26th Jul 2021

Can You Use Delta-8 to Enhance Your Workouts?

Sha’Carri Richardson was barred from the Olympics back in July 2021 after testing positive for marijuana. This ignited a still-ongoing debate as to whether cannabis plays a role as a performance-enhancing drug. What does weed enhance, after all? Can you use Delta-8 to enhance your workouts? Well, yes and no. We want to dive in-depth into the answers today.

What Does the Science Say?

Marijuana was added to the list of banned substances for the Olympics in 1998. Unfortunately, the concept that marijuana improves efficiency or performance was never at any point, supported by science. On the contrary, the proof has always been inconclusive. Cannabis doesn’t appear to be a performance-enhancing drug by any definition.

In fact, one study observes that cannabis “doesn’t act as a sport efficiency enhancing agent as raised by common belief.” Researchers of the study recommend users don’t consume cannabis in an effort “to maximize efficiency in sports activities.” Miscommunication and misreading of scientific language has caused the gap we now see in sports history. Cannabis is marked as some performance-enhancing drug when, in reality, it may do the opposite.

Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, may still be able to help you enhance your workout. It could do so in more than one way, too – just perhaps not in the ways that you might think.

Using Delta-8 to Enhance Your Workouts

Using Delta-8 to Enhance Your Workouts

So, then, if cannabis and even Delta-8 aren’t considered performance-enhancing, how can they enhance a workout? While Delta-8 may not cause a boost in your physical prowess magically, it does do what it’s supposed to: it enhances the experience.

No matter what kind of mindset you go in with, the less-potent form of THC can always help to elevate the experience. Many users find a boost in their mood and focus. This gives them more motivation and willpower to actually get to the gum in the first place! The next time you’re struggling to workout, try out some Delta-8. It might be what you needed to jumpstart your motivation. While it doesn’t do any of the work for you, the hemp derivative can come in handy when you need it most.

And you don’t have to be an athlete to use Delta-8, either. Any user can take advantage of its energizing effects. While it may not up your performance, it can at least make your workout go by easier. Some might even say it goes by faster! Either way, you might take this as a sign to give it a try for yourself. After all, everyone is different. You may find that Delta-8 helps your workouts like no other pre-workout has. You’ll never know until you try it!

4 Ways to Use Delta-8 When Working Out

There are a few considerations to keep in mind if you start using Delta-8 with your workouts. If you want to incorporate Delta-8 into your training regimen, here are a few tips to remember.

Check with Your Organization

First, THC is still illegal in many states, and federally. While Delta-8 is technically legal, THC itself is still considered a performance-enhancing drug in certain competitive fitness environments. Check with your federation leading up to any athletic event for how they handle cannabis products. Unfortunately, Delta-8 can show up on a drug test the same as other types of THC.

Be wary of this before you dive too far into the hemp derivative. Make sure your organization understands the difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC.

Consider Incorporating it on a Rest Day

If it’s your first time trying out Delta-8, consider testing it on a rest day first. You don’t know exactly how it’s going to make you feel. It’s best to try it the first time at your home so you know how you can handle. This can also help you decide if you need to take more or less when you try out Delta-8 before you head to the gym.

As it’s essential to know how Delta-8 will impact you as an individual, try it first in small quantities. While it’s already found in small quantities in both hemp and cannabis plants, a Delta-8 product is different.

For example, the Delta-8 found in Eighty Six Group products are made of distillate. That means it’s a highly concentrated extract, so less is always more when you consume it.

Can You Use Delta-8 to Enhance Your Workouts?

If you’re using a Delta-8 vape cartridge, or our new Delta-8 disposable devices, take one puff at a time, and wait to see how it makes you feel. And if you’re looking to eat Delta-8 with our Gummies or even our new SUGAR edibles collection, try out just half or one piece to start. Then, work your way up to a full dose or even double the dose as you become more familiar with Delta-8.

Get in the Zone

The biggest benefit most users find from Delta-8 when they workout is the focus it gives them. In a word, Delta-8 can get you in the zone. While the Delta-9 THC in traditional cannabis can feel intoxicating, the less-potent variety can make you feel pumped.

Since Delta-8 binds to the CB2 receptors in similar fashion as hemp-derived CBD, Delta-8 provides more uplifting and energizing effects than Delta-9. We can also observe that Delta-8 appear to boost one’s mood. You’re looking at the combination of a boost in your mood and the energy to actually do something about it.

Lose Calories Faster

We already know that THC promotes the munchies. While it’s not as intense as the THC in marijuana, even low doses do stimulate a desire to eat. When you’re working out, this can have the added bonus of burning even more calories than you were expecting. If you’re hungry, your metabolism is in high gear.

Fast-track some of your fitness goals by adding Delta-8 to the mix. You can plan out when you take if for when you feel the hungriest throughout the day, or something similar.

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