Grape Soda and having the strain couch-lock you into sinking into anything soft, like leaves, is a great way to spend the new season.


Since Autumn drives down temperatures, it's the perfect time for sweater season and curling up with your other half.  Order some take out, stock up on the blankets, and enjoy the simple pleasures of another human being you love in your personal space.  And to keep it more interesting, consider blazing together to enjoy a night of laughs, giggles, and cuddles while aptly elevated!  The Cereal Killer Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge serves as the PERFECT date night strain.  The sweet and creamy flavor delivers a healthy helping of euphoria as now your conversations get more interesting and quite possibly the logic in trying to explain things gets a little more difficult!


What a time to be alive, the Summer is in the rearview mirror and Autumn is descending into the forefront a little more each day.  While we only gave out three recommendations to go and try, we're confident that you can come up with an endless supply of Fall-time activities.  Rotate out your hyperactive sativa strains and instead opt for something a little more relaxing: the indica strains available as Delta-8 vape cartridges, courtesy of Eighty Six Brand.