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Grape Soda (Purple Punch) Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge

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The Blue Cookies x Purple Punch strain Delta-8 THC vape cartridge is a mix made in heaven, resulting in Grape Soda goodness. This indica blend smacks you straight out the gate with a burst of grape overtones and notes of oozing blueberry-infused cookies. You can expect to do a whole lot of nothing as the heavy-handed sedation sinks you further into the couch. Embrace the vibe and chill, you deserve it after a long day!

Crosses: Purple Punch x Blue Cookies

Classification: Indica

Terpene Profile: Sleepy // Relaxed // Happy


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • Premium BLINC® Cartridges
  • Certified for Safety
  • Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta 8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

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Eighty Six can ship our Grape Soda (Purple Punch x Blue Cookies strain) Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

The Perfect Combo

Get the perfect blend of a Purple Punch Delta-8 cartridge and a Blue Cookies strain Delta-8 THC vape cartridge all wrapped into one! Our Grape Soda cartridge offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy the smooth relaxation of an indica made for chilling out.

Enjoy Every Flavor

Whether you want a Grape Soda cartridge or if you’re craving a different kind of flavor, explore the strains available at Eighty Six. From sativa to indica to hybrids in between, we have a vape cartridge for everyone — or you could just try them all.

Top-Notch Quality

Eighty Six is all about quality. From our potent vape cartridges to our selection of edibles, we test everything with a reliable third-party lab. Vape — or chew — with confidence each time you shop at Eighty Six.

Customer Reviews (91)

It’s great but

Posted by Trinity on 2nd Feb 2022
It’s great but the flavor tastes odd, like it’s not terrible but it’s not good either great product tho

Stinky >.<

Posted by Angel Lewis on 7th Dec 2021
I had high hopes for her, but honestly it tastes like ripe armpits or something equally funky. Hoping the fruity pebbles one tastes better, i wanna support this brand!!

nice taste

Posted by David on 4th Nov 2021
nice and sweet taste...not as good as the gelato but still leaves you with a good mellow feeling

you'll enjoy it

Posted by Melanie on 2nd Nov 2021
if you're a fan of grape, you will enjoy this cartridge

top notch

Posted by Wilson on 1st Nov 2021
Delta8 vapes are absolute quality! I'm glad I came across their products.

Tasty smoke

Posted by Tiffany on 30th Oct 2021
tasty and smells great, can't wait to grab more!

Knocked out

Posted by Dylan on 29th Oct 2021
Purple punch has a great. I can't stay awake for long with this strain, cause the indica high from purple punch just knocks you out!

amazing pull

Posted by Benjamin on 28th Oct 2021
quality is immaculate. Amazing pull smokes great

very mellow

Posted by Robert on 25th Oct 2021
takes the edge off and helps you relax

taste just like grape

Posted by Zack on 25th Oct 2021
actually tastes like grape soda. Excellent quality hemp extract

smelled great

Posted by David on 24th Oct 2021
Smells great and grapey. It's a very happy high. When I'm out with friends they kept telling I had uncontrollable giggles.

very impressed

Posted by Justin on 21st Oct 2021
I was surprise how smooth purple punch was. The flavor and smell are also pleasant. My expectations were not let down!


Posted by Amy on 19th Oct 2021
A really light and sweet taste. Helps mellow me down for the night.

works as advertised

Posted by Christian on 19th Oct 2021
Will definitely get you high but with less sedation. I think it's one of the best products I've gotten so far. Grape flavor is yummy.

nice grape scent

Posted by Annie on 19th Oct 2021
nice flavor. It's a relatively strong indica and overall good experience

good cbd cartridge

Posted by Angel on 18th Oct 2021
Good Flavor. Very relaxing.

I love it!

Posted by Ron on 18th Oct 2021
Tastes great, would 100% recommend


Posted by Jason on 18th Oct 2021
This was what I was looking for! A recreational enjoyment, promised!

one of my faves

Posted by Sandra on 16th Oct 2021
One of the best carts I've bought!

Great for chill

Posted by L on 13th Oct 2021
Good grape taste. Awesome up. Use daily and this still hits after about 3 tugs. Great for relaxation.


Posted by Mer on 11th Oct 2021
Solid cartridge with fruity flavoring. Only issue is the silicone ring is loose and leaky- making the cartridge slightly sticky.

not a let down

Posted by Jerry on 10th Oct 2021
came here after reading about Delta 8 on reddit. Definitely was not a let down.

great Delta cartridge

Posted by Jimmy on 9th Oct 2021
very nice uplifting feeling. 5/5 taste and effects! Will definitely buy again!

