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Looking for the ultimate in-da-couch vibes? Eighty Six has got your relaxation needs covered with our massive selection of indica products online. Made from the dankest and most popular strains available our indica collection will have you feeling super chill and hella fine in no time. Perfect for calming a busy mind, easing discomforts, and even defeating restless nights, indicas are your go-to for shutting off the mind and sinking deep into that body high. From pre rolls to vapes, live rosin to Delta-8, Eighty Six is the place to buy indica strains today!








The Entourage Effect

What is the “entourage effect” and why is everybody talking about it? To break it down the entourage effect is a buddy system where all the different components of a cannabis strain come together to form a super Power Ranger that is more powerful than each individual element.

When you’re shopping for indica products online you want a strain that’s loaded with goodies to help you achieve both relaxation and maximum fun.

Indicas are famous for terpenes that smell and taste like pine trees or wet forests. The most common terpene found in indica strains is myrcene which users report feeling sleepy after consuming. When you combine the myrcene with higher levels of CBD and just a touch of THC, they work together in your body to become stronger and more effective. So when you buy indica strains you’re getting the total package. Just think every time you spark up one of our delicious indica Delta-8 Pre Rolls you’re getting the super Power Ranger of weed.

If you’ve ever wondered why people are so obsessed with live rosin products it’s for the same entourage effects reason. Live rosin is made in a way that doesn’t damage or diminish the potency of the terpenes. Making our indica live rosin vapes the purest most delicious vapes ever.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Get in-da-couch today!

Each strain serves a purpose and provides a unique vibe. Some days you feel like being the life of the party or want to get your creative juices flowing. Other times all you want is to sit back, relax, and forget about the world. Indica’s are perfect for chilling out.

With their higher levels of CBD, they give you a deep body high that calms the mind and relaxes tense muscles. Experiencing a noxious belly or staying awake all night? Try a few hits from one of our indica Delta-9 Disposables and discover the relieving properties that everyone is talking about.

Many users report that indica strains help them reduce feelings of discomfort. So if you love the gym but hate being sore after, our indica products online may help you forget how much you hate leg day.

Indicas are also known for causing the munchies, so be warned. When you break open a new Prism Indica Vape you better have some tasty treats ready. No one goes hungry on our watch!

When you buy indica strains from Eighty Six you’re getting nothing but premium products derived from GMO and pesticide-free hemp. We have everything third-party lab tested and post all of our results online so you can see exactly what you’re getting and how much fun you’re going to have every time.

Elevate your vibe the Eighty Six way!


How is cannabis indica different from cannabis sativa?

Indica and sativa are the two main types of cannabis. Indicas come from Central Asia and originated in the dryer, colder, and higher elevations of the Hindu Kush mountains. Indicas grow in shorter fuller bushes with leaves that have wider points. They contain higher levels of CBD and certain terpenes like myrcene. Sativas come from the warmer, more tropical climates of Mexico, Central America, and SE Asia. They grow tall and skinny like trees and have thin pointed leaves. Sativas tend to have fruitier-smelling terpenes and much higher levels of THC.

How does indica make you feel?

Our indica products online contain high levels of CBD and myrcene. That means indicas will have a stronger effect on your body. The terpene myrcene is thought to help people feel relaxed and sleepy. Very much the same way that lavender is calming and helps some people fall asleep. CBD is the cannabinoid that attaches to the body’s nerve receptors. Its inherent properties help manage symptoms related to inflammation and may assist the central nervous system to achieve a state of homeostasis. While you will feel some head high if there is any THC present, it’s more of a deep body high. Some people even experience a couch-lock sensation where they become so relaxed they don’t want to move or do anything except chill.

When is the best time to enjoy an indica product?

That depends on how you like to vibe. Because indicas tend to make people super relaxed and occasionally sleepy you’ll get the most out of the experience by enjoying it at night, after a long day of work, or when you’re ready to wind down. But you also might like the way indicas help sore muscles after a day of cross fit, or calm an anxious mind during a stressful situation. You might be about to judge a pie contest and need an appetite boost or enjoy a movie marathon on a rainy day. The possibilities for indica fun are endless. Just think about what you want to accomplish and plan accordingly.

What are the most popular indica strains?

When buying indica strains it’s important to look at the percentage of CBD vs. THC in each one. This will help you understand how much of a body high you’re going to experience. Some of the most popular indica strains have super high levels of CBD balanced by THC.

– Skywalker OG is a famous indica known for its super relaxing properties that make you feel as calm as a Jedi master.
– Northern Lights is an heirloom strain thought to be derived from one of the oldest mother plants found. High levels of myrcene give it an intense piney smell and grassy taste.
– Bubba Kush is the OG weed when it comes to euphoric dream states and heavy sedation. You’re going to want to clear your schedule for that one.
– Blue cheese tastes way better than it sounds, with hints of blueberry and cream cheese. Think more blueberry cheesecake than funky old cheese. It’s also great for stress release and letting go of worries.

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