A punch in the face

Posted by Josiah on 4th Oct 2021
This gives you a punch in the face. Leaves me feeling superrr relaxedd!


Posted by Carlos on 2nd Oct 2021
purple punch smacks for sure. reasonable price

the grade soda

Posted by Ramon on 2nd Oct 2021
Clean and subtle. They hit smooth and produce desirable effects

love the grape taste

Posted by Adam on 1st Oct 2021
i love the taste of this grape cart. number one customer for sure


Posted by Sam on 28th Sep 2021
Awesome! nice blend of relaxed and peaceful.


Posted by Lance on 27th Sep 2021
grape soda and blueberry makes a great combo. great for relaxing the body for reading, stretching or just laying down with some much needed rest

best brand

Posted by Mary on 25th Sep 2021
Delta 8 are amazing compared to other brands. The effects are amazing


Posted by Joey on 21st Sep 2021
The cartridge is very strong and potent. The taste is somewhat of berries. You should try. You won't be disappointed gaurantee

nice grape flavor

Posted by David on 21st Sep 2021
more than what i was expecting. nice flavor

works great

Posted by Amber on 21st Sep 2021
Grape soda has a wonderful aroma and relaxing feel. Awesome customer service


Posted by Linda on 20th Sep 2021
the grape cartridge is good and helps me relax

really like this flavor!

Posted by Ernesto on 18th Sep 2021
tasted just like eating a bowl of cereal in the morning


Posted by Pamela on 17th Sep 2021
It's a great product and brand. Better than any other ones I've tried

Slept good

Posted by Olivia on 12th Sep 2021
I got this for my man and he liked it. His body was always sored and he is a super light sleeper. After he hit the cartridge, he slept like a baby and woke up feeling good.

grape like gas

Posted by Sean on 11th Sep 2021
really taste fucking great

first timer

Posted by Ben on 10th Sep 2021
first time trying this car and it hits smooth and tastes great


Posted by Elliot on 10th Sep 2021
these delta 8 carts are perfect. take your time with these and start slow.


Posted by Mike on 5th Sep 2021
Pretty good. Tastes like grape and smokey. I like it overall.

Purple punch

Posted by Marcelo on 5th Sep 2021
A serious relaxation..helps feel stressed free. Smoke taste was pleasant. Smells like grape soda.


Posted by Francine on 3rd Sep 2021
I'm so glad ya'll make this flavor cartridge. No odor and simple to use in public

Best Indica flavor

Posted by Andrew on 1st Sep 2021
This grape cart has a smooth taste. I love buying from Delta Eight.

good buy

Posted by Quincy on 30th Aug 2021
Just what I was looking for. The cart tastes great. Seems to be high quality.

Grape time

Posted by Jake on 30th Aug 2021
Cartridge is well made and cbd was excellent. The effects were strong and flavors are great.

Favorite flavor!!!

Posted by Sam on 25th Aug 2021
honestly the best cartridge I've ever used. it's high quality and well worth it!

Love the terp

Posted by Nathaniel on 24th Aug 2021
Great taste, love the terp. Great choice for a relaxation.


Posted by Donna on 19th Aug 2021
Potent, tasty and consistent every time

so good

Posted by Teresa on 15th Aug 2021
The grape soda was a good product. I would give it 4/5 rating. The taste was harsh at first but settled down after hitting it for awhlie.

Love the taste

Posted by Chris on 13th Aug 2021
Grape soda berry is a great indica cartridge

New Favorite

Posted by Douglas on 12th Aug 2021
One of the best that I've had from D8. I feel the effects of this faster than any other that I've tried. Making this my new go to! Clean taste.

favorite monthly cart

Posted by Brenda on 8th Aug 2021
I have been using these carts for a few months and they still haven't ceased to amaze me!


Posted by Billy on 7th Aug 2021
grape soda it is! taste like sizurpp! what a genius!

great product

Posted by Charles on 7th Aug 2021
Very relaxing. You'll get the affects immediately. I would recommend it for sure

satisfied customer

Posted by Janet on 5th Aug 2021
I really enjoyed this cartridge. The flavor is tasty

exceeded my expectations

Posted by Vanessa on 4th Aug 2021
far exceeded my expectations! will do business with them again plus shipping was FAST!

best i've tried

Posted by Dennis on 2nd Aug 2021
wow this is amazing! best cbd cartridge I've tried

effective indica

Posted by Nathan on 1st Aug 2021
Purple punch relaxes me after a long day. Flavor is delicious too!

First buy! love it

Posted by Ben on 30th Jul 2021
First cartridge with Delta 8. This product is the best! Don't even need to touch my flower anymore.

does the job

Posted by Gary on 30th Jul 2021
I love this thing. It does everything I prayed it would do.

I didn’t get it from here

Posted by JaccJacc on 21st Jul 2021
I didn’t get my cart from the website but I had to say it is good as fucc

great taste

Posted by Rebecca on 7th Jun 2021
It's relaxing, calming, and tastes good


Posted by Arjun on 7th Jun 2021
my favorite flavor

it works

Posted by Steve on 6th Jun 2021
it works


Posted by Sally on 1st Jun 2021
When I'm feeling generous I share this with the homies.


Posted by Frances on 29th May 2021
Works as it says it would


Posted by Alejandra on 6th Apr 2021
Good product, good flavor

Ships nicely

Posted by Kenneth on 30th Mar 2021
Super discreet and really clean packaging. Wish the distillate was stronger


Posted by Dulce on 28th Mar 2021
Tastes good and wipes away the bad vibes


Posted by Juan on 23rd Mar 2021
perfect bed time strain

Dont judge

Posted by Patricia on 19th Mar 2021
Don't judge but church goes by sooo much faster after a few hits of this

Straight fire

Posted by Karen on 8th Mar 2021
This might by my first review but this strain is straight FIRE.

Good break

Posted by Shane on 7th Mar 2021
Good break from regular weed with this weaker version


Posted by Patrick on 5th Mar 2021
Great taste and very relaxing!


Posted by Bonnie on 27th Feb 2021
Took 5 normal hits and it feels like I was slapped in the face. Take it easy with this one

It's heady

Posted by Harry on 27th Feb 2021
It's a super heady high. Perfect night time go-to!

Couch potato mode

Posted by Liliana on 20th Feb 2021
It's couch potato season and I'm totally about it


Posted by Leticia on 17th Feb 2021
Muscles relaxed, no tension, body high and mental clarity? This is some high level king shit right here


Posted by Joseph on 16th Feb 2021
Highly recommend this!

Purple is my Go TO!

Posted by Purpz on 4th Feb 2021
I usually smoke and vape purple strains only as I love the way the flavors hit. Delta8 did a great job capturing the flavor of the purple punch strain in their cartridges. I am a fan for life. I bought the DOSIDO and the purple punch together and the two make for a great combination.

Awesome Packaging and Quality

Posted by Paul Tran on 1st Feb 2021
Great quality on the actual vape cartridge device itself. I have used many that die or break in a few days but delta-8 has sourced some really well made cartridges. Along with that, the quality and potency of the purple punch is just too good. Glad there's still stock for me to order another pack

Can't go wrong

Posted by Austin on 1st Feb 2021
all the flavors are bomb but this is my fave


Posted by David on 29th Jan 2021
Purple punch usually knocks me out. Not this one tho. I taste more flavor than feel the distillate

Pre-gig scaries

Posted by Michael on 25th Jan 2021
Use this or any of the other indica type flavors if you suffer from nervousness!

Tried this at DTSP!

Posted by Jonathan on 23rd Jan 2021
Flew in from NYC last week and picked this up at some tampa smoke shop. These things fking slap!


Posted by Natalie on 21st Jan 2021
Perfect if you're looking to do nothing


Posted by Julio on 17th Jan 2021
All I can say is....YUMMY!

Punch to the Gut!

Posted by Richard Hallsy on 11th Jan 2021
This is an amazing product! The purple flavor really shines every time you get a hit. Perfect head high and amazing all day cartridge. Definitely recommend anyone looking at this to BUY IT

Hard to find great purple vapes

Posted by Jamal Eden on 9th Jan 2021
Out here in LA its tough for me to find good purple flavored cartridges. Delta 8 really came through with a dope purple vape packed full of flavor.

Awesome Product, Great Flavors

Posted by Jake Salinger on 8th Jan 2021
Just got my hands on this Purple Punch flavor from Eighty Six Brand and Oooohwee I am in love. Smooth full draws with amazing flavor in each hit. Came back and re-ordered a few more for the head stash.
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